More Like Nonja: 22 Ridiculous Facts About Hinata From Naruto

There are a lot of mysterious facts about Hinata's life in Naruto, some of them are, frankly, ridiculous.

Some things in the beloved ninja world of Naruto are quite strange. The extensive cast of characters is just one of those things, Hinata being one of them, whether or not you prefer the anime or manga. No matter if you are a fan of this series or any of its spin-offs. In the shonen world of power levels, not everything has to make sense, and nothing is fair.  Unless you happen to be the main character, then your odds are generally looking pretty good. Spoilers ahead for anyone not caught up on this mega hit series, you may want to avert your gaze.

Hinata is a fairly powerful opponent in the world of Naruto, but her odds at success are not always so good. When an anime or manga character, especially those of longtime running series, is created as a side character, there are many obstacles they must overcome if they wish to escape the series alive. Many characters do not make it out of the franchise in one piece. It takes an especially strong character to make it through to the end. Unless you get forgotten, then you would also be likely to survive the perilous world of shonen.

Hinata is one of the lucky ones, not only did she start as a side character and worked her way up from the very bottom, she ended up getting together with everyone's favorite trouble making ninja, Naruto. Not only did Hinata survive her time in the franchise, but she made it out on top. Though many Sakura fans are still angry about this fact, it is simly the way things ended up — there's no arguing the point. Still, there are a number of facts about Hinata that are still kept largely secret (and many of the are outright ridiculous). Here's a list of fascinating facts about Hinata from Naruto.

22 Secretly The Strongest Of The Clan


Starting out, Hinata was coy, and despite her father's best efforts, and her laborous training. She was not very strong, losing to her little sister. But as the series progressed, so did Hinata. By the end, she was quite possibly the most powerful member of the Hyuuga clan. A gentle fist goes a long way — so does Hinata.

Despite being such a timid girl, she's possibly one of the strongest of the Hyuuga clan.

Hinata went on to create her own Jutsu. And being the princess of the Hyuuga clan, Hinata possesses the Byakugan. Allowing her to see Chakra, she can knock an enemy out in a single hit, striking their tenketsu. In addition, she can strike an enemy from a distance, using the Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm Jutsu. Hinata is a user of the Gentle Step Twin Lions Fist technique, as well as a more new and improved version she pioneered. The Eight Trigrams Twin Lions Crumbling Attack is used to destroy the Tenseigan. In the anime, she can make projectiles out of water at high pressures, using her Chakra control, with her Byakugan, she has incredible accuracy with these needles, enabling her to slice through very small targets, such as insects.

21 She Was Taken Again Her Will ... At First


During The Last: Naruto the Movie, Toneri Ootsutsuki attempts to take Hinata back with him to the moon where he lives alone. So obviously he's a bit of a stalker and a creep — not mention being something of an alien as well. However, Naruto steps in and saves her. Hinata's little sister Hanabi then gets captured by Toneri instead, and later, Hinata is successfully taken by Toneri anyway. All this despite Naruto's best of efforts. Hinata opts to play along with it, as Toneri hatched an evil plan to destroy the ninja world we all know and (hopefully).

Although technically you could very well say Hinata came with Toneri willingly, it was only an effort to prevent him from harming anyone else. Ultimately, he ends up knocking her out anyway after taking out Naruto when he had tried to pursue the two. Here, Hinata protested against Toneri's actions. Not much of a gentleman, is he? In fact, he's not any more than a jealous creep, And Hinata certainly deserves better than this. Besides, the moon is pretty to look at from down on earth, but it's not a very viable place to stay at.

20 Six Year Crush Burns Hot


The pair don't stop with The Last: Naruto the Movie, they eventually get married. It takes awhile, but Hinata and Naruto finally get together. Still, only after years of pining on Hinata's end. As she had liked him since they were around twelve years of age. Of course, Naruto thought she was just weird at first, but that changed when they got to know each other a little better. The two have always been on fairly good terms, cheering each other on in the Chunin exams.

She has had a crush on Naruto for at least six years before they finally get together. Naruto is what kept her going.

Unfortunately for Hinata, she is quite shy, while Naruto is quite oblivious, So it is no wonder the two never got together sooner rather than later. But as they say, You don't know what you've got until it is gone. Naruto did not seem to know, only realizing what he could have had with Hinata when she gets together with another man, and wondering if she even likes him anymore. Not to worry for Naruto though, Hinata's feelings for him didn't waver one bit. And it's not much of a surprise either. Toneri is a bit too creepy, and maybe a bit too forceful, to make a good partner for her.

