Naruto: 30 Crazy Techniques Hinata Has That Are Kept Hidden

Naruto — a show that is embedded in the memories of the majority of people who were lucky enough to watch this show in its heyday. The adventures of Naruto and Sasuke have been seared in the minds of people who still haven't got over the fact that the series has ended. While the story of this ninja world is being carried over in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, it still hurts to think that the main series has actually ended. However, instead of looking at the negative, it's time we cherish the bevy of characters present in the series and the subtlest of ways in which they affected our lives. The Chūnin Exam arc was perhaps a defining story moment that established some of the major characters in the series that would play a pivotal role in the series over time.

However, when one talks about some of the most developed characters in Naruto — whether physical or emotional in nature — one particular character that never seems to be a part of the conversation is Hinata. This is somewhat unfair, especially since Hinata is definitely one of the more memorable characters in the series, who actually grows substantially over time in a myriad of subtle ways. And that's just taking her emotional development into question — her prowess in improving her abilities is also something that should be taken into account, since there are a number of powers she sports that isn't exactly put out in the open. So, we're here to remove the covers from these powers and talk about 30 of Hinata's hidden abilities in Naruto that you're probably not aware of.

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30 Her Protective Skills Became The Stuff Of Legends

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As Hinata's skills grew over time, she developed a host of protective skills that became somewhat famous in the ninja world. Of course, her marriage to the Hokage certainly helped in this regard.

She pioneered several unique protective jutsu.

In fact, Hinata's name became a common trope across Konohagakure when one talked about these protective abilities. Of course, there's a reason why she was able to develop such impressive abilities.

29 She Has Excellent Chakra Control

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The mark of any successful ninja is proper chakra control. This requires years upon years of training to control the flow of chakra in one's body, to the point where it becomes second-nature.

This is exactly what Hinata was able to accomplish.

Everyone talks about Naruto and Sasuke when the topic of chakra control comes up, but failing to talk about Hinata in this regard is honestly a grave oversight to make. After all, her chakra control is also excellent as well.

28 The Strength And Purity Of Her Chakra Attracts Toneri Otsutsuki

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In fact, it must be said that Hinata has perhaps the purest chakra in Naruto. Sasuke's chakra had been marred by Orochimaru, while Naruto's chakra had been fused with the tailed beast. Hinata's innocent, unassuming nature reflected in her chakra.

This was noticed by a certain Toneri Ōtsutsuki as well.

In fact, Toneri didn't just notice Hinata's chakra — he was straight up obsessed by it. This reached a point where he ended up taking Hinata to ask for her hand in marriage.

Romantic, innit?

27 Hamura Transferred His Chakra To Hinata, Giving Her Even More Power

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The Last: Naruto The Movie spent a lot of time focusing on the budding relationship between Hinata and Naruto, helping both characters nail down their feelings and profess their love to each other. Oh, and it also developed Hinata's powers to a substantial extent.

For instance, a great way to illustrate this point would be to talk about the sheer fact that freakin' Hamura Ōtsutsuki's spirit visited her. Why, you ask? To provide Hinata with his chakra to help Hinata access a whole new level of power, unlike anything she'd ever experienced before.

26 Hinata's Chakra Changes From Blue To Purple After This Absorption

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Obtaining Hamuro's chakra helped Hinata break the bonds imposed by her own power levels and access a whole new level of epicness. There are many things that she was able to accomplish after this fusion, which we'll cover in subsequent pointers.

The first thing that we'll talk about is an aesthetic change — namely, the fact that the hue of her chakra changed from the classic blue to a royal purple. It's a small change that signified the sheer display that we were about to witness.

25 She Is Also Uniquely Able To Destroy The Tenseigan After Absorbing Hamura's Chakra

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The Tenseigan is a unique eye-ability that's introduced — and subsequently scrapped — in The Last: Naruto The Movie. However, it must be said that the sheer power enabled by this eye technique is quite impressive, to say the least.

Thus, destroying this technique became imperative for Naruto and Hinata if they wished to ensure the survival of the entire Earth. Thankfully, with the new power Hinata had, she and Naruto were able to combine their powers to take care of the Tenseigan once and for all.

24 It Allows Her To Replenish Naruto's Tremendous Chakra Reserves Instantly

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The vast increase in chakra experienced by absorbing Hamura's chakra meant that Hinata was able to accomplish a number of seemingly impossible feats. We've already discussed most of these applications above, but perhaps the most impossible of them all has to be the fact that she could replenish Naruto's chakra reserves!

