The 25 Most Awesome Gamer Girls On Instagram Right Now

I'm of two minds about the whole concept of the phrase "gamer girl." on the one hand, i don't see much of a point in distinguishing between a male and female gamer, as they should function mostly the same, as gender shouldn't even be a factor in gaming. on the other hand, I'm a huge fan of being precise, and "gamer girl" does accurately the newly emergent strong of models who corner the niche market of gamers. These are those precious females who love to dip into gaming as much as you are me, but they also are immensely beautiful, and aren't afraid to capitalize on it.

For whatever reason, a huge chunk of the gaming community is obsessed with these women. I don't say that in derision, either, I'm equally enthralled by them, so much so that I decided it would be a good idea to write a whole article about them. So I spent a good while plumbing the depths of Instagram to find some unknown gaming personalities you may not have heard of, so feel free to check out each and every one of these ladies pages.

It should be stated that this is in no way a complete list, there are still thousands of undiscovered gaming beauties out there, so if you know of some that you think deserve a little fame, feel free to let us know in the comments, and we will do our best to feature them in any upcoming articles.

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25 Matildawinberg

via: instagram.com/matildawinberg

I wasn’t able to find out much information about the mysterious Matildawinberg, so I’m just going to have to fill you in one what little I do know. She openly loves games, which is awesome, and she loves taking pictures of herself. Those two things are great, and she happens to look great while doing both. She also loves electronic dance music, which isn’t exactly pertinent information to this article, but again, I only know so much about her.

It’s interesting to see the combination of someone who regularly indulges in the electronic music scene, something I was myself involved with when I was but a youth, and the gaming community. It really just drives home the fact that gaming isn’t a self-contained bubble, and gamers can come from all walks of life. Who knows how many strangers you pass on the street that are avid gamers.

24 Goldshiregloss

via: instagram.com/goldshiregloss

The gamer girls hailing out of The Netherlands is Goldshiregloss, who is a gamer through and through. If she isn’t posting some seriously funny gaming memes on her Instagram, you can catch her regularly live streaming her gaming experiences on Twitch. She recently did a playthrough of Layers of Fear, and as a gamer who loves the horror genre, this spoke to me personally. If that sounds like something you yourself might enjoy, give her Twitch channel a perusing here.

She travels quite a bit, which makes for some awesome pictures.

There’s something for everyone if you end up following her: she games, she’s beautiful, she travels the world, and she has a pretty keen sense of humor. What more could you really need for someone you intend to follow on Instagram? She is what the call a “real catch.”

23 Esilejoy

via: instagram.com/esilejoy

Esilejoy is actually one of the more popular Instagram gamer girls to be featured in this list. At the time of the writing of this article, she has around 35.5 thousand followers. That’s to say nothing of her Twitch account, which boasts an impressive 24 thousand followers, and which you can check out here. Her Instagram page isn’t so much about the gaming aspect of her life as it is about uploading selfies, but those are enjoyable, and if you really need to see her game, you can always check out the aforementioned Twitch channel.

She also seems to be really into fitness, as almost one-third of her pictures are about her going to the gym. Of course, I’ve known people to throw on whole gym outfits just to post a selfie and then never work out, but let’s assume this isn’t the case here.

22 _Baburrito_

Chelsea, also know as _baburrito_ on Instagrm, is easily one of the steamiest entries on this list. Many of her posts have nothing to do with gaming, but we won’t fault her on that, because they are selfies, and she is gorgeous. Some of them are actually quite out there, so if you do end up checking out her Instagram, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

She is definitely not camera shy.

Aside from being one of the most breathtaking entries here, her feed is also incredible due to the fact that she promotes a lot fo body positivity, which is always a good thing. When you go through her feed, you get the impression that some people in her past may have been less than kind about her shape, and instead of being broken down by that, she decided to own it and post many pictures of her frame. For that, we are incredibly grateful.

21 Hottokekimaster

via: instagram.com/hottokekimaster

If you are looking for a stunning gamer girl who has a regularly updated Instagram and Twitch, look no further than Hottokekimaster. She is the essential girl gamer, having a really cool Twitch stream channel that regularly hosts other players. This is not the kind of girl who just looks pretty while holding a controller, she genuinely rocks at playing. You would be seriously missing out if you didn’t go over and check out her Twitch channel, a link for which is right here.

Her Instagram is an eclectic collection of incredible selfies, awesome gaming pics, fan art and just everyday life pics. Easily one of the most rewarding entries on this entire list, I would recommend checking her out, not just because she’s beautiful, but also because she is straight up awesome. During the research I was doing for this article, I may have developed a small, cyber crush on her.

