The 20 Most "Well-Endowed" Video Game Characters

Video game characters have come a long way from their humble origins as eight-bit blobs. From the prettier 16 bit sprites, to awkward, early blocky 3D models, to the realer than life character models of today. The characters have become more defined, both in looks and and personality. And some have developed… quite a lot of personality.

Women in video games have come arguably further still. From their earliest portrayals as simply princesses in need of rescue to badasses capable of doing to rescuing themselves. As we've gotten a greater variety of female characters, we've also gotten a wider variety of body types. Of course, there is one body type that has always been popular with both developers and fans.

These lovely ladies have been blessed with ample assets. They come with a double helping of fascinating plot. These girls have to carry around some fairly heavy jugs.

There's no point in beating around the bush any further. They are gaming's busty ladies. Sometimes this is just pleasant happenstance to go along with an otherwise serious and non-sexual character, sometimes it's a prime part of the game's 'fan-service.' Either way, you can't blame us for taking notice. And maybe staring a little.

Here are the 20 most 'well-endowed' women in gaming.

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20 Artificially Yours

via deviantart.com (skribbliX)

Master Chief might be largely credited with protecting humanity from the Covenant, but he did not accomplish that on his own. On every mission in the Halo games he was backed by his AI companion, Cortana, feeding him mission info and assisting him in whatever way she could. It is safe to say he would be lost without her.

Okay, so Cortana is an AI instead of a flesh and blood woman (though she was built using an actual human woman's brain, so that's something?). But we've gotten quite a few good looks at her virtual avatar, and let's just say that whoever decided did the coding made sure she was not lacking in the size department.

Cortana's become a major figure both in gaming and out, with Microsoft even attempting to use her as its answer to Siri. She is present just about everywhere you turn, and I for one am quite okay with that.

19 Giving Tomboys A Good Name

via deviantart.com (Eddy-Shinjuku)

Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII is on the tomboyish side, favoring suspenders, a white sleeveless tank top, and thick fighting gloves. She has a personality to match, being tough and occasionally abrasive. Also, she will punch the crap out of you if you try harming her or one of her friends.

And perhaps while you are trying to defend yourself from being turned into a punching bag, you will find yourself distracted by another pair of punching bags. Tifa's superhuman strength isn't her only asset, as you can tell from the way she stretches out that tank top. It's certainly not the only reason Tifa skyrocketed up the charts to become one of the most popular (and most cosplayed) characters in gaming, but it certainly helped.

18 She'll Sneak Into Your Heart

Via Namco

It seems like at some point in the development of the 3D fighting game genre an agreement was made that all female characters had to be designed top-heavy. Soulcalibur's Taki in particular really stands out. For one thing, her practically impossible figure boasting (according to official sources) E-Cup breasts. For another, she's supposed to be a ninja. You know, stealthy. Seems like those things would make that job a little bit harder.

Gameplay-wise, she plays the role of the ninja quite well. She fast and agile, easily one of the quickest characters in the series, and comes ready with a variety of ninjutsu skills to help her get the advantage on her opponent. How she can move that fast while so burdened is the real mystery of her character.

And while we're on the topic of Soulcalibur

17 Barely Contained

via: nerdcalendar.tumblr.com

Isabella “Ivy” Valentine seems at first like she could be a parody of female fighting game characters. In the first Soulcalibur she was more… standard for the genre: a steamy, large-chested woman who happened to be wielding a whip-like sword. With each subsequent game in the series her outfit became a bit more revealing (and her bust seemed to expand in size, right up to a ridiculous F cup-size) up until Soulcalibur IV, when her decency was protected by little more than a thin, purple… I suppose battle bikini? It's a tough thing to describe.

But Ivy is no parody, she's one of the series' most iconic characters, featuring a punishing moveset, a cold demeanor, and a quite rich backstory. She frequently tops lists of top heroines in gaming as well as hottest women in gaming. Her outfit was toned down just a bit for Soulcalibur V but maintains its dominatrix tone, and Ivy is set to retain her position as fan favorite for some time.

16 The Retro Girl Of Your Dreams

via: pinterest.com

For those of you only really familiar with the series through the fanart of characters like Morrigan, Darkstalkers was a series of arcade fighting games in the mid-90s (though they've seen a few updates and compilations since, including an HD compilation). The premise is that mythological creatures (the Darkstalkers) are fighting to determine who will rule the night. Thus we get Morrigan, who, quite appropriately for this article, is a Succubus.

Morrigan has a batlike appearance, looking like a cross between a classical Succubus and a vampire. Her outfit is designed to reveal quite a bit of her 'endowment' and that is no accident as her personality is a mix of playful and hedonistic. She also requires stimulus (either physical or mental) to live, and might steal your dreams, so be wary.

15 These Shouldn't Even Be Possible

via: theroughsketch.com

In today's crowded MMO market, you really need a hook if you want to draw players into your game. There's an old adage that rings true today: s*x sells. Many MMOs try to subtly market with this appeal using revealing armor sets for female characters or gyrating casting animations. Then you have Dragon's Crown, who decided 'to hell with the subtle approach' and gave the world the Sorceress, a character with proportions so ridiculous you wonder how she can even stand up straight, much less fight.

