20 Things Boruto Can Do That Naruto Can't

The Naruto franchise could be argued to be one of the most well known and loved anime and manga series of all time. With its comedic dialogue, lovable characters, and thrilling fight scenes it offers a captivating story for fans everywhere.

The first Naruto episode was aired in 2002 with the final one being aired February 8th, 2007. There are a total of 220 episodes with the English adaptation being shown in 2005 on Cartoon Network's channel; Toonami.

The series was adapted from the comic by Masashi Kishimoto and follows the trials and adventures of Naruto Uzumaki, a young boy whose dream is to become a Hokage (the most powerful ninja in the village.)

Boruto is not a copycat of Naruto, he is simply the continuation of the series while still maintaining his own unique singularity. Just because the two look very similar and I mean… very similar, does not make them clones.

The series is carried on with old and new characters with many new thrills and edge of the seat moments that you don’t want to miss. The title of this list implies that Boruto is far stronger than Naruto, this is not the case. His dad (Naruto) has been named the most powerful Hokage to ever live! What sets the pair apart is the fact that Boruto has developed a series of new techniques and been able to master more elements, which has allowed him to differ from his father.

So let's jump into this list and learn about some of the things that Boruto can do that his father can't!

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20 He Can Use Two Elements At Once!

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I know what you're thinking, Naruto can also use two nature elements simultaneously… Yes, he can but there's a difference. Naruto is only able to do this whille using the chakra from the tailed beasts which he obtained from the Six Paths Senjutsu.

Boruto can use two elements at once without this extra help, his attack power can be seen in the fight between him and Naruto which leads to Naruto being forced to put up a defensive wall to handle the extreme power.

When Boruto combines these two elements together a new elemental nature is formed with its own unique power and properties.

19 He Has Awakened His Dōjutsu


Boruto successfully awakened his slightly creepy looking Dōjutsu in his eye when he was only 8 years old. Its initial use was to enable him to see (what he named) purple monster ghosts of chakra which attacked people and turned them into their evil doppelganger.

He did find it a bit tricky to control at first due to it only activating when danger was nearby but our young Ninja now has the hang of it. Boruto can see through barriers, communicate with spirits and even look into other dimensions, pretty impressive! Wish my eye could do something that funky.

18 He Has His Own Special Ability


Boruto can obviously not compete with Naruto when it comes to loudness, we are all familiar with his screaming and emotional moments. However, he is loud and defiantly stubborn. Like father like son!

I think at one point we all just wanted Naruto to calm down.

This stubbornness played to Boruto's favor though, considering it strengthens his abilities due to him knowing he can achieve what he puts his mind to. This particular technique is a wind release which accelerates his movements to allow him to achieve greater speed.

He also uses this technique to conjure his shadow clones and also combines it with Lighting Release shurikenjutsu.

17 He Can Attack With Surging Fire Wild Dance

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With Sasuke as his mentor Boruto was at an advantage when it comes to fighting techniques, especially since he can pick them up quickly. This particular move was created by Sasuke which involves a bombardment of Taijutsu attacks. Starting with a kick, followed by a punch followed up by another kick his opponent is probably going to be very bruised in the morning.

I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of Boruto in a fight!

The only other individual who has this ability is Kakashi which can be used in the video game which makes for a brutal and aesthetically pleasing attack on your opponents.

16 He Can Use Wind Release

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“Another fancy technique?” Is probably what you're thinking, yes Boruto does know a few, to say the least. This particular one comes from his wind stream technique. Our young ninja claps his hands together, compressing wind which is transformed into a devastatingly powerful gale attack.

You'll be blown away by this one!

This technique can also be paired with weapons such as a Shuriken for full power to be truly reached. By using this technique with a projectile weapon Boruto’s ability to seriously injure his foes increases greatly.

15 He Can Use A Thunder Attack


Wind isn’t the only element that Boruto is able to wield, he has also mastered thunder. This particular attack known as Thunderclap Arrow has only appeared in the manga so far and is yet to be seen in the anime.

This fact is truly electrifying!

The attack is based on a lightning natured chakra which Boruto then utilizes to turn it into an arrow, spear form. This attack may sound very cool, however, it can only be used for short range attacks. This could change though as he has only recently mastered it, we will have to wait and see.

14 He Has His Own Attack Called Triple Lightning


While we are on the topic of lighting lets talk about his other impressive lighting ability that Boruto has managed to master and utilize. This technique has been personalized by him to fit his own fighting style; it showcases his strengths and allows him to reach optimum potential.

This attack can be seen in both the manga and anime.

The triple Lightning technique involves combining his other abilities. He uses three shuriken and infuses them with Lightning chakra which are then thrown at his foe. This attack works at short and long range making it a powerful and effective fighting technique.

13 He Uses New Technology


We are all a fan of new technology and products, so is Boruto! In fact, his favorite lethal device he uses in his fights is a Kote. This is a Ninja Weapon that was developed by Katasuke from Kongagakure’s Scientific Ninja Weapons Team.

The scrolls are shrunken down to the size of a pill.

Boruto wears this device on his forearm filled with technique scrolls that have been infused with power. The whole point of this device is that while using his fighting techniques no chakra is needed, it has already been infused before the scrolls are placed into the device!

12 His Kenjutsu Skills Are Far Better


If you don't already know, Kenjutsu is a technique that involves fighting while also using swords. Later on in the anime, Naruto has been shown to develop his Kenjutsu skills and use them more. Boruto, however, has blossomed in this field, due to his training with Sasuke leading to it becoming his preferred style of fighting.

Cloud Strife better watch his back, a new sword is in town!

He has even wielded half of Hiramekarei one of the famous swords connected to the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. When the sword is put together the two blades form a huge video game looking weapon that is seriously cool.

