The 10 Most Difficult Bosses From Bayonetta 2, Ranked

Bayonetta is known for having some of the largest and toughest bosses to beat. So, which 10 are the most difficult bosses in Bayonetta 2?

Bayonetta returns with all of her brash charms and fighting talents. You'll be guided through a region of the Middle East to face some brand new bosses, even some old foes make an appearance. The enemies tend to make a bigger splash in this title with unique moves and tight close-quarters combat.

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In contrast to the goliath angels players faced in the previous title, now you'll have to deal with more intricate fighting styles that put players in more of a hard combat style. Requiring a completely new set of skills that will test each player in a new arena elevates gameplay and keeps the experience fresh the whole way through. Now, let's rank the ten most difficult bosses in Bayonetta 2.

10 Sapientia

Sapientia was never a particularly challenging boss in any case, and they've made it even easier by giving you a mech suit to deal with him. While his attack style is worlds apart, it doesn't give you anything dramatically dangerous to deal with.

This game Sapientia has been drinking Red Bull because he's hopping all over the place. Launching missiles at you as he flips away, tentacle lasers coming out of his face, all this and he still managed to be pretty predictable. The homing missiles that he does shoot are slow, so as long as you have your wits about you, dodging will be a cakewalk.

9 Phantasmaraneae

Though its body looks like its going to be a formidable foe, most of its attacks can actually be dodged fairly easily. The middle of the road speed means that you can stay alert and wing the defence while you plan high damage attacks.

As soon as it hibernates, you'll have to watch the floor but when it emerges you can evade and get the witch time benefits. When times slowed down you can slam home big damage and finish off the predictable boss.

8 Gomorrah

Your trusted demon compadre has turned his back on you and bites the hand that feeds him. You're going to have to avoid a range of erratic attacks that don't follow any sort of particular pattern and become trickier as the fight progresses.

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His bite is the biggest chance players have to deal damage as it takes him a while to regroup. When he gathers energy, though, you have to take the defensive stance, it's a tricky attack that takes some time to evade and will catch players off guard if they're not prepared.

7 Balder

While Balder was quite a difficult fight in the first games, this time it just seems predictable. he uses a lot of the same movements with a little bit of an upgrade. The lower his health gets the more aggro he tends to be. Creating more chaos and more frequent with his attacks.

The one thing you have to watch out for is his speed, with his new set of wings he becomes a lot more agile. Shockingly the two new attacks that he gains in the later stages are quite slow and you can work your way around them.

6 Insidious

The key to victory is close range, high damage combos that will damage the eye attached to its fin. The first stage is straight forward with you having to phase through the laser on its eye to get to the target. As you progress, things get a little more chaotic.

The eye comes out on a tentacle allowing it to move about a lot more, missiles will also be launched at you as you're trying to deal damage. The most complicated part is the eight flailing lasers that burst out in random directions making it complicated to evade.

5 Glamor

Trying to get through to Glamor is a real thorn in the side so keeping your pistol aimed and firing any chance you get is crucial to dribble away his health bar. Evading his wide array of ranged attacks will be tedious at times, the boss doesn't like getting his wings dirty.

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If you manage to evade through his projectiles, make the most of the small window you have in front of it. When his clones appear, they only have a basic set of attacks that should be easy enough to handle, as soon as you've trickled him down enough all there is to do is end it.

4 Alraune

This boss tends to be a little trickier than most, her speed and ability to run through you make it much more of a thinking fight than usual. Don't even consider interrupting as there are some combos she delivers that are impenetrable.

It just isn't worth the risk as she can break your combo's without the player being able to do a thing about it, if you get caught in the middle it won't be pretty. Her machine gun magic can be avoided by moving closer to her and letting them fly straight over.

3 Loptr

Stuns and close combat are the two things you want to avoid in this fight. Loptr can leave you completely helpless with his array of stun attacks and then deal big damage from the inside. What makes it more annoying is his shield that will only break under combo's leaving range attacks useless.

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You'll only have small windows to break through his shield while he's preparing the next attack. If you don't make use of this, its a bleak outlook. Rapid-fire magic is another pitfall that you'll have to keep your finger on the trigger for, always be ready to evade.

2 Valor

When first fighting him you'll think this is a relatively easy chapter. He's a big hulking boss that isn't quite as mobile as he should be. Everything but his surprise attack is pretty slow and all that body just leaves him wide open for attack. Him riding his shield should provide a good laugh, though.

It's the second phase to watch out for, in the water it's a more confined space where he pulls out a more diverse toolset. He becomes more aggressive and can create a funnel of water to attack the player from range. Keep alert and deal damage when you evade his attacks, they're faster than they look.

1  Aesir

Basically a beefed-up version of Loptr, you'll be dealing with much larger hitboxes, faster attacks combined with more damage. The playstyle remains the same with players having to take advantage of every single opportunity to deal with damage they can.

Once the player whittles down the health meter, Aesir will start to slow downtime in the whole arena, leaving players very vulnerable in this state so interrupting the attack is the best course of action. Off-screen attacks provide a unique mechanic to put up with so stay alert!

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