N64: 20 More Awesome Things You Didn’t Know Your Nintendo 64 Could Do

Remember the Nintendo 64? It officially released on September 29, 1996, and was a huge step forward in video game entertainment. During its era of development, Nintendo’s SNES and NES had competitors such as Sega Genesis and Sony PlayStation. To solidify their position in the video game industry, Nintendo needed to release a worthy successor. The result was the Nintendo 64, a console which immensely surpassed consumer expectations and is now regarded as one of the, if not the greatest, consoles ever made. The Nintendo 64 is a masterpiece system with enormous potential.

When it first released, players were bewildered by unprecedented 3D graphics and enormous 64-bit worlds. Even today, people are finding new ways to modify their consoles and unlock capabilities of Nintendo 64 consoles and accessories. Nintendo ensured players were well equipped by providing a plethora of accessories to enhance gameplay. They are one of the few bold risk-taking video game companies that have had high success with their products.

There are plenty of lesser-known accessories that are built to enhance gameplay. A device such as an N64 Passport allows your console to run games from other regions. An N64 Passport is more valuable today since purchasing a new Nintendo 64 from a foreign country is potentially cheaper.

It's not difficult to see why so many people love Nintendo 64. Its emphasis on multiplayer makes it a console for all to enjoy. Unbeknownst to many, there are at least 20 unreal capabilities of the Nintendo 64.

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20 Used Nintendo 64 = Brand New Nintendo Switch Dock


Since Reddit user tettzan777 posted a picture of his Nintendo 64 dock for the Nintendo Switch, countless attempts have been made to convert Nintendo 64 consoles into a Nintendo Switch dock. No this is not an official dock created by Nintendo, but it should be because it is freaking awesome.

Nintendo Switch side-by-side with its predecessor is fitting since the Nintendo Switch is the first major console, and Nintendo console, to use game cartridges since the Nintendo 64. This simple enough mod expands the width of N64's cartridge port to store Nintendo Switch consoles. Yes, the Nintendo Switch has a console case, but fans of Nintendo 64 may prefer a case which captures the essence of Nintendo and its history. This mod will render your N64 console broken without careful modification.

19 Bio Sensor Lets Players Control With Their Heartbeat


The advanced technology that the Nintendo 64 utilized can seem like a technology that has yet to come out. The futuristic nature of this technology makes it seem crazy that it wasn’t developed further. Since it only released in Japan, most North American players would not have heard of it.

The Bio Sensor let players control with their heartbeat. This accessory was designed exclusively for Tetris 64 and was packaged with its purchase. If your heart beat’s pace quickened, you would earn better results in the game. You must attach the device to your earlobe for it to capture your heartbeat rhythm. This product is potentially dangerous since players could have heart failure or injure themselves when trying to increase their heart rate. Safety could be why the product never released in North America or was given a successor.

18 First Video Game Console To Use Rumble Technology

YouTube (onlygamespl)

You may not have guessed it, but the Nintendo 64 was the first large-scale video game console to use rumble technology. Nintendo 64's Rumble Pak plugged into the bottom of the N64 controller and activated when firing a weapon or receiving damage. Rumble Pak could be purchased separately, but also came bundled with Star Fox 64. Finding Star Fox 64 with an unopened Rumble Pak would be a rare find! Titles such as Super Smash Bros., GoldenEye 007, Donkey Kong 64, Star Wars Rogue Squadron, and WWF No Mercy all supported Rumble Pak.

Without Nintendo 64's innovative Rumble Pak, we wouldn't have seen the advances built into today's controllers. Controllers such as Xbox One's which are more advanced and have vibration in triggers have won awards which they owe to Nintendo 64's innovation. They may be terrible at earning a profit, but as long as Nintendo continues to push research and development, they will remain as industry leaders.

17 Take A Trip Around The World With N64 Passport

YouTube (retrotowers.co.uk)

There have multiple versions of an N64 Passport including the N64 Passport Plus III, which allow you to play games from regions other than North America. Making use of the N64 Passport is quite simple once you have purchased a functional one. Since Nintendo 64 consoles are so rare these days, having an N64 Passport is more valuable than ever.