20 Ashlinpanda

via: instagram.com/ashlinpanda

Hitting us up straight out of South Korea is Ashlinpanda, who you are able to enjoy on multiple platforms. Firstly, she has a highly active Twitter account, which she mostly uses for funny or cute images, or sometimes to update her followers about what she is going to be up to next and where to catch here. Feel free to follow it here. Next, she has a fairly inactive Youtube account, which she used for a scant six videos, but if you still feel like checking it out, do so here.

Of course, her most active platform seems to be that of Twitch, where she has an incredibly varied set of live streams, from a lot of different genres. I like seeing a streamer not pigeonhole themselves with only one genre of game. So this is one gamer who is incredibly active, and knows how to switch from being incredibly cute to being a hardcore gamer.

19 Xypherra

via: instagram.com/xypherra

This is Xypherra, who, while I am writing this article, has just started a blind playthrough of The Evil Within 2 on Twitch. I have a soft spot for any girl who likes to delve deep into survival horror, one of my favs, so I couldn’t help but put her on this list. If you like watching pretty girls fight off horrific subhuman creatures, feel free to give her Twitch account a look right here. After that, feel free to check out her Twitter if she seems like the kind of girl you need real time updates from.

She has some legitimately awesome (and interactive) playthroughs.

I always like when a Twitch streamer will ask for advice from audience. I never know if this is a way to make her stream seem more immersive, if it is simple fanservice or if the player genuinely wants some legitimate advice. Any of those three options are a valid reason to do it though, so it is always nice to see.

18 Lattebunn

via: instagram.com/lattebunn

This stunning gamer is Lattebunn, who seems to be actually new to Instagram, only joining in September of last year. Despite being a fresh face, she has some fairly regular uploads, ranging from just how her day is going to cosplays. I'll admit, most of her cosplays are anime based and not necessarily about gaming, but you shouldn't hold that against her.

She's a cute and new addition to Instagram.

She is especially fond of showcasing her huge collection of wigs, and I don't know I find that so endearing, but to me, that's adorable. If you want to an Instagram account that actually shows off gaming, this might not be the account for you, since she only self identifies as a "gamer girl" without actually gaming all that much, but if you simply like seeing a pretty face, you'll like her.

17 Enid_raven

via: instagram.com/enid_raven

This Italian girl gamer goes by the name Enid_raven, and she is seriously into cosplay. She’s also seriously good at it, putting more effort into her costumes than I see from some professionals. If you choose to venture over to her page, you’ll see that she loves updating her followers with her latest cosplay project, and they are almost always top notch. She also has a cute little racket going where you can support her by buying her a coffee online, so if you enjoy the idea of giving money to a cute gamer girl, check that out.

She looks as good out of cosplay as in it, too.

If you are one of those who is actually put off by cosplay, don’t worry, she posts some pretty normal selfies as well, so you won’t always be bombarded with ultra-neon colored wigs with every one of her pictures.

16 Sadie_bee

via: instagram.com/sadie_bee

Since she is already a professional model, it goes without saying that Sadie_bee is incredibly beautiful. Due to those stunning good looks, it was easy to put her in this article, since it isn’t often you see someone who could clearly make a living off of a modeling career alone also do double duty as a Twitch streamer. If she seems like the kind of gamer you want to see more of, especially rocking games like Fortnite, then head on over to her Twitch channel here.

She isn’t just about capitalizing on her natural good looks, either, she games pretty hard, and she keeps herself in amazing shape. A huge portion of her Instagram photos are of her working out, so she really puts in a lot of effort to keep her body looking that amazing. Feel free to use her as an example to argue against anyone who says that gamers are losers.

15 Zearxy

via: instagram.com/zearxy

This fine example of a gamer is Zearxy, and her beauty isn't simply contained to Instagram, as she is a partnered Twitch player as well. Her Instagram is almost exclusively selfies, which isn't an awful thing, since she really knows how to pose for the camera. If you really have a hankering to see her in action as a gamer. you can always go on over to her Twitch, which you can check out here.

You know she's a serious gamer when she boasts about her PC specs.

She posts both on Instagram and Twitch pretty regularly, so if you need either live video game action or beautiful women in your life constantly, following her would be a very good investment. I think this is one of those examples of a gamer happening to be beautiful, rather than her being a girl gamer because she is cute.

14 Hylian_sparkles

via: instagram.com/hylian_sparkles

What we have here is Hylian_sparkles, who is a classic example of an awesome gamer girl. If you invest in checking out her Instagram feed, which I highly recommend you do, you'll be treated with a bombardment of the best of bother gaming and girls. She is as cute as a button, and isn't afraid to show off a lot of herself to her viewers. She is also hugely obsessed with gaming, with a particular focus on The Legend of Zelda, in case you couldn't tell by her handle.

