25 Unresolved Mysteries And Plot Holes DreamWorks Left Hanging

DreamWorks movies are loved by many, but that doesn't mean that they're perfect. Here are some of the loose threads they left hanging.

Note: none of these breakdowns and analyses are done in a mean-spirited or accusatory manner. It is all in the spirit of good, old-fashioned, pedantic fun.

Get ready for a world of deconstructive, nit-picky, and “happily ever after” destroying arguments because it is about to get incredibly pedantic in here. Normally, I am not one to seriously break apart films, books, games, and other forms of media into tiny morsels, as I regard most pieces of art with a modicum of acceptance and a suspension of disbelief. Something is that way in any given piece of media because the universe deems it so and that is not to be questioned.

However, when it is done for fun and one’s own amusement, breaking down media can be an incredibly entertaining way to occupy one’s evening and can help develop one’s ability to create convincing and cohesive arguments. Everyone who has grown up in the Western world has seen at least one DreamWorks film in their time and most of us have simply agreed to accept the wild antics of this studios films. But not me.

After a deep analysis (too deep for some of these films, I may agree) of several films from the DreamWorks canon, I have uncovered some holes that the films left unfilled and questions that remain unanswered. So, without further ado, let us let our pedantic flags fly as we break down twenty-five unanswered questions from several well-known DreamWorks films.

25 A Future For Miguel And Tulio

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At the end of the film, the boys have successfully sealed off the entrance to El Dorado, escaped on horseback, and are making their way back into the real world. Someone falls off a horse, they humorously chase after it, and then it fades to black. Story over. Case closed. But what about Miguel and Tulio? They are escaping into the world with nothing to their names except a criminal record and a series of arrest warrants. They lost all of their El Dorado gold and credibility. Will they find a new land to call their own?

24 Held Captive For Love

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In the second film in the Shrek series, Shrek spends a sleepless night in his wife’s childhood bedroom going through her old diary in order to find out more about the person she was before she met him. These childhood diaries reveal that Fiona was locked up in her infamous tower at a very young age; however, she seems to harbor no ill will towards the parents who imprisoned her. Are there any long-lasting emotional consequences of those years of imprisonment or was she simply able to find a way to stay sane and bore no ill will towards her captors?

23 Future Developments

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At the end of the film Over the Hedge, the woodland creatures rejoice at the arrest of the Homeowner's Association President and use that to guarantee that there will be no risk of future attacks on their area. However, an earlier look at a development plan for the area in which the animals live seems to hint that the small remains of their forest home may be mowed down and replaced with single-family homes. The removal of the HOA president will do nothing to stop any planned developments. What will they do if this plan is enacted?

22 Runaway Inventory

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In the film Chicken Run, the owners of the farm are facing financial ruin and decide to pour the rest of their savings into turning their farm into this pie manufacturing plant. But, luckily, all of the chickens were able to escape to a relative utopia, leaving the farm owners empty handed. So, not only were they already struggling financially but they also poured so much money into the farm conversion. What is going to happen to them? I know they are the villains, but I grew up on a chicken farm and know just how much the loss of inventory can hurt.

21 Criminals Caught God-Handed

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In the film Sinbad, Eris decides to get what she wants by possessing Sinbad which turns out poorly for him as no one believes him and he is sentenced because of “his” actions. This leads to the question of godly possession. Were the gods just possessing people, left, right, and center to force them to do their biddings? If so, how was this handled in the court of law? People couldn’t simply be punished for someone else’s actions, could they? What about the people who claimed to be possessed while committing crimes?

20 What Will Happen To Lord Farquaad's Kingdom?

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At the end of the first Shrek film, the selfish ruler Lord Farquaad is devoured by Dragon and is later revealed to be alive inside of her (but not for long). But since the ruler disappeared with no heir to speak of, no known siblings, and left no one who could possibly claim the throne… one could only assume that his kingdom fell apart very quickly. His guards were all suddenly unemployed, the economy was probably affected, the people could have descended into anarchy, and neighboring kingdoms would have been made aware of its vulnerable position and attacked.