The N64 Passport is a cartridge with a cartridge slot on its top. Insert the alternate region game into the cartridge slot of the N64 Passport and insert it into the cartridge port of the Nintendo 64. After you have turned your Nintendo 64's power on, proceed through the N64 Passport menu. From the "Select Cheat Codes" option, select your game and switch to the required region. Start the game with the cheat code chosen, and you will notice games from other regions will work.

16 Transfer Data Between Consoles With The Controller Pak


Although most Nintendo 64 game cartridges use internal storage as their primary save source, there are several that require an N64 Controller Pak for proper function. The N64 Controller Pak is still compatible with many titles as a secondary source and is beneficial to use if you own one. Since the Controller Pak inserts into the bottom of a Nintendo 64 controller, it can be removed and transferred between controllers and systems.

WWF: Attitude, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, The World Is Not Enough, and Spider-Man are among the games that require a Controller Pak for saving. N64 titles such as Super Mario 64, Mario Party 2, Donkey Kong 64, and Banjo Kazooie do not need a Controller Pak and instead used internal game cartridge storage. With 256 kilobits (32KB) of storage, it uses limited memory for its size when compared to today's SD cards. SD cards today are way smaller and can be purchased with 32GB of memory for about $12.

15 You Can Clean Your Nintendo 64 With A Nintendo Cleaning Kit


For those who haven't cleaned a Nintendo 64 before, they may find difficulty locating satisfactory instructions. Numerous methods such as blowing on the cartridge slot and using a wet cloth can damage your Nintendo 64 further and should only be done with proper instructions.

There are countless sources on the internet that provide unsafe methods for cleaning your console. The website of ifixit.com lists acceptable methods for cleaning Nintendo 64. Although Nintendo 64 Cleaning Kits are rare, they can be found on the internet for approximately $50. For the most authentic cleaning of your Nintendo 64 console, game paks, and other accessories, buy this kit. The instructions are straightforward, the methods are improved by Nintendo, and you'll be using a rare Nintendo product.

14 Noticeably Improved Picture With S-Video Cables

via: YouTube (Shiro)

S-video cables provide improved picture compared to standard RCA cables via the MultiAV port. As the safest way to significantly improve your picture quality, S-video is an exceptional alternative. Opting for third-party S-video cables could further enhance your picture in comparison to Nintendo S-video cables. Nintendo 64 is not capable of high-definition or 4K, but it does have options to upgrade its picture quality.

Using an RGB booster is currently the most popular method for gaining extraordinary picture quality through modding for Nintendo 64. We would not recommend attempting to add an RGB booster without prior N64 modding experience since it requires soldering and could potentially damage your system. For the safest way to improve your picture quality, opt for S-video.

13 Who Needs Friends When You Have Pikachu?

via: ssli.ebayimg.com collector213 (414)

No, it's not VR, but it is Nintendo 64 VRU. VRU (Voice Recognition Unit) is compatible with Hey You, Pikachu! and Densha de Go! 64. It allows players to speak to the console and control in-game actions with their voice. It can be regarded as a less advanced version of Xbox's Kinect.

VRU did not become a Nintendo hit since Hey You Pikachu wasn't very popular with gamers and critics, but it was a step in the right direction and the inspiration for later technology to come. The Wii Speak is very similar to this device.

When purchasing this device, you should consider the tone of your voice. It is designed for children who have higher pitched voices. Adults and teenagers have issues having their voice read which is another reason why VRU was lackluster.

12 Reset Controller Thumbstick With L+R+Start

via: cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net

One of the most common problems with the Nintendo 64 is controller stick drift on its controllers. The controller's thumbstick may not necessarily be malfunctioning as it can be attributed to the console thinking the thumbstick is pushed in a direction.

To fix controller stick drift issues, press L+R+Start while the thumbstick is in the relaxed position and you'll notice the controller fix itself.

It is likely many have returned or attempted to repair their Nintendo 64 controllers over this small issue. It is a significant design flaw in the Nintendo 64 controller, but at least it can be fixed easily. Nintendo had the foresight to implement a quick fix. Quick fixes are something we need more of in newer consoles. Gamers can't get enough of simple solutions.