She is almost always super excited to show off a new outfit, which makes for a lot of interesting and exciting pictures. And she isn't just pretending to like games for all you fans out there. she has a seriously huge video game collection. Like, bigger than mine, and I work for a video game website.

13 Ambiinmdk_ambii

via: instagram.com/ambiinmdk_ambii

This cute gamer girl is Ambiinmdk_ambii who is as into gaming as she is beautiful. A bunch of the photos she uploads seems to be from conventions, which always make for some viewing material. She also has an incredible lively Twitch channel, where you can see her play online, regularly with co-hosts. This is definitely a gamer who is embroiled in all things geeky, and she just happens to be totally fetching too. Watch her totally dominate her opponents on her Twitch stream here.

I really enjoyed her Instagram feed because she seems as excited as her fans about anything gaming or nerd related that happens around her. There are several shots of her super excited to meet cosplayers at conventions, and you just can’t fake that kind of enthusiasm. She also met Jason Mamoa, which makes her cool simply by association.

12 Dummblondtwitch

via: instagram.com/dummblondtwitch

It probably goes without saying that an Instagram user with the name of Dummblondtwitch also has a Twitch channel, which should clue you in that they are pretty serious about gaming. What I really like about her Twitch channel is that she really seems to have built a relationship with her followers. She recently hosted a lengthy Q&A about her absence from Twitch, which shows a level of dedication and interaction missing from many other channels. If you want to add yourself to her fandom, check out her Twitch here.

Despite her name, she doesn’t seem dumb at all.

She’s a fairly competent gamer, and she has a huge love for World of Warcraft. She will not hesitate to tell you how much she misses Vanilla. She’s one of my favorite finds on this list, since everything she uploads oozes with a genuine love for gaming.

11 Bekejacoba

via: instagram.com/bekejacoba

Sure, Bekejacoba might identify as a cosplayer first and foremost, but I’m not going to hold that against her. There is no doubt in my mind that she is truly a gamer. Not only does she call herself a gamer, which is really the only qualification you need, but a huge chunk of her cosplays are gaming characters. This is one of the few entries in this list that is dedicated solely to glamour shots of the Instagram user, so if that’s what you are looking for, you hit pay dirt.

This Instagram account is a must for anyone who loves seeing geeky cosplays of all sorts, and seeing them done well. After you scope her out on Instagram, she also has a Patreon set up to help her afford more quality cosplays, so if you like supporting these kind of arts, click on the link here.

10 Itsmetartkitty

via: instagram.com/itsmetartkitty

This is Itsmeartkitty, who is fond of gaming as she is of cosplay. What I especially liked about her page is that she has costumes from some of my favorite franchises, like Scooby-Doo and Teen Titans. She has a lot of professionally done photographs, which is nice to see, rather than just the usual fare of girls posing with a controller and calling it a day.

She seems excited to do the shoots, not just to be famous.

And she doesn't just post cutesy stuff, some of her photoshoots can actually get quite steamy, so if that's your thing, you should definitely check her out. She posts pretty regularly, so if you decide to follow her, you should be rewarded with quality content almost daily, and they range from cosplay to merchandising to showcasing some pretty interesting fan art. I promise, you won't be disappointed.

9 Xaviragames

via: instagram.com/xaviragames

This is Xaviragames, who is an incredibly beautiful gamer, which is actually incredibly hard to figure out from her Instagram because she hardly ever posts pictures of herself. Instead, most of her feed is populated with “selfies” that were taken in-game from whatever MMORPG she is currently enjoying. This isn’t to say her avatars aren’t really cute, but some people just can’t seem to be attracted to digital characters.

If you dig around her page, you can find some real life selfies.

I recommend actually sifting through her page, though, because there’s stuff in there for people that aren’t into pixelated dames. She posts the rare selfies, which is worth it, but she also has some cute updates about her pets or her other hobby, which is horseback riding. She seems like a well rounded individually that is really into capturing the details of her digital life and putting it up on Instagram.

8 Aimeepantz

via: instagram.com/aimeepantz

The here is Aimeepantz and she is easily one of the more interesting entries on this list. She is clearly cute, and openly admits to being an avid PC gamer, but she’s also something of a fitness nut. This isn’t to suggest that being avidly into fitness and being into gaming are mutually exclusive; they just aren’t combinations that readily come to mind when you think of either subject.

On top of all that, she also runs a lifestyle and advice blog over on Wordpress, which you can check out right here. It’s full of motivational advice, cute projects to undertake via arts and crafts, and other such articles for you to get your life on the right track. It’s cool to see a gamer so involved in not just self-improvement, but also the improvement of others around her.