19 An Unwanted Relationship


Although Hinata technically accepted Toneri's proposal, it wasn't of free will, She only did this to save those she loved, and he had already captured her little sister. That's not a cool thing to do (obviously).

There are better ways to go about asking a girl to marry you.

When Hinata was only a small child, Toneri and his father were already visiting earth. Tired of their puppet servants at home, Toneri wanted to have real friends. (I have a feeling he might not like Sasori very much). The two would spy with their little eyes something called the Hyūga clan. Toneri's father, seeing Hinata, decided he and Toneri would return in ten years time, to make Hinata Toneri's wife. Flash forward to the main events of The Last: Naruto the Movie, Toneri tried to take Hinata with him, to which she even agrees to. Still, we know how that story goes, since he wasn't exactly the nicest guy to be with. Despite accepting his marriage proposal, Toneri's plan is thwarted by the end of the movie, and Hinata and Naruto finally get to share a kiss.

18 Two Children... Finally.


Hinata may have a little bit of an odd 'family tradition' going on here, her grandparents had twins, Hiashi and Hizashi. Hiashi, Hinata's father, went on to have Hinata and Hanabi, while Hinata had Boruto and Himawari. Okay, maybe it is not anything strange at all — it makes sense for any nobility to have more than one child, as a sort of insurance. That being said, this one seems a little bit over-the-top. Nothing wrong with having just two kids, of course, but maybe there is something else afoot, It wouldn't exactly be beyond the Hyuuga clan to be cursed, and they certainly seem to like having a certain curse on the branch members of the clan. So maybe it is not so far after all?

But who knows, the Boruto series may change things further down the line, assuming both Hinata and Naruto live long enough, maybe they could have another child and break this silly tradition, if it really even is one at all. But only time will tell, and Hanabi is likely to become the next head of the clan, it's quite possible she will only have two children ... continuing the family drama around who gets to be the next head of the Hyuuga family.

17 True Power: Long Distance Sight


By the end of the series, with her Byakugan, Hinata can see up to a bit over 12 miles, or, 20 kilometers. As well as seeing through objects. she also has the ability to see chakra, Hinata can also use it to see a near to perfect 360-degree field of view around her. Of course, this makes her a very scary mom to have for Boruto and Himawari, though mostly Boruto, as he is the one usually getting into trouble. Though she won't be seeing that much when her Byakugan is not activated, so maybe he is safe for much of the time anyway. Because the Byakugan can see the chakra of others, it can also detect an illusion. You gotta watch out for the quiet ones.

In the anime adaptation, the Byakugan is a kind of infrared vision as well, being able to detect others by their body heat.

Moreover, if the user is powerful enough with it, they can see through another beings' feelings or even their thoughts. Though it's unclear if Hinata is capable of this at any point in the series. If she were, she is more the type to keep such things to herself, but Boruto still better watch out.

16 She Has No Confidence Until Her Adulthood


Naruto had inspired Hinata to be become more confident in herself, as he too had been an underdog when the two were kids, but Naruto never gave up and he never backed down. Of course, this mostly just got him into trouble at the time. Hinata recognized his feelings as something she shared with him, wanting to be loved, to be noticed and admired. But Naruto was a fighter, and so she adopted his Nindo, his ninja way.

Hinata's favorite phrase is "self-confidence" something she has struggled with throughout her childhood and teenage years.

After she fought Neji in the chunin exams, Hinata would wonder if she had even changed at all, she wanted to become confident in herself, to show her family she was capable, but she had been easily defeated by Neji. However, just like the boy that had inspired her —and had even cheered her on— she did not give up and fought until the very end when the Jonin present had to step in and stop the fight. Realistically, she did her best. By the time of the Fourth Shinobi World War, she has improved greatly, becoming a top player on the Konohagakure side.

15 Lack Of Screen Time


Despite being a part of the Naruto cast from the early days, Hinata isn't featured very often, not until the spin-off series, Boruto. Though her popularity easily beats that of Sakura's. A gag episode in the anime played off this, where Sakura is a bit heated that Hinata is more popular than her in the series. It's all in fun of course, and not considered canon.