11 Arcade Joystick For Nintendo 64!

via: YouTube (Nacho Rolon)

Of course with titles such as Mortal Kombat 4, Killer Instinct Gold, WWF No Mercy, Mortal Kombat Mythology, and Pokémon Stadium, the Nintendo 64 was bound to receive an arcade joystick sooner or later. The most popular arcade stick released for the Nintendo 64 was the Arcade Shark which is featured in this photo. With all buttons placed conveniently beside each other, and a giant joystick in the middle, it is the perfect device for competitive fighting games as well as many others.

InterAct, the company who created Arcade Shark is the same organization behind the creation of Nintendo 64 accessories such as the GameShark code device, racing wheel, TremorPak, and other accessories such as memory cards and a unique controller. Search for InterAct devices since they are one of the top third-party Nintendo 64 companies. We would recommend avoiding the GameShark because of a significant number of malfunctioning Gamesharks.

10 Slightly Awkward Backwards Compatibility

via: reddit.com/r/gamecollecting

The Nintendo 64 is capable of playing SNES and NES games which further adds to why it is a top contender for the best console of all time. Using the Tristar 64, which was produced in Hong Kong by Future Laboratory, one could add two cartridges to their console. These additional cartridges allow players to play SNES and NES games. It's not the smartest backward compatibility we've seen, but it plays Nintendo classics and that's all that counts.

The device has other functions in addition to being a retro Nintendo emulator. It has a built-in cheat cartridge that can edit the data of games through programs such as X-Terminator and Memory Editor. The majority of SNES and NES games are playable on the Nintendo 64 using this device. There are a few exceptions such as Super Mario RPG which requires an extra processor.

9 Nothing Says Style Like A Nintendo 64 Travel Case

via: img.tradera.net

Nintendo produced messenger bags that could hold systems and consoles. This is not a third-party bag that uses Nintendo's logo but is an official Nintendo bag. The dimensions and pouches inside make it the perfect travel accessory for your Nintendo 64 console.

This particular bag appears to have some wear due to its age, but you can find bags in exceptional condition on websites such as eBay. There are also smaller sized pouches that are specifically for holding games and controllers and also bear the Nintendo 64 logo. They aren't too expensive and are the ideal way to transport your Nintendo 64 merchandise. Nintendo 64 also manufactured official backpacks. So they store all your Nintendo 64 gear, provide comfort, and makes you appear stunning; what more could you ask for?

8 Gone Nintendo 64 Fishing...

via: i.imgur.com/RpGa3hl.jpg?1

The Tsuricon 64, also known as the Nintendo 64 fishing controller, adds to the list of Nintendo 64's creative accessories. Nintendo has a long history of manufacturing controllers based on items held in games. One of the most memorable is the NES's Zapper light gun, which allows players to fire at targets on a screen and was explicitly designed for Duck Hunt.

Nintendo 64's Tsuricon 64 is compatible with several Japanese fishing games so it would be more useful if used with a region converter or a Japanese Nintendo 64 console. Bassmasters 2000 is easily the top fishing game on the N64. Combined with the Tsuricon 64, it is a masterpiece. Fishing games have limited popularity, but their fan base remains at consistent numbers. Controllers such as these make fishing games an accurate simulation.

7 The Song Of Time And Ageing Resolutions

via: YouTube (Quit108)

The Nintendo 64 is not the highest performing console; it's not even close. It did possess, however, a giant leap in video game technology during the '90s which is when it released. Its 3D technology was unprecedented. In respect to N64's resolution, Nintendo can output 240p, 288p, 480i, and 576i through letterboxing on European consoles.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time received a remake for the 3DS. The world is improved in almost every way and displays in 3D. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time continues to be a preferred choice for gamers because it can be output on a larger screen and the Nintendo 64 controller allows for more natural control. The 3DS uses 800x240 pixels on a much smaller screen so, by comparison, the Nintendo 64 does not have impressive resolution.

6 Play Legendary Games In Surround Sound

via: Donkey Kong 64

It may seem like the Nintendo 64 console is ancient when compared to consoles today, but it was able to effectively produced Dolby Surround Sound. Video games such as Banjo Tooie, Perfect Dark, and Donkey Kong 64 boasted surround sound capabilities during their startup sequences.

