10 N64 Games We Hope Get A Remake Soon

Nintendo doesn't remake games lightly, and that goes double for N64 titles. These 10 N64 titles would be the bee's knees if they were remastered!


Nintendo doesn't treat remaking games lightly, and that goes double for N64 titles. You might as well store most of these games in the Ark of the Covenant because Nintendo rarely lets these classics see the light of day despite so many fans of the console begging for their remakes and re-releases.

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Most Switch owners are still at a loss as to how Nintendo hasn't even released the wildly popular catalog on the eShop (It's still not too late and just in time for the holiday Nintendo!). But I digress,  let's discuss 10 N64 titles that would be the bee's knees if they were remastered today.

10 Pokemon Snap


Pokemon Snap is a heck of a unique game, and that's saying a lot since Nintendo has gotten us accustomed to weird games. It's a rail shooter -- and no, don't get any insane ideas, you don't go blowing up Pikachu and Psyduck with rocket launchers -- instead, you take pictures of your favorite Pokemon. Yeah, it may sound cute and innocent, and in a way it is, but it gets intense real quick. You only get limited ammunition and you have to focus on getting the best shot. Rail Shooters are already few and far spread so it'd be pretty neat to see a remaster or sequel to this title.

9 Star Fox 64


Alright, alright, alright, we know, this game got remastered for the 3DS a few years back and it was really solid. The game looked sharper than ever, and the controllers felt a lot tighter than they were on the N64. But the 3DS can only take the game so far, a remake for the Nintendo Switch is the real way to bring this game back from the grave. While Star Fox has gotten plenty of love in the Smash games, his own franchise has been lacking in recent times. Once again, a sequel would be really nice, maybe even preferred, but if there had to be a remaster this game would be the obvious choice.

8 Donkey Kong 64


Games like Donkey Kong 64 are a dime a dozen. Sure many prefer the classic side-scrolling Donkey Kong Country games, but what do you know about DK 64? That game's a gem. You play as our favorite tie-wearing gorilla in a 3D world that feels a lot like a Banjo-Kazooie game. It's mostly a collectathon with a lot of challenging yet fun 3D platforming to make for a classic 90's treat. The best part's the soundtrack, which is full of bangers. If you're familiar with the Smash games you'll instantly recognize their sound. Dk 64 is slept on today, making it a perfect title to bring back.

7 Diddy Kong Racing


Another one of our favorite Kongs had one of the most unique racing games back on the N64 -- and now it's formula has quite literally paved the way for the modern Mario Kart games.

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You see, Diddy Kong Racing has karting, flying and boating (yes, boating) all in one cartridge while Mario Kart was only concerned with ground racing. Oh how the times have changed, and now that Mario Kart feels like it has nowhere else to go, we think it's time they take a pause and bring this once popular franchise back from the grave.

6 Snowboard Kids 2


This was back in the day when sports games weren't afraid to have fun. NBA Street, FIFA Street, SSX and Snowboard Kids were just some of the few that turned stale sports games on their heads. Let's face it, sports are fun to actually play and watch, but to play as a game? Well, it can be fun, especially with friends, but it's a game, so why not just do what games do and make it crazy; That's what Snowboard Kids 2 does. It's a lot like Mario Kart except, well, snowboards instead of karts. It was a cute fun game that would do great in this current gaming climate.

5 F-Zero X


"Yeah! The Final LAP!," Were the words that blasted through my television screen back in the early 2000s as I played this fantastic game. F-Zero X is nuts -- another game that you can get the vibe of if you've played the Smash games -- but one you cannot begin to understand until you play. These games are brutal, and ridiculously fast. There aren't many games that come close to its intensity. It was way ahead of its time, and still holds up today, but God would it be one beautiful piece of work if it was remastered.

4 Mario Party 2 (Make The Games Like This One Again!)


Donald Trump really should've finished his slogan... "Make America Great Again... And those Mario Party games too because boy have they stunk." Alright, terrible political jokes aside, but we really do need Mario Party games to reclaim their former glory.

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What better way than to bring back, or at least copy the formula of one of the series' greatest games? The mini-games were the absolute fire in two, the boards were dynamic and interesting and there was a lot less luck than we see in the new games. If we're being honest, the last game wasn't bad, but it's still a far cry from this gem.

3 Star Wars: Rogue Squadron


These were the glory days for the Star Wars games. We got the Old Republic games, Podracing, Battlefront a few years into the 2000s and this underappreciated gem. Anyone who played it will tell you that this was some of the best vehicular gameplay in and video game, let alone a Star Wars game. Missions were intense and varied making for one badass experience that really felt as if you were a pilot in the movies. It's sad to see that this game has been cast to the wayside, it received a re-release on the GameCube, but has since been forgotten. Hopefully, EA wises up and remakes this classic.

2 Paper Mario


Nintendo has always been a master at re-branding its classic franchises. Kirby gets a game where he and his entire world is made of yarn, Link has been a cartoon, a kid and a wolf; and what hasn't our favorite video game plumber Mario been? One of his most well-received re-imaginations was a paper version of himself, trapped in a Mushroom Kingdom that felt as new as the day we first entered it back in the '80s. There's not much to expand upon in this classic except we hope they can do the original and The Thousand Year Door justice again -- or just remake it, we'll take either.

1 Super Mario 64

This is the one, the one that everyone has begged -- gotten on their knees and pleaded at Nintendo with all their nerdy might -- to one day remake. Oh, you exclude yourself from this group because you're like "the games already great, we don't need a new one, leave it alone!" Ok, that's fine, but just imagine this game with the graphics we got in Super Mario Odyssey or re-imagined like Link to The Past. The possibilities are endless, and while Sunshine or Galaxy would be fun to see in HD, this needs, NEEDS to happen first.

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