The choice of wardrobe really doesn't help either (or helps a lot, I suppose, depending on your perspective). I mean, what's keeping all that up? That's… that's not how physics works.

14 A Lesson In Jiggle Physics

via youtube.com (Jaguar550)

As a character, Rachel from Ninja Gaiden has it all: a tragic backstory, superhuman strength, a badass fighting style, and two heaping helpings of plot.

Rachel and her sister were both afflicted by a blood curse that turns humans into fiends. Rachel uses the abilities this curse grants her to hunt other fiends while she looks for her sister, who has been completely consumed by the curse. At some point, she decided that the appropriate outfit for a superhuman fiend hunter is skin-tight black leather that is cut to reveal… well, it doesn't leave a lot to the imagination.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 added SIXAXIS support to the series. And by 'support' I mean shaking the controller will cause some jiggling and bouncing on the screen. I'm sure there's a good, in-universe reason for this. Invisible ninja gropers?

13 A Real American Girl

via youtube.com (Lord Forman)

Tina is an American pro-wrestler who enters the Dead or Alive Tournaments in hopes of using the fame it will bring to launch a career in Hollywood (I suppose she never considered just taking acting classes?). Tina is a big dreamer with big ambitions, and those aren't the only big assets she possesses.

She's also got the largest bust size amongst the main Dead or Alive cast, and anyone who is familiar with the series (or seen the girls playing beach volleyball in one of the spin-offs) knows that this is no minor feat. She's not shy about showing it off, either, with many of her outfits being little more than American-themed bikinis.

And on the topic of Dead or Alive

12 The Original DoA Girl

via ign.com

I could fill up an entire list just with the ladies of Dead or Alive, and while I might like that, for diversity's sake we'll move on after we talk a little about the series' main protagonist, Kasumi. Kasumi is a runaway ninja (another ninja, starting to see a pattern) who set out to avenge her brother via participating in the Dead or Alive Tournament. She's one of the series most recognizable characters due to her consistent look (she's the only character who retains two of her default costumes in every game) and her ninja charms.

In terms of pure size, Kasumi's bust trails behind a few of the other women in the series (if you can believe that) but that doesn't stop Kasumi from frequently appearing at the top of lists of “Hottest Video Game Babes.”

She's been appearing in guys' fantasies since her debut way back in 1996.

11 A True Zombie Hunter

via deviantart.com (3SMJILL)

In the first Resident Evil, with its low resolution graphics, awkward hallways, and freaky monsters, you might not have paid much attention to Jill Valentine's figure. Capcom made sure this was no longer an option in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, in which Jill's plain STARS uniform was replaced with a tight blue dress and a miniskirt. I assume this is just what was most comfortable to kill zombies in at the time.

Jill has survived more nightmare scenarios than anyone in the series, save her partner in STARS Chris Redfield. She's gone face-to-face with the monstrous Nemesis, killed at least a small town's worth of zombies, and undergone brainwashing to be turned against her friends. She's one of gaming's great leading ladies. And her own leading ladies aren't bad at all.

10 These Games Aren't Just For Kids...

via nintendolife.com

Unlike the majority of other titles on this list, the Legend of Zelda series are quite family friendly games. You can sit your eight-year-old son down in front of any of them without any worry (other than their language skills might be replaced with just grunting and shouting). This is probably a large part of the reason the Great Fairy is responsible for so many first awkward feelings for kids playing the game.

From their first appearance, spiraling and laugh-shrieking into existence with two cones on their chests longer and sharper than Link's sword in Ocarina of Time to their more recent and defined forms, the Great Fairies have been boasting large enough stacks (even in proportion to the size of their bodies) to make every Zelda iteration develop an inferiority complex.

9 Another Day, Another Ninja

via: snk.wikia.com

Mai is a ninja (okay, definitely seeing the pattern) fighter first appearing in the Fatal Fury series and then The King of Fighter series. It wouldn't be until her appearance in the latter that her characteristic 'bounce' becomes truly developed. And boy does she bounce, like two bowls of jiggly pudding. For good measure, in The King of Fighters XIII she added a swaying motion to her bounce, creating a bit of a pendulum effect to go with it.

Unlike some of other characters on this list, she has a good explanation: she practices a method of assassination that involves being sensual to distract her target before striking. And it sure is distracting. Mai her unique fighting style to many crossovers, spin-offs, and even appeared outside the franchise as a guest in Dead or Alive 5.

8 Dairy Princess

via deviantart.com (BeamSaber)

Kaguya is a princess on a cultural coming of age journey in the RPG Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier (what a mouthful). After a Goldilocks-like introduction (being discovered taking a nap on a bed that isn't hers), Kaguya becomes on of the story's protagonists, fighting alongside the other characters with her oversized sword and gravity-defying outfit.

