Move Over Wind Waker, Link's Awakening Remake Is Now The Cutest Zelda Game

Toon Link is the tiny adorable Link. That's kind of his whole thing. While Breath of the Wild Link is the cool one and Young Link is the nostalgic one, Nintendo has really leaned into Toon Link's expressive face and cartoony design to make him stand out. However, the surprise announcement of a The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening remake for Switch might give Toon Link a run for his money.

A trailer for Link's Awakening on Switch came with the latest Nintendo Direct. At first the game was introduced via a beautiful cutscene in hand-drawn style, like something out of a Studio Ghibli film. Then, gameplay was shown that revealed the game's style is more small and cutesy, with Link looking like a toy.

It might be the most adorable take on Zelda ever conceived, perfectly capturing the game's Game Boy roots while also updating the graphics for a modern console. The gameplay itself, meanwhile, is the top-down style of older Zelda games. Although a section can be seen where Link goes 2D and stomps on Goombas Mario style.

via: Nintendo

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The game is one of the more notable ones in the series for how it departs from the usual Zelda storyline. There is no Ganon or Zelda in this game. Instead, Link is actually on a journey after defeating Ganon, seeking enlightenment is lands across the sea. He gets caught in a storm and washes up on a mysterious island. There he encounters a not-Zelda girl and embarks on a journey to awaken an ancient fish. Yes it's weird. Not Majora's Mask weird, but still quite unique in the series' timeline.

The re-imagining is coming this year, with no more specific date given than that. The original Link's Awakening was released on the Game Boy back in 1993. It was then re-released for the Game Boy Color as Link's Awakening DX.

Meanwhile, fans can enjoy Tetris 99, a game that takes the classic puzzle formula and puts a battle royale flavor on it.

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