Mysterious Pokemon Appears In Pokemon Go And Has Players Confused

Pokémon Go players were given a surprise during Saturday's Community Day event when an odd new Pokémon with no name began to spawn.

One thing about Pokémon Go is that you can always count on the Pokémon that will appear. After all, the game is slowly delivering critters that are already staples of the franchise. Go will probably get generation four soon, a collection of Pokémon that was released ten years ago in the main series. So imagine the pure surprise when Pokémon Go did the unthinkable last Saturday: release a brand new Pokémon out of nowhere.

via: serebii.net

Players who went out on Saturday expected to catch the Grass-type starter Chikorita. That's because the game was running one of its monthly Community Day events, a three-hour period where the featured Pokémon spawns more frequently and has a greater chance of being shiny. But once Chikorita's time in the spotlight ended, this little guy started to flood everyone's screens.

Japanese players were the first to report sightings of this unnamed creature, Serebii reports. Its name shows up as "???." When they tried to capture it, it would always turn into a Ditto or Chikorita. As the day went on, other time zones also saw this thing appear after Community Day was over. Just like in Japan, no one could actually capture it. Due to this, the mystery Pokémon has no confirmed Pokédex number or even name. Fans have taken to calling it "Nutto" because it looks like a Ditto with a nut for a head.

via: serebii.net

An interesting fact to note is that Nutto's existence was hinted at in an official preview for Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Eeeve! In a presentation that showed how the game will facilitate connectivity with Pokémon Go, it was shown that Let's Go! will allow players to send presents to Go. A brand new Pokémon was alluded to as one of the possible contents of these presents.

After the announcement, noted Pokémon Go leaker Chrales found that the images for Kecleon were changed in Go's network traffic. Kecleon, a Pokémon not yet available in Go, was changed right before the Chikorita Community Day to look like this.

Fans immediately began speculating over its meaning, with two very common theories being that it's some kind of Ditto evolution or just a glitch. Even after its appearance on Community Day, no one is closer to any answers. The Serebii report does note that Pokémon Go's head of marketing acknowledged Nutto on Twitter, pointing to its appearance being intentional. At the time of this article's writing, Nutto still spawns sporadically in Pokémon Go. As for why, or what it even is, nobody knows.

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