In the anime, Hinata is featured more through the anime-only episodes, also know as fillers. Some of you love them, some of you hate them, but you can't argue they try to give the poor neglected characters some more of the limelight than they would have gotten in just the original series. For Hinata, she's been in the series since the early days of Naruto. The series began in 1999 and concluded in 2014. That's fifteen years and Hinata, as well as many of the other characters who lived to tell the tale, were a bit spotty, to say the least, in their amount of screen time given during the original series run. Luckily for best girl Hinata, she married the main character, Naruto, after the movie The Last: Naruto the Movie and was quite prevalent in the movie as well. Today, Hinata is a recurring character in the Boruto series as well.

14 Be Careful Who You Trust


When she was just a child the head ninja of Kumogakure attempted to have her captured. Luckily for little Hinata, Daddy was there to save the day! Offing the head ninja of the hidden cloud village, Hiashi saved his daughter from this stranger danger disaster.

As a child, she was nearly captured by the then head ninja of Kumogakure, a common theme in Hinata's life.

As the princess of the Hyuuga clan, Hinata has had to have a bodyguard. After this situation, it's no surprise, though she is more often seen without her bodyguard then with him. Ko Hyuuga, the ninja responsible for Hinata when she is not busy with her ninja duties, cared a lot for Hinata, And it's no surprise Hiashi wants to have a bodyguard for his daughter. Even if she has been a bit of a disappointment to him, he still cares for and values his daughter — although this can be hard to tell sometimes. In the anime, ninja from the cloud village try to capture her again, only Neji saves her this time. Not to mention Toneri's wild attempts to marry her. Hinata has had it a bit rough.

13 Not So Popular


Love her or hate her, among fans, Hinata is rated as the favourite of the female cast of characters in the original series. However, in the story, she's not as popular as you would think she would be. Even as a very pretty girl from a noble family

Not as popular as she should have been.

During the early days of the ninja academy, Hinata did not have friends like much of the other characters. At least until her sister takes the number one spot, Hinata should have been popular with the kids at the academy. Still, it's a weird situtation, because somehow no one sees Naruto as an Uzumaki, and they certainly don't see him as the son of the fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. A lot of their relationships don't make much sense. Everyone —though especially the girls— seems a little bit too busy fawning over Sasuke instead. And come on, Sasuke is pretty ridiculous himself, especially that hairstyle and his ramblings about becoming one of The Avengers despite his villainous actions. Okay, Maybe he wasn't talking about being one of those Avengers, either way, his popularity might be a bit more undeserved.

12 Birds Of A Feather


As children, Hinata and Naruto both had a very rough childhood, in large part because they both came from renowned families — though Naruto did not know this at the time. Eventually, Naruto did figure out who his parents were, but this was after they were kids. The both of them were outcasts in a sense. Though Naruto, because of the Nine-Tailed Fox inside him, made the parents of the other children fear him. Hinata, however, was more or less outcast by her own family. Although not entirely, her father certainly did lose faith in her abilities — which cannot have been easy for the young woman.

Hinata and Naruto are more similar than they might seem.

Before the days of being in teams, Hinata and Naruto were both lonely kids, not having friends like many of the other ninja-to-be children had. Naruto did not have any family at all — which makes us wonder how he really managed to survive at all, seeing as Iruka did not seem to treat him to ramen all too often. It's hard to know who even raised him at all. And Hinata did not have the best of relationships with much of her family members, As previously stated before. The Hyuuga family is kind of a competitive playground, and Hinata is not much of a competitive player at all, certainly not in the very beginning of the series.

11 Doesn't Care For The Cool Boy


She is the only girl that did not like the cool and mysterious type of boy, Sasuke.

During the early school days, it seems just about every girl of the same age in the known ninja world had a giant crush on Sasuke. Okay, maybe it was not always a giant one. But most girls seemed to be attracted to him, even Temari upon meeting him thought he was just the best. Hinata, however, was not interested in Sasuke at all. After all, Bullies are not really her type at all, And Sasuke certainly is not far from being just that, a bully. Though, just because Hinata may not LIKE Sasuke (she would never stoop to his level), she would still show kindness to him. After the death of his family, Hinata gave her own lunch to him out of the kindness of her heart, and action that would likely make girls like Ino or even Saukra, jealous. But Hinata was never intending to go after him at all. Nicer ones were always more of her type from the beginning, after all. Despite her fathers mistaking kindness for weakness in her. It was most certainly a strength in her beloved Naruto.