19 Fight For Monster Rights

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At the end of the film Monsters vs. Aliens, the monster team sets off to defeat another threat to the human race. Susan denies her gross ex-fiancé's request to get back together and joins her newfound friends in their continued efforts to save the world. So one can only assume that they return to their compound at the end of their world-saving efforts. So, are there any improvements to their situation or will they spend the rest of their lives locked up for their own safety? Did their heroic efforts help erase the stigma or are they doomed to be ostracized forever?

18 The End Of An Empire

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The fairy godmother was the face of a huge corporation, so what happened to all of those employees when she exploded into a cluster of bubbles? From what we see of Prince Charming in the third film, it is clear that he did not take over his mother's industry. Maybe they appointed a new CEO in her absence? Did the uncovering of her deeds and manipulative tendencies tarnish both her and her companies reputations and cause the world to abandon the products? Consequently throwing the company into trouble and forcing everyone out of a job?

17 The Means Of Production

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The film Antz is centered around a dictatorship that forces its citizens into work themselves until they drop in order to meet the bottom line. But by the end of the film, the villains have been overthrown and the ants all enjoy a life in a world defined by equality and fairness. But how did those changes affect the bottom line? Is it true that a happy worker is a harder worker or did ants take advantage of this new lax lifestyle; forcing another stricter being to step up and take charge?

16 Why Does Everyone Forgive Oscar?

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The film Shark Tale ends with a beautiful dose of wish fulfillment, happily ever after, and forgiven grudges. But I find it a little questionable, even hard to believe, that the people who had been hurt and endangered by Oscar would forgive him so easily. I mean, he was the worst of the worst and would lie to, cheat, and scam anyone he could so that he could achieve his dreams of living that dope, rich, high life. Eventually, he learned his lesson but the people that he scammed time and time again let him back into their lives without even questioning it.

15 Conning The King

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Look, I know that the Fairy Godmother built a career on wish fulfillment and possesses powers that none of us could ever fully understand. And that she uses those abilities to climb her way into the lives of the royal members of Far Far Away in order to stake a royal claim of her own. But isn’t blackmailing a King bad? Like isn’t that “high treason” or something like that? Why didn’t he just lock her up in some magic proof handcuffs like Disney put on Elsa, and be done with the whole thing?

14 A Thriving Yet Endangered People

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What is going to happen to the people of El Dorado? What will happen to them after Miguel and Tulio effectively locked them in their homeland? Are they going to ever attempt to leave their homeland or were they permanently scared off of outsiders by the events that followed Miguel and Tulio’s arrival? How will they rebuild emotionally after what happened and will it cause them to change their beliefs? Will they suffer from keeping to themselves throughout the centuries or will they continue to flourish in secret? Will someone else try to colonize them in the future?

13 Consequences Of Shrek's Upbringing

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In the third Shrek film, Shrek reveals that his father tried to eat him when he was just a babe as he used to bathe him in BBQ sauce every night before bed. He then reveals that this event makes him question his ability to be a proper parent to his future children but what other consequences did this upbringing have on him? Could it be another reason why he originally cut himself off from the world and refused to let anyone in? Could it explain his intense dislike for Fiona’s father?

12 A Major HR Violation

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How was the boss in the live action Cat In The Hat film able to treat his employees in such a vile manner? Is screaming “Fired!” at someone something that the Dr. Seuss' human resources department deems acceptable? How is he able to force the mom to host a party in her own home with the consequence of termination hanging over her head if the evening is anything short of perfect? I know that she takes a lot of time off to deal with her children but it is clear that his hatred and mistreatment of her is not special.

11 Effects Of Being Unhealthy

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We all know about how a low-protein, high sugar, high carb, and high garbage diet can affect the human body. But how do those same violently unhealthy foods affect our furry friends? In the film Over The Hedge, the furry critters who frequent the forest find their typical food sources severely depleted and turn to the humans' scraps and junk food to survive. But what would a diet of soda, coffee, and nacho cheese chips do to these animals, and how long could they actually survive on these manufactured snacks? And what will they do when the humans start protecting their trash bins from tampering?

10 Guardians Of Childhood

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In the film Rise of the Guardians, it is explained that all adults are classified as non-believers due to the simple fact that they are no longer children. Something happens to a person as they age and the person no longer believes in the creatures who protect us from unseen bad. Therefore the weight of belief rests entirely on children and the fewer children who believe in them, the weaker they get. However, what would happen if an adult maintained their belief throughout their life? Would that belief have the same power that a child's does or would it be weaker?

