Is The New Sonic Handsome? A Definitive Report

The new trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie has the blue blur calling himself handsome. But is that true? Is beauty in the eye of the blurholder?

There's no doubt that the redesigned live-action Sonic looks better than the original, but is the tweaked blue hedgehog more handsome than before?

Earlier this year, Paramount and Sega released the first official trailer for the live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie. That trailer did not go down well. That was mainly due to the weird-looking Sonic at the center of it. The iconic blue hedgehog looked as if he had been designed by a team who had never actually seen Sonic and was simply working from someone's description of him.

Fans complained and the team who created movie-Sonic listened. So much so that the movie's release was delayed by three months in order to give them time to redesign its main character. It was actually supposed to have been in theaters this month. Instead, fans got an updated trailer with a far more familiar Sonic, as you can see below.

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Since the new trailer dropped there have been a lot of adjectives thrown around to describe both old and new Sonic. Gross, better, improved, good-looking. Sonic himself opts for handsome. We're questioning whether that was fair on the original design. It wasn't that the first Sonic was ugly, it was just that he didn't look much like the Sonic we know and love.

The new Sonic definitely looks "better." Anyone who argues against that can't be much of a Sonic fan. We'd even argue that the new design looks a little cuter than the first. Then again, that might just be an example of our affinity for the updated live-action Sonic. Also, we're not sure cute was the look his creators would have been going for.

Tweaked design or not, Sonic has always been a blue hedgehog speeding around wearing nothing more than a pair of running shoes. If that's what you consider handsome then chances are you'll think both old and new Sonic are pretty good looking. One thing is for certain, whether you consider him handsome or not, the Sonic which will make the movie's final cut when it hits theaters in February 2020 is definitely an improvement on the old one.

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