How Much Better Is the New Nintendo Switch's Battery?

Nintendo just recently released an updated version of its Switch console boasting some new improvements in hopes of making the gaming experience on the Nintendo Switch even better. The major improvements come on the inside of the console. There's an upgraded CPU and increased battery life. The old Switch model is still currently on store shelves so if you are hoping to get one of the upgraded consoles check out how to find the them.

The strength of the Nintendo Switch comes in its versatility. Its ability to immediately transform from a home console to a portable console gives it a unique advantage over other consoles. Gamers are able to play some of their favorite games on the go with the Switch and this newest model addresses a slight set-back on the original Switch. The new Switch was released with promises of longer battery life. We had to ask: does it keep these promises?

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Nintendo promised a longer battery life of about 2-2.5 more hours worth of gaming. According to an article that stress tested both the new and old Switch consoles, these promises are indeed accurate. Because of the update to both the CPU and RAM for the new Nintendo Switch consoles, they were able to have better power efficiency. This increased power efficiency is the reason for the increase in play time and Nintendo was wise to make these changes.

The new Switch also runs much cooler and quieter thanks to the new power efficiency. This means that the portability of the Switch will be even more convenient. Running cooler means a more comfortable gaming experience which is an important aspect of the Nintendo Switch.

The new Nintendo Switch is out and it makes due on the promises that Nintendo made leading up to its release. The original Switch had an estimated battery life of 2.5 - 6 hours while the new model was said to have an estimated battery life of 4.5 - 9 hours. Of course, battery life varies depending on how bright the screen is and the power needed to run the game so the lower end of both estimates is a more accurate representation of the Switch's battery time. Either way, the upgraded Nintendo Switch makes it even easier to game on the go, highlighting its strengths as a console.

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