10 Inherited Power


Hamura Ootsutsuki was the ancestor of the Hyuuga clan. Though he and the Ootsutsuki had gone to the moon, Hamura had long since passed away, his spirit visited Hinata in a time of need. Hinata —being a descendant of Hamura— was able to receive a chakra from him, one capable of putting a stop to what that fool Toneri Ōtsutsuki was about to do. However, Hamura and his twin brother Hagoromo are also the sons of Kaguya, if you do not remember her, she's a big bad lady that ate the sacred fruit of the god tree and obtained some awesome god-like powers. Oh, and she's responsible for the Ten-Tails —  they were the first to wield chakra, the sages of the six paths. It is unknown just how much power Hinata gained from this, but she is not a lady you would want to mess with, regardless.

Luckily enough, Hamura's faith in Hinata was not misplaced, and she and her dearest Naruto successfully stop Toneri and his wicked plans of destroying all they know and love.

Looks like old Hamura had to end up siding with the Hyuuga side of the family rather than the Ōtsutsuki. It's all for the greater good.

9 Should Have Been The Heroine


Many who worked with Kishimoto on the original manga stated that Hinata, rather than Sakura, would have made a better heroine. Though arguably this is entirely an opinion, and you can decide where you would stand by that statement. But it is good to keep in mind that the people working on the manga with an author can be heavily involved in the process as well. Kishimoto himself had wanted Hinata to play a bigger role in the series at some point for sure as well. And it's hard to argue that it would not have been interesting to see how it might would have played out had she played a bigger role from the beginning, and not just in a few fillers of anime. Though her relationship with Naruto surely would have developed a lot faster.

It would be difficult for even Naruto to not see Hinata as 'The One.'

The fans of the NaruHina ship surely would have rejoiced if we got to see the two around each other more, and maybe Naruto would have someone to kind of lean on when he may have needed that. The two are quite the power couple after all, who knows what they would have faced if they had done it together.

8 Never Wanted To Be A Ninja


During his own graduation exams, Boruto asks Hinata why she became a ninja. Her response seems more or less like it was never something she herself really wanted for herself, but rather something her family had her do. Considering the training her father put her through, this is not very surprising, of course, he would want her to be a ninja, as much of the clan were of that occupation. As well as wanting her to grow stronger, possibly hoping then she could reclaim the position as an heiress. Of course, many fans are thankful she did, in fact, become a ninja, Or she may not have really had a role in the series at all. She certainly may have never met Naruto. Though, it seems she enjoys the role of a mother and a housewife in the Boruto series, and there is nothing wrong with her liking that role. When the series begins, the state of the world has dramatically changed, and there has not been such a great need for her to be a ninja like in the good old days. Naruto could definitely take a page out of Hinata's book and spend some more time with the family.

7 Former Heiress


Hinata is the former heiress of the Hyuuga clan. Being Hiashi's firstborn, Hinata was the heiress of the Hyuuga clan, however, her father later changed his mind and gave inheritance to her younger sister, Hanabi. He did this because Hinata wasn't showing much of any promise as a future leader. He considered her kindness to be a sign of weakness, and Hinata herself certainly didn't seem to want the position all too much. Obviously not wanting to fight her little sister either.

After all, not having that kind of responsibility doesn't harm Hinata in the slightest. Though we can all only hope her father does not change his mind about Hinata's position in the family during the run of the Boruto series. As Hinata has married Naruto, the new Hokage. Boruto would not appreciate how busy both of his parents would be if something were to happen that would make Hinata the next head of the Hyuuga family. As anyone who has watched any of the series must know by now, Boruto is quite salty about his father's lack of time, and especially when he just sends Shadow Clones home, rather than coming home himself. Come on Naruto! You can do better than that.

6 Rematch


Hinata wishes for a rematch with her cousin Neji, and for a matchup against her father, Hiashi. Though she will never be able to have a rematch with Neji, it would have been cool to see the two go at it after the years of training. Considering this is one of her wishes, I think it is safe to say Hinata has obtained the self-esteem she had previously been lacking. It is hard to say who would win, Hinata or Neji? Hinata or Hiashi? But my bet is on Hinata, she has come a long way and I think she would definitely show that. If Naruto and other main characters of anime can win a battle out of pure determination alone, I am almost certain Hinata could pull off a win.

Her husband Naruto would certainly be cheering her on, once again. 

Considering the possibility of her having remaining power from Hamura, Neji might roll over in his grave at the thought of facing her in combat. Hiashi should just be careful, he is getting old after all, certainly would not want to be hit by the force of Hinata's legendary palms, Though unlike Sakura, Hinata has more of a gentle fist.

5 Naming Conventions


As well as generations of having just two kids, the Hyuga family also has some strange naming idea.  Though it is a step up from naming their children things like Hyuuga Hyuuga, or even Hinata Jr, they do have a certain repetition about them, and some of their ideas may not be all too far from that idea at all. What is in a name of the Hyuuga?

