Developers Of Cult Hit Mother 3 (aka Earthbound 3) Working On New RPG For Switch

Fans of the much-ballyhooed Mother 3 rejoice! The same team that made that game is working on a brand-new Switch RPG, and it’s looking every bit as unique and unhinged as the classic adventure that came before it.

If you’re a Super Smash Bros. fan, you’re probably familiar with much of the roster and their origins. The Mushroom Kingdom crew, the Zelda characters, the Pokémon… check, check and check. Some of the Fire Emblem characters may be a little more obscure, but generally, we know who these guys are and where they’re from.

Back in the day of the original N64 Super Smash Bros., however, you’d be forgiven for wondering just who in heckola this ‘Ness’ was on unlocking him. After all, for many gamers, Mother/Earthbound was and is a bit of an unknown entity. This quirky RPG franchise has developed a cult following in the Western world, as passionate as fandoms come, yet has rarely deigned to make a localised appearance outside of Japan.

Nevertheless, there was (eventually) a Virtual Console release of Earthbound Beginnings, making the franchise a little more accessible in the West. Those who have ventured into the games find them a creative, trippy, super snarky affair, and are sure to welcome the announcement of another original RPG from the team at FuRyu.

Via: Japanese Nintendo

The developer’s teaser website has revealed the existence of WORKxWORK, an all-new role-playing adventure. It’s coming to Nintendo Switch later this year and is very Earthbound/Mother in its aesthetics. It boasts an adorable cartoon-tastic style, and its characters and backdrops are full of colorful personality.

Mother/Earthbound fans are sure to be getting that inimitable FuRyu vibe from these first screenshots of the game in progress. We don’t yet know anything of the game’s plot, mechanics or anything else, and it’s all very enigmatic, but one thing’s for sure: RPG fans are going to want to keep an eye on this one. With Mother 3’s Nobuhiro Imagawa and Nobuyuki Inoue on board, this is going to be one unique adventure.

As of now, WORKxWORK is only confirmed for release in Japan, where it arrives for Nintendo Switch on September 27 this year.

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