12 Must-Have Mods For Skyrim VR

Skyrim is a very special game. Gamers (like myself) have spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours playing it. We've felt truly connected to those characters. I know personally, I've sat at the edge of a mountain, looked out, and wondered what it would be like to be fully immersed in that world.

Then Skyrim VR came out. And I lost my mind.

I'm going to be perfectly honest here, the main reason I bought a PSVR was for Skyrim. I simply could not wait that whole year for it to come out for PC, and I sunk a slightly embarrassing amount of hours into it. It was (almost) everything I wanted. However, one of the few things lacking, in my opinion, was modding support.

Now that Skyrim VR is on PC, there are a ton of mods that I think improve the experience even more. That being said, here are some of the must-have mods for Skyrim VR!

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12 Skyrim 2017 Textures

via: nexusmods.com

There's not much worse than seeing something in VR that looks like it's made out of crayons. While there might not be many textures that look quite so rough on a monitor or TV, when you're in VR, they jump out at you like they're going to attack you. Skyrim 2017 textures improve an incredible amount of textures to upgrade their resolution and look. It makes a huge difference and, in my opinion, is a must-have.

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11 Dragonborn Speaks Naturally

via: vg247.com

Quite possibly the coolest mod on this list, Dragonborn Speaks Naturally allows you to say the dialogue options in the game to select them. This might not seem like a huge deal, and for some, they might honestly prefer selecting them the old-school way. But for me, being able to actually physically talk to the characters in-game is an incredible experience, adding a ridiculous amount of immersion. Just, y'know, make sure everybody else in the house knows about the mod, or they might think you've finally gone off the deep end.

10 Flora Overhaul

via: nexusmods.com

Much like the Skyrim 2017 Textures mod, the Flora Overhaul mod improves all of the flora in Skyrim, making each of them look better and react more realistically to the environment. It also improves the LOD distance for some of the plants, allowing you to see them from a bit farther away to avoid the scary pop-in. Be warned, though, this mod can have a real impact on your PC's performance.

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9 Realistic Water Two

via: nexusmods.com

The water in Skyrim has always looked pretty good in my opinion, especially considering how long ago the game released. But this mod takes it to another level. Realistic Water Two adds better water flow, animations, LOD distance, particles, color options, rain ripples, and a whole slew of new sounds. Water has always been a thing that's amazed me in VR, and it doesn't get much better than this.

8 Realistic Lighting Overhaul

via: nexusmods.com

While the lighting did get a major improvement in the Skyrim Special Edition, there are still some places in the game that make you scratch your head. Realistic Lighting Overhaul greatly improves the lighting engine without having any impact on performance whatsoever. Dark places will finally actually be dark, and there are no “fake” light sources to be found anywhere. I'd definitely recommend keeping a torch with you at all times; it helps.

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7 Vivid Weathers

via: nexusmods.com

Weather effects are always something I look forward to in a game. I'm one of those weird people who absolutely loves rainy weather, so I'm always bummed when a game has sub-par weather effects. That's not to say Skyrim's weather effects weren't good, but Vivid Weathers adds so, so much. There are over 500 new custom weather effects and sounds, ranging from tons of different kinds of thunder, rain effects, snow, fog, and so much more. This mod does so much to increase the immersion in Skyrim, and that's what VR is all about.

6 Enhanced Blood Textures

via: nexusmods.com

I am by no means a gore-fiend, but let's be honest here; sometimes the blood textures in Skyrim can be pretty... meh. After a particularly brutal fight, it's kind of a weird feeling to look around, see half a dozen bodies lying on the ground and only a couple of tiny blood splatters. It kind of takes the weight of what just happened away, in my opinion.

With Enhanced Blood Textures equipped, I look around after a fight and feel a little bit bad about it. Maybe it could have gone differently? Maybe the sword through the face was a little bit much...

In all seriousness, this mod adds tons of new blood textures, bleeding animations, and sound effects. Blood even looks different on various surfaces, like snow compared to stone.

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5 Lanterns Of Skyrim

via: nexusmods.com

Ever wonder how the citizens of Skyrim stumble around in the dark? (Especially with the Realistic Lighting Overhaul mod equipped?) Lanterns of Skyrim adds a ton of new lanterns all around the world, and I do mean all around. The lanterns just give the world a more lived-in feel, in my opinion, making the world look a little bit nicer and, here's that word again, immersive.

4 Sounds of Skyrim Complete

via: nexusmods.com

Ever walk around Skyrim and have it just feel kind of... empty? Like, you see all of these cool things around, but there can be these weird moments in the game that are really pretty silent; especially when you're out walking around in the woods. Sounds Of Skyrim does a lot to fix that, adding a quite-frankly ludicrous amount of in-game sounds everywhere in the game, from cities to dungeons to the wilderness.

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3 Immersive Patrols

via: nexusmods.com

This mod is totally a preference thing, but personally, there's a lot of times that I'm walking around Skyrim and don't see anyone for a while. Like, a long while. And I start to wonder if maybe I've gone insane. Immersive Patrols does a lot to ease my mind, adding a healthy amount of new patrols around the world, from Stormcloaks to Thalmor to new trading caravans that move from city to city. Like Sound Of Skyrim, it makes the world feel a little less empty.

2 Amazing Follower Tweaks

via: youtube.com

Let's face it, we've all had that moment where we're convinced our follower is an idiot. Sometimes you would just love for them to do something, or not do something, and it sort of breaks that all-important immersion. Amazing Follower Tweaks adds a ton of new options for your follower, like the ability to make a camp, recharge their own weapons, teach them spells, level them up, turn them into a vampire or werewolf, controlling them combat style, and a lot more. It also increases the maximum follower count to five.

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1 Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

via: nexusmods.com

There are a lot of bugs in Skyrim, ranging from small unimportant bugs to progress-impeding bugs. The Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch aims to fix every single bug not officially fixed by Bethesda, and I've got to say, it does a pretty spectacular job of it.

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