11 He Has Mastered A Water Technique


Although he can be stubborn and seen to be a bit of a brat at times Boruto takes studying and training very seriously. This has meant that he has grown and matured which has lead to the development of new techniques that his father does not have. You guessed it, another element! This one is called The Water Release: Surging Sea.

So far this technique has only been seen in the manga.

This technique involves Boruto using chakra from his stomach region and converting it, resulting in a powerful water stream coming from his mouth. He is a walking, talking ninja waterfall.

10 He Has Access To Kama


Kama, if you don’t already know is a diamond-shaped seal on the user's palm which from what we have seen from the series so far allows the user to absorb a ninjutsu. This power has been looked at it a lot of detail within the Boruto series.

This is a very rare and exciting power for him to have!

Boruto is one of the chosen individuals who possess this seal on his palm, something that Naruto never had. This brings an exciting element to the series due to not many ninjas having this ability. I wonder what is in store in the future surrounding this mysterious power.

9 He Has Developed His Rasengan Skills


This is another new attack technique that Boruto has mastered and developed to fit his own strengths. This Rasengan attack allows him to vanish right before his opponents' eyes! He creates a Rasengan and adds his Wind Release technique which causes it to disappear from sight.

This could be seen to be his most powerful technique that he has!

Although it has vanished the Rasengan is still hurtling towards his opponent, they have been tricked into thinking his attack has failed. Although Naruto can use Rasengan attacks they are nowhere near as powerful as the ones Boruto can achieve.

8 He Has Mastered Another Wind Release Technique


Deriving from his Boruto Stream technique this attack is far more powerful and damaging to an opponent. By clapping his hands together and compressing wind this transforms into a powerful gale which can then be launched towards enemies, blowing them off their feet.

This attack is three times more powerful than a normal weapon attack!

This wind release technique that he has developed is strong on its own however Boruto has combined this attack with projectile style weapons such as a Kunai. The throwing speed of this weapon is accelerated by the wind surrounding it causing the attack to potentially kill his foe.

7 He Can Use Gentle Fist Attack

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Now, this is a topic that will probably cause some debate. Yes, Boruto can use Gentle Fist attack but heres the catch, he can’t use it at it’s full ability because he does not have Byakugan.

This attack is used by the Hyūga clan.

The move is extremely dangerous and powerful due to Chakra attacking the Pathway System which can leave the opponent with internal organ damage. In order for this move to be used Boruto has to inject chakra into his foes system, this can be done with a light tap or hit, hence why the move is called Gentle Fist.

6 Master Of Shurikenjutsu

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This technique has been seen lots within the anime series, however, our main guy Naruto struggled to master or utilize it. Shurikenjutsu is an ability which manipulates small weapons at the users will.

This technique is usually practiced by all Shinobi within the series.

Boruto, on the other hand, has shone in this area, he is able to control and direct small weapons in order to hit targets exactly where he wants to. Being able to control weapons with your mind power? This is, in my opinion, one of his coolest techniques that he has that Naruto never managed to control.

5 He Has Mastered More Chakras Than Naruto

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This may already be obvious due to the fact that I have previously mentioned all of the elemental techniques that Boruto has been able to master. However, it is important to note that Naruto mainly specialises in Wind Release moves and fighting styles, compared to Boruto who can has mastered Wind, Water, Lighting.

I think he’s just showing off at this point!

This is an exciting concept because it means that Boruto could potentially learn to master even more chakras in the episodes to come. His ability to full apply himself to learning these new elemental techniques has defiantly paid off.

4 He Can Create Shadow Clones


The “like father like son” mantra doesn’t come into play here unfortunately; Naruto was one of the worst students at the Academy with Boruto being one of the best. From an early age, Boruto was able to form not just one shadow clone but an impressive four at the same time.

Two is a couple, three is a crowd, four is…?

Compared to his father who at his age couldn’t even master one good looking clone, how embarrassing! Adding to this Naruto didn’t study to achieve this skill he simply looked at it in the Scroll of Seals that he stole!

3 He Has Been Trained By Two Of The Strongest Ninjas


We have seen from his appearances in the anime so far that it is clear that Boruto will become an extremely strong ninja when he is older. This is mainly due to his heritage. He is a direct descendent from Naruto.

This is also due to him not only being trained by Naruto (the strongest ninja and Hokage of all time) but also being trained by the one and only Sasuke and also Kakashi.

He defiantly had a strong head start when it came to training which has resulted in him becoming extremely powerful even at his young age.

2 He’s Less Mature Than His Dad Was

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Maturity and Naruto aren’t two things that you think of putting together. He always acted out as a kid because he was frustrated with himself and his skills regarding becoming a ninja. Boruto on the other hand has no self-awareness at all. This has meant that Boruto has become more stubborn and headstrong which has assisted him in his learning. 

This effects how they both learnt and developed their skills at the academy. Sure Boruto has more friends and is “cooler” at school than his dad was, but Naruto knew how to behave and act. 

For example, Boruto crashed a train which could have ended hundreds of people and seems to show no remorse… Maybe he just has some emotional issues?

1 The Prideful Father And The Arrogant Son

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As we all know Naruto spent most of his early life feeling inadequate but still kept his pride, which lead to Hinata calling him the “proud failure.” He is always aware of his faults which motivated him to prove himself even more. Boruto on the other hand has grown up being surrounded by praise with lack of discipline from his parents.

His arrogance has allowed him to become successful in a different way.

You could say he is arrogant which has lead to him learning his skills and techniques in a different way, so yes he is a little bit more of a brat but this has resulted in him to learn more skills and techniques that his dad can’t do.

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