The first documented use of surround sound was by Disney for their animated film Fantasia. Surround sound became increasingly common in theatres during the '80s and became abundant in households throughout the '90s. The Nintendo 64 released in 1996 and was one of the first consoles to support surround sound and the first to do it well.

In a first-person shooter, surround sound can enhance your experience and aid you in battle. In first-person shooters, bullets are heard in the direction they are fired from. Nintendo went leaps and bounds with the N64, and high-quality surround sound confirms this.

5 Store Your Games With An Offical Nintendo 64 Organizer

via: 2.bp.blogspot.com

You'd be surprised at how many accessories were released in conjunction with the Nintendo 64. Numerous models of game organizers and system storages were designed for owners and were manufactured by Nintendo with their signature branding.

This particular model store game cartridges, but some models will also store consoles. Since Nintendo 64 game cartridges can easily collect dust, it is a smart decision to purchase one of these. In addition to this two-row storage container, there is a version with a single row of storage. Depending on how many games you have, you may want to get one or two rows. Searching websites such as Etsy and eBay will allow you to find one of these in excellent condition in no time.

4 Selling The Best Console Ever Made

via: media.gq.com

That old Nintendo 64 console you haven't played in years that may or may not be functioning is more valuable than you would think. Websites such as Craigslist, Amazon, and eBay are marketplaces for Nintendo 64 consoles, games, and related products. There are even brand new consoles available if your willing to pay extra.

When the Nintendo 64 first released on September 29, 1996, it carried a price tag of $199.00. To find a brand new console in mint condition would be extremely rare and would carry a price tag of well over $1000. A new Nintendo 64 with a slightly worn out box still values at over $500. If you merely want to sell your existing used console, you can quickly sell it for over $100. We would, of course, recommend cleaning or repairing your console because it is a one of a kind that you'll soon miss dearly.

3 Cartridges Unlike Any Other Video Game Console

via: stoneagegamer.com

Although they are also referred to as cartridges, the Nintendo 64 utilizes what they call Game Paks to play games. Nintendo 64 Game Paks are designed explicitly for N64 and are incompatible with all other Nintendo products.

Uniquely, the Nintendo 64 is the only major home console to make use of cartridges since its release until now. The Nintendo Switch uses smaller cartridges that resemble Nintendo handheld games. They are much smaller but have vastly superior capabilities.

The capacity of a Nintendo 64 Game Pak is 32-512 MB, while the Nintendo Switch's cartridges can range from 1-32 GB. Even the Nintendo 3DS game cartridges surpass N64 with the capacity of 128 MB-8 GB. The Nintendo 64 cartridges are, however, similar to the DS and DSi games which used 8-512 MB cartridges. It's a pretty significant difference considering the size of Nintendo 64's cartridges, but this is in line with data storage trends.

2 How To Make An Old Nintendo 64 Console Work Again

via: images.vice.com

If stored properly, the Nintendo 64 has long durability. Unlike other less reliable consoles such as the Xbox 360 and the larger model of the PlayStation 3, the Nintendo 64 remained functional, so players could grow bored of it and return years later for another play session.

There are some minor issues that prevent an old Nintendo 64 console from functioning, but they can be fixed with a few simple steps. Try to remove the expansion pack then reinsert, buy a Nintendo Cleaning Kit and use it to clean your console, clean your game cartridges or purchase new ones, replace cables from the rear of the Nintendo 64, and cleaning cartridge connectors with Q-tips. Sometimes, blowing on the console's cartridge port and your game's cartridge will make the console work again. Blowing directly on it is not recommended, as it can damage your console, so you should instead buy a compressed air can.

1 Give Your Console An Insane Makeover

via: cdn.instructables.com

The process of removing a Nintendo 64's case is moderately easy with the proper instructions. There are limitless design options for customizing a Nintendo 64, so if you can locate a specialist, you should jump at the opportunity.

If you have an old Nintendo 64 sitting around, it is likely showing wear and may have structural damage. With or without signs of aging, you shouldn't need a reason to give your console an epic makeover. Unreal unique designs are abundant, and there have been Nintendo 64 console designs such as Legend of Zelda, bookcase, gold plated, and Mario Kart. Words cannot explain the depth of creativeness that has been incorporated into Nintendo 64 console mods. If you routinely use your Nintendo 64, reskinning your console will make it feel brand new again.

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