Hinata's name means "Place in the sun" and can be written using the same kanji as her family name, Hyuuga.

Though her name is also referred to as "Pure white lily" in Naruto: The Official Character Databook. After the fourth shinobi war, Hinata places white lilies on her cousin, Neji's grave. While in the new era, her daughter Himawari places sunflowers on Neji's grave, Himawari means "sunflower" Hyuuga also means "Place in the sun" just like Hinata's name. While her father's name means daytime. Maybe they are a little bit obsessed with the sun — guess the Hyuuga family and the Ootsutsuki family really are like the sun and the moon. Though it is a good thing the Hyuuga clan does not reside on the sun. They might not last very long up there.

4 Bad Blood


In the Naruto universe, some bad blood in a family, especially those in a powerful ninja clan, can be commonplace, though the Hyuuga clan does not seem to have as big problems as the Uchiha typically do. There are more of them living, for one, and ending each other is not such a big issue in this clan. Still, it is far from perfect. All of their issues can most likely be traced all the way back to Kaguy. For Hinata, this manifests as a bad relationship with much of her family, including her father's rough training, and having to live a rather strict lifestyle outside of her ninja business.  Hiashi pitched Hinata versus her sister Hanabi, and that was not good for their relationship either. Neji certainly did not go easy on Hinata when they were children in the chunin exams. Had the fight not been stopped, Hinata may have even died. Later on in the story, her relationships with all of her family improve, she becomes a strong ninja which makes her father proud, and she's able to bury the hatchet with her cousin and little sister as well. Doesn't stop her son from having a few issues with his father, but that's more normal.

3 Won't Back Down


During the chunin exams, Hinata is up against Neji. Though Neji over powers her fairly easily, Hinata does not back down. Continuing to try and fight until the jonin had to step in to stop the fight. Neji is the winner, but Hinata is quite the fighter, even at just twelve years old. Naruto is what fuels much of Hinata's determination to never give up. And she never steps aside.

When Naruto is in danger and Konohagakure in ruins, Hinata steps in to save Naruto from Pain, despite everyone telling her to just run for her life. She never steps away, fighting until the end, and even plucking up the courage to confess her feelings for the title character, Naruto. Though, once again Hinata is pushed to the sidelines as soon as she has her moment to shine, not lasting a very long time against Pain, she did her best. Believing her to be dead, Naruto goes on a bit of a rampage, and he saves the village in turn. Of course, a lot of the village really did perish. They come back in the end, when Pain has a change of heart.

2 Red Thread Of Fate


Kishimoto has stated that had he planned for the two to be together since around the middle of the original series, Hinata knit a red scarf for Naruto when they were children. As a young adult, she knits him a new one, the scarf represents the "red thread of fate" though when she sees him already wearing a scarf, she feels disheartened. Maybe Naruto should have remembered the scarf she gave him years before, and understood its meaning then. After all, he knows all about the said red thread of fate, from his parents. It was meant to be.

Maybe recognizing a scarf as a red thread of fate when you are only a child is a bit silly, but Naruto would do better to pick up on omens ... Or just Hinata's rather obvious crush on him. A good thing for the pair, Naruto gets a lick of sense and some romance skills by the end of it all, at least. After all that, Hinata and Naruto finally start dating, and then get married and have children. To think, they could have lost all of that thanks to Toneri, who even asked Hinata to make him a scarf, but fate isn't altered so easily.

1 A Great Cook


Hinata has become a most wonderful cook over the years, though she's been cooking at home for years when she was younger, and her favorite things to eat are zenzai, which is a sweet red bean soup with dango or baked mochi as a sort of dumplings in the soup. She is also known for liking cinnamon rolls, which we have all heard of, and can agree are delicious. While she dislikes dishes with crab or shrimp, she was dubbed the "Legendary Queen of Gluttony" (exclusively in the anime) at Ichiraku Ramen after eating a record-breaking amount of 46 bowls of Naruto's most beloved dish, ramen. Ironically her husbands own name comes from "Narutomaki" which is commonly used as a topping on many ramen dishes. Of course Hinata can cook much more than just ramen, which I'm sure she can cook that quite well. Obviously, her skills have improved dramatically having to cook for her family so often. Although the whole family is not there a lot of time, as Naruto is always away (busy with Hokage business). He does, however, get to have lunch taken to him at work, made by his wife, Hinata.

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