25 Weird Custom My Little Ponies (That Shouldn't Exist)

Most people may not know this, but My Little Pony began in the early '80s as a toy line spin-off from Hasbro. Over the years, it has been revamped and marketed at young kids and their parents, primarily girls. My Little Pony as a franchise took off to new heights with the television series, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, not only appealing to its target demographic, but gaining fans from older male demographics too.

Since the '80s, there have been those who liked collecting My Little Pony toys and it's still practiced within the new generation of toys as well. There are even people who make custom My Little Pony toys. There are several creators out there who have found a creative outlet with creating custom ponies in the image of popular movies, shows, comic books, etc. No one can argue about their creativity or even their fondness over the series, and overall many of the custom ponies we saw were pretty cool! But there is a bit of a darker side to it.

Sometimes what sounds like a cool idea doesn't turn out to be one, and some crossovers just shouldn't be done. On the internet there's quite a bit of discourse over the My Little Pony fandom and whether certain older demographics belong there are not. Adults enjoying and even participating in fandoms geared towards younger audiences isn't inherently an issue as long as they're mindful of the younger crowd and the things that they contribute to the fandom are "appropriate."

This list of 25 Weird Custom Ponies has entries that straddle that line, with some even crossing it.

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25 Purgatori Pony

via amykukta.blogspot.com

Okay so while the design of this custom pony isn't bad, it is actually really good, it doesn't really fit with the theme of what My Little Pony (or the MLP fandom) is supposed to be. The series and the toys have a target demographic of young kids and their parents, with the series itself promoting things like friendship and kindness. And this demon girl pony, dubbed "Purgatori" by its creator Amy Kukta, gives off a more adult vibe that just isn't appropriate for anything My Little Pony related, in our opinion.

24 Ōkami Pony

via etsy.com

Fans of video games, which we figure our dear readers are, might be familiar with the 2006 action-adventure game Ōkami. Ōkami is about a white wolf who is actually the Shinto sun goddess Amaterasu, who saves ancient Japan from a dark evil force.

Amaterasu makes for a cool character design wise but that design does not translate well over to My Little Pony. She looks more like some kind of weird bear than a wolf or a horse and we're not sure if the creator tried to emulate the sumi-e style painting or if it's just a bad paint job.

23 Glue Pony

via flickr.com

We're not sure if this pony was meant to be an art statement or meant to be a joke, but it just seems wrong a deep level. Going strictly on looks it's not pretty, cute or cool looking like most My Little Pony toys are. We get that this custom pony is made to look like a glue bottle, (it's a spoof of Elmer's glue bottle too), but considering that, according to this website, glue was historically made out of collagen taken from horse bones, we wonder if this custom pony was made by someone with a dark humor.

22 Skystriker Pony

via hisstank.com

What is one of the weirdest mashups in toy history? If anyone guessed My Little Pony and G.I. Joe, they would be right. This custom G.I. Joe Skystriker My Little Pony is the creation of one user from hisstank.com, a G.I. Joe Toy and Movie Discussion forum. GIJoeJunkyard came up with this interesting fusion of pony and machine as a "creative outlet" one day, using spare parts from the work he and his wife do from selling vintage G.I. Joe parts and customizing My Little Ponies. It's certainly a very patriotic pony, for anyone from the United States.

21 Akatsuki Pony

via imgur.com

Okay, so what would be an even weirder toy mashup other than G.I. Joe and My Little Pony? My Little Pony and Naruto. Ninjas and ponies would make for an interesting cartoon idea, but in regards to this Deidara modeled pony, it just looks ridiculous.

We can't see this "My Little Akatsuki" pony working in either series. One, it doesn't have any fingers to be effective in any type of jutsu; and two, we doubt an organization like the Akatsuki would be welcomed in the My Little Pony universe.

20 Alien Queen Pony

via twitter.com

If nightmares were able to take physical shape outside of our dreams we think this pony modeled after the Alien Queen from the Alien movie series would be one of those nightmares. It looks exactly what one would think an alien Queen pony would look like, which is a frightening concept considering what would happen to that poor little pony if it came across a Xenomorph. The little hands in the front are kind of funny though, and bring a little humor to this otherwise scary custom My Little Pony toy.

19 Alien Pony

via marikasurinen.com

And just when we thought the Alien Queen was scary this regular Alien pony takes the stage and plays the starring role in our nightmares. This particular pony is the creation of Finland artist Mari Kasurinen, who mods My Little Pony figures based on popular figures and celebrities.

