Unboxing My Friend Pedro Physical Edition: Everything Inside The Box

My Friend Pedro is an action-packed dose of insanity, and now there's a physical edition. Here's everything in the box, including all of its bonuses.

My Friend Pedro is an action-packed dose of insanity. Thousands of bullets are fired, buckets of blood are shed, and there's one suave banana who's pretty dang chatty. You can pick the game up just about anywhere right now on your digital store of choice, but online purchases are so last decade. You know what's really hot right now? Physical editions, baby!

A new physical version of My Friend Pedro is coming to stores courtesy of the good folks at Special Reserve Games. We got our hands on the Nintendo Switch edition, so let's take a look at the goodies hiding inside.

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This physical copy comes in a case adorned with the adorably smiley face of the banana who will drive you to commit mass genocide. How could you not want to murder hundreds of people with a cute fruit like that?

Then, there's the Nintendo Switch game cartridge within the case, which unsurprisingly does not smell or taste like bananas (trust us).

This copy comes with collectible stickers that are perfect for the Pedro fan looking to decorate their belongings with homicidal bananas. There's a decal of the game's logo, the titular banana Pedro, and one depicting Pedro looming over the unnamed, slightly unhinged protagonist that we play as.

One of the neater bonuses that you get with the My Friend Pedro physical edition is a copy of the game's soundtrack that you can download from Bandcamp. Featuring tracks from Noisecream, Navie D, and the title track from Battlejuice, there's some pretty killer music included.

Last but certainly not least you get a foldout 11 x 17-inch poster for the game, which you can place upon your wall for all the world to see.

Hopefully, you won't find yourself getting lost in the eyes of our yellow buddy here, as that seems to only lead to mass destruction.

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Everything here all comes bundled in with the My Friend Pedro physical edition. If you're a fan of this balletic bloody game or Devolver Digital's violent back catalog, or you just really like bananas, then this might be the perfect purchase for you.

If you're looking to get your hands on the physical version of My Friend Pedro, it'll be available at GameStop and other major game retailers.

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