Keep in mind that Naruto's chakra pool is so massive that a dedicated Sakura took almost three days to accomplish the same, following which she was completely exhausted. Meanwhile, Hinata was able to do this instantly without even breaking a sweat.

23 Hinata’s Byakugan Granted Her Penetrative Vision In A Near-360° Field Around Herself

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It's impossible to talk about Hinata's abilities and not mention the long-running eye technique that's a staple of the Hyūga clan. Of course, any Naruto fan knows that we're talking about the Byakugan, a dōjutsu that was actually more powerful than the Sharingan, even though the latter was more extensively shown in the series.

There are many ways in which the Byakugan would aid the wielder, whether in combat or otherwise. Perhaps the most useful benefit of this technique was the fact that the user was granted near-360° vision.

22 Her Byakugan Has A Range Of 20 Kilometres

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It might seem that Hinata's Byakugan might not be as powerful as some of the other members of the Hyūga clan. However, get this wrong assumption out of your head — the fact of the matter is that Hinata's no slouch when it comes to using her Byakugan.

The fact that she can see a whopping twenty kilometers around her should be proof enough of just how adept she was at using this particular dōjutsu.

And we haven't even skimmed the surface of what she's capable of.

21 Hinata's Byakugan Allows Her To Attack With Pinpoint Accuracy

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One of the major benefits of the Byakugan that makes it such a potent dōjutsu is the fact that the user can attack with pinpoint accuracy. This allowed Hinata to analyze her opponent and figure out the best course of action that could be taken to make up for her lack of physicality.

Thus, by gauging where exactly the weak points of her adversary were located, Hinata could take advantage of this and land some incredibly damaging blows.

20 She Can Share This Ability With Others To Improve Their Accuracy Too

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The best about Hinata's analytical approach with the Byakugan was that she could spread her aura around the battlefield and provide her team members with the same benefits as well, albeit in a somewhat diluted manner.

Of course, the ability can be used to its highest potential when used in tandem with other users of the Byakugan. However, non-Byakugan users could also enjoy the benefit of a more accurate offense.

19 She Can Use The Byakugan To Identify Genjutsu

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Another excellent power that the Byakugan provided was a way to identify genjutsu. This turned Hinata and other members of the Hyūga clan into reliable all-rounders, excelling in both espionage and combat.

There are several instances in the series when Hinata is able to identify or dispel and genjutsu that might've put her comrades in a tough spot. It's truly amazing how just one dōjutsu can turn a character into an incredibly versatile ninja.

18 In The Anime, Hinata's Byakugan Could Use Infrared Vision And Magnification

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But of course, the anime obviously has to take this one step too far.

Any devout Naruto fan knows for a fact that the fillers present in the anime series were absolutely dreaded amongst the masses. Featuring cookie-cutter stories and villains with little to no depth, these fillers included various non-canon abilities that simply should not have been possible.

For example, the anime added another ability to Hinata's Byakugan — she could zoom in through her eyes and use infrared vision to identify targets as well.

What does that even make her — a freakin' camera?

17 By Adulthood, She Could Sense The Slightest Hint Of Chakra

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As Hinata constantly honed her abilities over time, she was able to perfect the application of the Byakugan to the point where she became nothing short of a master when it came to this particular technique.

In fact, during the time skip between Naruto Shippuden and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Hinata is able to hone her expertise with the Byakugan to the point where she could detect even the smallest chakra level with the greatest of ease.

16 Hinata Is Able To See A Person’s Chakra Structure

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Remember when we said that the Byakugan was more powerful than the Sharingan? Well, the reason for this is that while the Sharingan is a great technique to read an opponent's movements, the Byakugan straight-up provides its user with a more analytical view of their surroundings and almost completely negates any blind spots.

It also provides an X-ray vision of sorts, allowing individuals to peruse the chakra system — called tenketsu — of an individual and pinpoint a weakness which can be attacked to affect the flow of chakra itself.

15 Hinata Can Block An Opponent's Chakra System With The Gentle Fist Fighting Style

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There are many fighting forms enabled through the use of the Byakugan. The first form of fighting that we'll talk about is the Gentle Fist Fighting Style, which can be used for amazing results. Don't be fooled by the name — this style of fighting can be quite lethal if used correctly.