Unlike a lot of the entries on this list, the size of her chest does not go unnoted by the other characters in the game. She's the subject of many innuendos and is frequently ridiculed as “Dairy Princess” or “Princess Bounciful.”

She is a popular enough character that she appeared as a playable character in the crossover game Project X Zone.

7 This Doesn't Seem Like A Good Outfit For Bounty Hunting

via deviantart (strike105x)

Vanguard Princess is an anime-style fighting game that noticed that many people really like the attractive female characters in fighters and decided to just do away with everyone else. And standing out in the bust-size department in this all female cast is Luna Himeki.

Luna is a renowned bounty hunter with a very distinctive style. That style is 'wear just barely enough to avoid the censors, and be sure to do a lot of high kicks so even that is thrown into question.' She also got dual pistols for shooting the crap out of you and to generally be a pain in the ass to beat if you're actually trying to seriously try to play the game. If you're just there to ogle the girls, though, enjoy your few moments of bounciness.

6 If An Xbox Were A Girl

via deviantart.com (KeenH)

Hyperdimension Neptunia is an odd franchise that takes place in the world of Gamindustri (and you can probably guess a lot about the series just by that name). The goddesses of that world (the CPUs) all represent one of the major video game consoles. Vert, who in her goddess form is called Green Heart, is a reference to the Xbox/Xbox 360.

I'm not exactly sure what kind of Xbox the developers of this game were given, but it was certainly far different, and curvier, than mine. Green Heart has a couple of massive power buttons, and she knows it. She's filled with pride about her chest and uses it to mock her smaller chested companions. Her outfit is also quite revealing, even by the series' standards, likely intentionally.

5 A Deadly Beauty

via shesfantastic.com

When Mortal Kombat was running out of potential colors for their ninja-themed reskin characters, they decided the next step was to do the same thing but with female ninjas. Kitana really came out of the pack to stand on her own and is now one of the series most iconic characters. While fighting with fans might not seem like a great idea, Kitana is deadly proficient with them and with cut your head clean off with their steel edge.

Since her costumes have become a bit more revealing, her trademark design is skin-tight blue leotard with a laced chest opening that exposes plenty of her ample cleavage. Whatever you do, though, don't accept a kiss from this voluptuous beauty, as anyone who has seen her Fatality can attest to.

4 Are All Ninjas Gifted?

via deviantart.com (SKtneh)

Another of the Mortal Kombat ninjas (I think the female ninja/chest-size correlation thing must be a massive conspiracy), Jade started out a simple green reskin of Kitana but has since developed into her own character. Jade's a confident and sarcastic character who enjoys patronizing her opponents before she kills them with a combination of attacks from her metal staff and razor edged boomerangs.

Her trademark costume remained very close to Kitana's, except hers is in green and her breasts are even larger. She also tends to behave a little 's*xier' than her childhood friend, mostly as a result of being a bit less uptight. She doesn't have the Kiss of Death, but she will smack you in the groin with her staff, so, equally scary.

3 A Firey Vixen

via thewitcher.com

The Witcher series is pretty notorious for, among other things, its fairly graphic depictions of adult content. So it's not surprising that one of the main love interests in the series is a complete bombshell like Triss Merigold. Triss is a powerful sorceress, and adviser to a king, and overall a very 'well-rounded' character. Her usual choice of dress is actually pretty conservative when compared to some of her fellow sorceress, but this is The Witcher, and her goods go on display several times if you so choose.

Triss is one of the most popular love interests in modern gaming. It is hard to find any corner of the internet where men aren't professing to be in love with her. She's popular enough to even appear in 'Playboy' magazine, as a cover girl no less.

Seriously, who picks Yennefer over her?

2 One Last Ninja For Good Luck

via mikepiontek.com

Rounding up our 'ninjas who are somehow not hindered by their ridiculously sized chests' category we have Kurenai from the stealth/action game Red Ninja. For many of you this will be your first time hearing that game's title. That's because despite a lot of big names on the project and significant funding the game was a critical and commercial flop. That's a shame because it leaves the game's seductive and busty protagonist, Kurenai, in forgotten characters' hell.

Kurenai doesn't wear armor (as you can probably guess) and is reliant mostly on stealth kills or using her ninjustu to enter a 'bullet time' like mode. Perhaps the most reliable tool in her arsenal is the seduction-kill, where she performs a suggestive activity to get an enemy to come close so she can ambush and kill him. To be fair, would you be able to resist?

1 The Original Heroine

via gamersdecide.com

It almost seems too obvious to put gaming's token pinup girl, Lara Croft, on this list, and yet it is impossible to pass her up. The legend goes that in the character modeling process Lara's chest's dimensions were accidentally increased by 150%, and the team decided they liked it better that way. Thus one of Lara's defining characteristics was born.

Lara is far more than just her two most noticeable physical features, though. She's an adventurer and archaeologist in the vein of Indiana Jones, fighting, leaping, and shooting her way through ancient temples and all the evils within while in search of precious artifacts. And sometimes she fights dinosaurs, cause video games are weird.

In short, she will kick your ass and look good doing it.

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