9 The Weight Of Your Wishes

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How do you tell someone that you essentially wished that your paths had never crossed? How would you tell someone you love that you wished that you had never met them? When a frazzled and overworked Shrek accidentally wishes his wife and children away, he goes through Dante’s seven circles to get them back. The immediate consequence of this journey is increased love and appreciation; however, the long-term consequences are still unknown. Does he harbor guilt for wishing what he wished? Does he ever tell Fiona what he did? Or his children?

8 Beauty And Her Bee

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Though Bee Movie has its flaws, I would give it a solid B rating (pause for laughter). But I have some questions about the long-term consequences of being dumped for a literal bee. Poor Ken. I know he is supposed to be the villain of the film but, as an adult, I find my heart going out to the poor guy. Yes, he wasn’t the perfect match for Vanessa but that doesn’t excuse the way that she ditched him. We see him briefly at the end of the film accusing the bee of stealing his life, which shows that this breakup truly unhinged him.

7 Ignorant Pet Owners

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One of the biggest themes in the film Flushed Away is the apathetic pet owners that rule the human world. The Toad was flushed down the toilet by a human who wanted to dispose of him after acquiring a new pet and Roddy’s owner seems to not mind that she suddenly has an entirely new rat to care for. Does this mean that the humans of this film truly don’t give two shakes about the animals that they claim to love? Why are the animals seen as disposable in this world and was it done as a pointed reflection of our own world?

6 Fairy Tale Round-Up

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Just how was Lord Farquaad able to sign that eviction notice and get all of the Fairy Tale creatures removed from his kingdom? I mean, I know that he is the ruler and that he can pretty much do whatever he wants but don’t the creatures have some sort of degree of rights and freedoms? Can he really just mass exile them like that with no repercussions coming his way? Was a search for freedom and understanding the reason why the creatures found their way to Far Far Away in the sequel? How did no one protest this?

5 Lost Animals

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After their escape in New York, the animals of the central park zoo found themselves on a one-way cargo ship to a Kenyan Wildlife Preserve. But they clearly never reached that destination. Did the employees from the central park zoo ever check in on their arrival or lack thereof? Did they find it weird that no one ever confirmed with them that the creatures had been received? Did the staff from the Kenyan Wildlife Preserve never think to question why their furry delivery never arrived? Or are the animals in the Madagascar world seen as purely disposable?

4 No Price To Pay For Treason

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While yes, it’s important to note that Prince Charming did lose everything at the end of the second Shrek film, he could have lost so much more. Why did the King never consider charging anyone in these films with treason? Isn’t conspiring against the King, trying to take the Princess for oneself, and being in cahoots with a known enemy of the crown treasonous behavior? Why did the King let it slide? Did he decide that the loss of his mother and dreams would be enough punishment for Charming? If he did, that was a bad choice.

3 Strange Dealings

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From what one can see in the movie Shark Tale, everyone is up to some bad dealings. Even Angie, the most innocent fish in the ocean, is abducted by the sharks who run things downstream. So, how does the ocean deal with the sudden absence of this mob as it seems to have been disbanded by the end of the film? How is the local economy affected as most Mafia’s have their hands in the back pockets of several businesses? How do the people adjust to no longer having to see sharks as the enemy?

2 The Spirit Spin-Off Makes No Sense

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I don’t understand the recent Spirit spin-off. Let me explain. The entire point of the original film was centered around the fact that the horses did not want to be tamed, ridden, or really just kept in any way. So how can there be a show whose entire plot centers around the idea of owning, riding, and taming these horses? It just does not make sense to me that someone could look at a film that is about Spirit “Spirit Who Could Not Be Broken” and then think to make a show about a rideable version of the same horse.

1 How Did Donkey Have Those Children?

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We need to address who these adorable yet odd children came into this world. Without getting too PG-13, what I want to know is the logistics of both their creation and their existence themselves. Usually, two animals of different species are not able to create offspring, but if the animals are similar enough, they will be able to produce children (who are usually themselves infertile). Are dragons and donkeys similar enough to create viable offspring? Or is this simply “suspend your disbelief and just enjoy the film” moment?

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