This is one of her scarier ones as she put a lot of detail into recreating the iconic Xenomorph. The way it's posed, its mouth slightly open with its second mouth ready to strike gives us a pretty unsettling feeling. Can someone give Ellen Ripley a call?

18 Pennywise Pony

via mikeysgrrrl.deviantart.com

And here is the Stephen King character Pennywise, scaring children of the new generation. This custom pony is the creation of mikeysgrrrl on DeviantArt and if he meant for it to be unsettling then he achieved his goal. Without the creepy Pennywise "beauty mark" the bright demonic yellow eye that just seems to stare deep into our souls, ready to use our deepest fears against us, would be scary enough. A lot of people would agree, or at least those dealing with coulrophobia, that clowns are scary. Whether it's in the form or a human or a pony.

17 Minions Pony

via mycrafts.com

Whether a person loves the Minions or hates them is based on personal taste, but we think most people will agree with us when we say that this custom Minions My Little Pony is weird looking. Minions were already the strange looking henchmen for Gru in the Despicable Me movies and they make for even stranger looking ponies. We're not exactly sure if its because they're yellow, the googles or the overalls, but something just doesn't sit right with us. Maybe we just shudder to think about how much more annoying the Minions would be as ponies.

16 Finn And Jake Pony


Adventure Time is an animated sensation with a loyal fan-base that recently had its series finale late in 2018. A crossover between Adventure Time and My Little Pony is something we can see happening but not in the way that this custom pony presents it. There's something a bit unsettling about the Finn and Jake Pony. It could be that the pony is painted to match Finn's skin-tone so it kind of seems like Finn was transformed into a human pony hybrid rather than it being a pony inspired by Finn.

15 Mickey Mouse Pony

via pinterest.com

At first, we thought Mickey Mouse would seem like a good candidate for the My Little Pony universe. Though this custom Mickey Mouse pony has us reconsidering that thought as we came across it. Seeing Mickey morphed into the shape of a pony just seems kind of wrong and a little scary?

And his easy smile only seems to add to the creepiness of this pony, as if he was eternally stuck screaming for help. We don't like the tail either and wished he had been given a pony one. But that's just our opinion.

14 Sally Pony

via pinterest.com

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of those movies from the '90s that people still love it today. And Sally is both one of the most iconic characters from the movie and one of the popular ones. The custom pony has managed to capture the strongly spirited rag-doll very well, it's even pretty cute with its stripped socks and patchwork dress. The reason this custom pony is on the list is the concept of how it would have been created. Sally was created from stitched together human parts so Sally pony would be made from pony parts right? No thanks.

13 Sonic Pony

via pinterest.com

Gotta go fast, as fast as we can away from this custom pony. Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most iconic video game characters there is, but we never thought (or wanted) to see him end up like this. Sonic's already strange form does not, at least in our opinion, translate well as a pony. Sonic's eyes, which have always been a little weird naturally, look even more unnatural here and as big and silly looking as his huge gloves and red kicks were it just isn't Sonic if he doesn't have them.

12 Zombie Pony

via pinterest.com

While this custom pony is the least customized of the list it is one of the ones we really feel like shouldn't exist. This custom Muffin pony (or Derpy as she's more well known across the internet) looks like she has seen better days. Better days not filled with zombies.

Unfortunately, it looks like Derpy didn't make it unscathed out of the zombie apocalypse that has apparently befallen Ponyville. We know that "zombifying" characters from shows and stuff is popular but maybe let's leave the ponies alone?

11 Sweeny Todd Pony

via sammytvr.deviantart.com

Now this custom pony has a lot of details going into it and going by looks alone it's pretty sweet. But is a Sweeny Todd pony really something that the world needs? We think no. For those that are unfamiliar with Sweeny Todd is a play, Broadway musical, and, in more recent times (featuring Johnny Depp,) a movie. It's a tale of revenge, obsession and a secret ingredient to meat pies that just might chill a person to the bone. None of which really belong anywhere near My Little Pony.

10 Fallout Pony

via wortpoint.com

Yes, the story of a post-apocalyptic world and ponies who live in a magical land just go so well together. While we might be a bit impressed at the creator of this custom pony making a helmet, we think the Fallout series and the My Little Pony series are two things that should never really come together. Though we are curious about what a Vault Boy pony would look like. If we ever see a custom Vault Boy pony might just change our minds and put it on a list of awesome custom ponies.