7 Gina.glamorous

via: instagram.com/gina.glamorous

The only qualifications a girl needed to make this list is that they needed to catch my eye with their looks and self identify as a gamer. To me, anyone that considers himself or herself a gamer is one, since this isn’t some elite club where only the most hardcore members are allowed to use the label. There is no metering stick to be known as a gamer, and to try to exclude people from the gaming community is to become the bullies that gamers of yesteryear tried to avoid.

This is Gina.glamorous and she identifies as gamer. She posts more about things pertaining to the “nerd” or “geek” community, but there is a lot of overlap between those worlds, so there is still a lot of quality gaming content. It also doesn’t hurt that she certainly lives up to her glamorous title.

6 Maltabunni19

via: instagram.com/maltabunni19

Another sweet "gamer girl" Instagram account is that of Maltabunni19. Her feed is mostly a plethora of selfies, which is always a good time, but when she isn't uploading those, or working at a certain owl themed bar, she is also a Twitch gamer. At the time of writing this article, she only has fifty followers on Twitch, so let's see if we can do something about those numbers. Go check her Twitch out here.

Her schedule seems pretty much consumed with work and gaming.

There isn't much more substance to her account other than her posting selfies from work, always in that classic orange and white uniform, or selfies from her home when she is about to start or finish gaming. This seems to be a simple account from a pretty girl who just happens to love gaming.

5 Aurorxaa

via: instagram.com/aurorxaa

Aurorxaa is the kind of Instagram poster that does that thing where all of their selfies have some sort of filter on them, usually involving an animal nose or some type of cute ears. Personally, this kind of thing drives me nuts, and not in the good way, but not everything is about me, so I’m sure some of my readers are into that kind of thing.

She’s really into Overwatch right now.

She loves posting screenshots of whatever multiplayer she is enjoying at the moment, so that makes her page a double threat. She is both stunning and she regularly updates you about her gaming experiences, which seems perfect for someone into gamer girls. She has also been known to post a few funny gaming related memes or comics, so you know she is really all about that gamer life.

4 Honey_mara

via: instagram.com/honey_mara

This Spanish gamer is known as Honey_mara and she is an excellent addition to the gaming community. She loves to dress up as multiple characters, not just game related ones, and she always seems to be in high spirits. I'm basing this on her facial expressions, since my Spanish is worse than rusty and almost all of her posts tend to be in Spanish. Lucky for me, beauty is a language all its' own and transcends all borders.

Ok, that's a bit much, but still, I can recommend checking out her Instagram even if you don't speak Spanish. She puts an incredible amount of effort into all of her outfits, so it's always a treat whenever she updates about her latest cosplay project. She even posts her PS4 Id on her profile in case any of her fans feel like joining her while she pays something.

3 Xlecah

via: instagram.com/xlecah

Xlecah is a gamer girl in every sense of the word. This Germany based Instagram star loves pretty much all the nerdiest stuff, like showing off her toy collection or updating her viewers on her newest game purchase. She's one of the rare entries on this list doesn't seem to fill her feed with a bunch of cosplays. It's not that I have anything against cosplaying, it's just nice to see someone use Instagram for something else for a change.

She is fond of showing off her tattoos though.

While a lot of the photos she uploads are more centered around her massive toy collection, she does manage to sneak in some seriously cute selfies, and some pretty dope screenshots of whatever game she is currently enjoying. She doesn't seem driven by a need for attention, but instead seems to genuinely love her life, and feels like including her viewers.

2  Bbgainz_

via: instagram.com/bbgainz_

As you can probably guess from a name like Bbgainz_, she is as into fitness as she is into playing games. And man, is she ever into both. She seems to divide her time pretty equally between going to the gym and playing video games, which you can watch her do live on her Twitch stream, which I’ll give you a link to right here. And if you want to catch even more of here, you can check out her Twitter, in case it has some selfies or gaming info that slipped past her Instagram.

She claims to arm wrestle anyone who calls her a nerd.

I mean, I would gladly call her a nerd, but I would use it as a term of endearment, since nerds are the best and make up most of my reader audience. Seeing a muscular nerd who is better at Bloodborne than me is a huge plus.

1 A Name You Couldn't Make Up

via: instagram.com/sxylexi42069

Sxylexi42069 has a huge presence on the Internet. She has a regularly updated Youtube channel, full of her just being incredible at multiplayer. Check it out here. Then, of course, she has a Twitch stream, where she shames me by being incredible. Check out that awesomeness here. She also has a Twitter page, so if you feel like this is the kind of gal you need tweets from regularly, feel free to follow her with this link.

She claims to be a super model, and I can see why.

She certainly seems to have the looks to be one, so I’m not going to question it. What is it that takes someone from being a model to a supermodel? Does a radioactive model bite them? Whatever the case, this is one gamer girl you are going to want to keep your eye on.

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