Pac-Man Hates Loud Moviegoers As Much As We Do

Bandai-Namco has released a Pac-Man video that highlights proper theater etiquette to be screened before movies in Japan.

Proper movie theater etiquette is integral to the movie-going experience. Movie theaters are built for immersion, minimizing all reminders of the outside world while maximizing every audio-visual element of the film, in order to give viewers an experience approximating a pure, unadulterated version of whatever movie is being shown. As anybody who's ever been to a theater is well aware, the purity of that experience can be instantly shattered by just one unruly teen (or talkative boomer—bad movie experiences can come in all ages.) That's why theaters continue to come up with new ways of emphasizing theater etiquette before the start of each screening. This is where Pac-Man enters the picture—both metaphorically and literally.

Bandai Namco, the game company behind the Pac-Man franchise, has just released a Pac-Man-starring video, not just serving the noble purpose of informing moviegoers of unacceptable movie theater behavior, but packaging all of its tips into a catchy song. While the video was recently posted to the internet for Pac-Man fans all over the world to see, the clip will screen in front of films in theaters in Japan as well, where it will likely better serve its purpose.

In a rare showing of solidarity between hero and villains, Pac-Man is joined by rivals Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde to demonstrate improper movie theater etiquette. Apparently being able to sit down and enjoy a movie in peace is a cause that can unite even the bitterest of enemies.

Together, bitey yellow guy and weirdly menacing ghosts alike run through various disruptive activities, while an off-screen vocalist puts descriptions of those activities and imperatives to not do said activities to rhyme—sort of. Ensuring that moviegoers know just what not to do takes precedence throughout the song over making sure each of the verses rhyme with one another.

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Requests include refraining from phone use, not kicking the seats in front of you, not talking to others, and abstaining from taking photos or videos. The song concludes with some simply worded summations of these requests, presumably in a form meant to be easy to remember. Proper manners, according to the song, will result in everyone being happy. Yay.

Not included among these is a request to not eat loudly, which makes sense given the star of the video. Pac-Man's name is derived from a Japanese onomatopoeia, "paku-paku," which describes chomping on food. The hashtag at the end of the video, #パクパクパックマン ("pakupakupakuman") even draws attention to Pac-Man's affinity for enthusiastic eating. While polite eating might be a solid tip to include (and one possibly more necessary than the one about kicking seats) it would feel just a tad hollow coming from a character known mostly for the way he eats.

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