9 Nightmare Fuel Pony

via twistedponies.deviantart.com

Okay if there is one custom pony on this list that certainly shouldn't exist and is probably made of literal nightmares it's this pony. This pony is from Deviantart member TwistedPonies and it's based off the work of H.R. Giger.

For those not familiar with Giger in the art scene, he was behind the design of the scary Xenomorphs in the Alien series. Other than the head it's hard to discern all the parts that make up this Giger pony but we're kind of glad it's facing away from us.

8 Jack Skellington Pony

via twistedponies.deviantart.com

Jack Skellington is probably one of the friendliest walking and talking skeletons in animated history and he's certainly charmed his way into the hearts of many fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas. One could even say that Jack shows us that not all skeletons and monsters are mean (even if they can be scary times at times), but he doesn't quite hold the same charm in pony form. Unfortunately, both Jack Skellington and his rag-doll beau end up on this list of Ponies that Shouldn't exist, but at least they're together.

7 Cheshire Cat Pony

via worthpoint.com

Whether it is from the original book, the Disney movie, or the live action one with Johnny Depp, there aren't many people out there who are unfamiliar with the Cheshire Cat. For those that are the Cheshire cat is a mysterious and mischievous grinning cat in Alice in Wonderland who can disappear and reappear at will, only leaving behind its grinning mouth. The Cheshire was always a little unsettling, and it's even more so as a pony! Its unsettling nature probably has something to do with the sharp fang-like grin painted on its face.

6 Skelly Pony

via wylf.deviantart.com

There are definitely some elements to this custom My Little Pony doll that is cute, the braided hair of the tail and mane, but everything else about this pony is a little creepy. It could just be us but there is just something creepy about skeletons, and seeing the skeleton of this poor little pony is even creepier. The pink painted moth on its forehead also lends a hand to its creepiness, as with certain ideologies moths can represent the end of a person's life or other bad omens.

5 Alien From Toy Story Pony

via youtube.com

And here we have one of the more non-threatening aliens, the toy aliens from Toy Story's Pizza Planet. This custom pony actually looks pretty well made and really does look like the Aliens from the Toy Story series. It's just that a three-eyed green alien pony is kind of out there, it's pretty weird. And wouldn't be our first choice of characters to make into a custom My Little Pony figure. But everyone has their own opinion and their own tastes, this one just isn't for us.

4 Mabel Pony

via youtube.com

Gravity Falls is an animated show from Disney that has 12-year-old Dipper Pines investigating the strange and paranormal activity that happens in the town of Gravity Falls as he and his twin sister Mabel visit their great uncle, known as "Grunkle Stan." This pony is modeled after Mabel who has a sweet and optimistic personality that would fit a My Little Pony well. But we just wished that they went with a different style when it came to the eyes. It works for Gravity Falls but not here.

3 Pikachu Pony

via youtube.com

When we look at this Pikachu inspired custom pony one way we think its cute, but looking at it another way we find it a little creepy. One would think that a Pokémon, especially one as cute as Pikachu would work as a My Little Pony, but this one has us reconsidering that. There's just something about the face that leaves us a little unsettled, could be the eyes, that just seems a little too big. Or the lack of a distinct nose. Or we just can't move past Pikachu not being in his chubby little rodent form.

2 Skeletor Pony

via nerdapprioate.com

Any Masters of the Universe fans will be familiar with He-Man's archenemy Skeletor. Skeletor wants to conquer Castle Grayskull and on a wider scale all of Eternia. In more recent years he's become a hilarious internet meme and looking at this custom Skeletor pony we think of the latter form or Skeletor rather than the former.

It's just so hard to take the villain of Master of The Universe seriously as a pony. He almost looks cute with his little pony skull head, hood, and little booties. The most adorable conqueror ever!

1 Jason Pony

via twistedponies.deviantart.com

Jason Voorhees has made going to summer camp a scary experience, other than having to deal with bugs and terrible camp food. And he's here making My Little Pony a nightmarish experience too with this custom My Little Pony figure. This pony with its iconic hockey mask, molded green jumpsuit and decaying form underneath isn't exactly what we would want to see with a custom My Little Pony toy. Though we will admit that this is probably the cutest Jason has ever looked unless we count the "bishoujo" Jason statue from Kotobikuya.

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