My Friend Pedro Is Getting A Physical Release That Doesn't Come With A Banana

My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro is finally getting a physical release. Sadly, it will not come with a banana, either real or stuffed.

My Friend Pedro released on June 20th for the PC and Nintendo Switch and quickly became an indie hit. The game sold 250,000 copies in the first week, with many thousands more thereafter. Critics were all aboard the Pedro train, with our own Jamie Latour calling it “a very silly game.”

What makes My Friend Pedro so silly? Well, for starters, there’s a talking banana that tells you to do horrible, unspeakable things. He’s also Hispanic, which makes sense since most bananas found in the USA are imported from Central and South America.

Besides that, you also play as a nameless, faceless protagonist who's on a mission to murder literally every criminal in the city through a series of John Woo-style kick jumps and backflips. Parkour is the name of this game, with stylish kills getting more points. For example, you can juggle a frying pan in the air using just your bullets and they'll inevitably ricochet to kill every gun-toting bad guy in the room.

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There's slow-mo (bullet time) and split-aiming too, making the whole game play out like a more violent, more ridiculous, banana-driven version of Max Payne.

Physical Release
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Originally, My Friend Pedro first arrived in digital format only, but now it’s getting a physical release with exclusive content. That includes such notable items as an 11x17-inch poster, sticker pack, reversible cover art, and a copy of the game's soundtrack. Which is all pretty snazzy, but it doesn’t include a plush version of Pedro the Banana, which is a real missed opportunity.

Sadly, this is only for the Nintendo Switch version of the game. PC Pedro players are stuck with the digital-only version that doesn’t come with all the nice goodies.

The physical edition of My Friend Pedro arrives in stores November 12th, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Pre-orders are available now at GameStop or any major game retailer.

Source: Destructoid

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