Mortal Kombat Movie Writer Says Film Will Be R-Rated And Include Fatalities

The Mortal Kombat movie will be an R-rated film featuring multiple fatalities, according to writer Greg Russo.

Warner Bros. announced that the movie, which is being produced in South Australia, will drop on March 5, 2021; several years after being shelved. Now, it appears that it will be worth the wait for many, as gory finishers will be part of an Mortal Kombat movie for the first time ever.

The upcoming film is only the third based on the very successful franchise. The first one was released in 1995 and was a major hit, grossing over $120 million, but the second was not as successful, only bringing in $51 million.

The 2021 installment is expected to do very well in light of the series' success on console and PC. Moreover, given the latest revelation that fatalities will have a presence in the film, the anticipation is only bound to grow.

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Russo, who is responsible for the screenplay of the inbound movie, has taken to Twitter to ease fears that it could be a tame adaptation. He steered clear of revealing which of the fatalities would be included, though.

“I'm gonna put this one to bed,” the writer, who also penned the screenplay for the Resident Evil reboot, said in a tweet. “[The Mortal Kombat movie] WILL be R-Rated and for the first time EVER, FATALITIES will FINALLY be on the big screen.”

While Russo didn't shed any light on the exact fatalities, it can be estimated that the most popular ones probably won't be shunned. Kano ripping out the heart of his opponent and Liu Kang's Beast Within that sees him turn into a dragon before toasting an opponent are among the most popular finishers and we could see them come to the big screen.

Of course, this bit of news will leave longtime fans quite pleased. The previous movies were both very PG, which seems quite odd for an adaptation of such a violent game. However, it appears that mild MK movies have run their course. Bring on the gore!

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