Basically, after analyzing the tenketsu of the opponent, the Gentle Fist Fighting Technique uses calculated attacks at these pressure points to disrupt the flow of chakra, if not block it altogether. It's an excellent technique, with a whole host of applications.

14 This Ability Can Also Be Used For Healing Purposes

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This is the part where the Gentle Fist Fighting Technique actually fits by the name — well, that is, if you ignore the Fighting Technique. Members of the Hyūga clan can use this technique to not just block chakra, but also remove any blockages also.

This makes sense if you think of it like acupuncture — by targeting certain pressure points, the Gentle Fist Technique can be used to remedy the damage and restore the flow of chakra to the entire body. This will ensure that any ninja in need of medical aid will replenish his or her chakra without too much effort.

13 Hinata’s Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists Technique Can Drain A Target’s Chakra

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This is a technique that has become iconic, and namely because of Hinata's frequent use of this technique. It's an excellent use of the Byakugan and its fighting style to form a technique that not only blocks chakra flow, but absorbs it as well.

The Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists Technique honestly looks pretty cool, and is highly effective to boot. Any adversary that faces Hinata needs to be wary of this powerful technique since it is honestly quite damaging.

12 Hinata’s Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm Lets Her Attack Targets At Range And Deflect Incoming Attacks

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The Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm Technique is another aspect of a Byakugan user that serves as another powerful tool in their arsenal. Instead of an all-encompassing attack that targets multiple pain points, the Vacuum Palm sends one concentrated thrust that forms a vacuum and attacks one particular point.

Not only is this a great way for Hinata to attack opponents that aren't exactly in the range of her attacks, but it also helps deflect any ranged attacks as well.

11 This Technique Could Be Combined With Other Byakugan Users For Greater Effect

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By itself, the Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm Technique already has excellent stopping power. Whipping out this technique in the middle of a fight can completely change the tide of the battle if utilized properly.

However, that's not the only time that this technique can prove to be very useful. In fact, if this particular technique is combined with other members of the Hyūga clan, then the effect of this technique is multiplied. Suddenly, a technique with an admittedly narrow application becomes all the more potent.

10 She Becomes A Master Of The Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms

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Most people should be familiar with the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms Technique — after all, Neji whipped out this technique multiple times during the chūnin exams, which had devastating consequences. However, since Neji was a prodigy that learned this technique at an early age, most people just assumed that Hinata couldn't do the same.

However, these people would certainly need to eat their words. After all, if there's one term that can be used to describe Hinata, it's hardworking. So, it's obvious that she would use the time she had to properly learn and master this technique.

9 She Invented Her Own Technique – The Protecting Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms

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Speaking of hardwork, another aspect of Hinata that we need to address is a constant need to improve at all times. This is a sentiment shared by most of the ninja in the Naruto universe, so it's obvious that Hinata would also pioneer a technique in her unique fashion.

Remember when we talked about how Hinata became the talk of the town because of her excellent protective abilities? Well, the manner in which she molded an established technique to form the Protecting Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms was an indicator of the things to come.

8 As An Adult, She Can Knock Out A Target With A Single Strike To Their Tenketsu

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As her ability with the Byakugan constantly evolved over time, Hinata was able to augment her taijutsu to the extent where she could target pressure points with the highest degree of accuracy, often leading to rather damaging consequences.

In fact, as an adult, all Hinata needs is one brief moment to lay the most painful of smackdowns on a particular individual. With one accurate and forceful strike to an opponent's tenketsu, Hinata can take care of them for good.

7 Her Dedication Was Inspired By Naruto And Even Rivals It At Times

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The reason why Hinata constantly strove to improve her abilities even though she wasn't technically gifted was a need to learn at all times and figure out the best course of action that could be taken to make up for what seemed to be a lack of natural talent.

This mentality was instilled in her from an early age because she idolized Naruto, a ninja that was shunned by society but still strove to improve his abilities as much as possible. This determination seeped into Hinata as well, and there are times when the roles are flipped and she's the one motivating Naruto!

6 Hinata Could Tell The Real Naruto From The Fake Copies

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Just like her very nature itself, Hinata's love for Naruto is as pure as can be. Developing an affection for him from an early age, Hinata's feelings for her childhood crush only grew over time. One might say that she's a character who knew Naruto the most without even being his acquaintance, let alone his friend.

All she needed to do was look into Naruto's eyes to understand whether the figure in front of her was real or a fake. This, coupled with her understanding of how Naruto behaved, meant that she could be trusted to vouch for Naruto's... existence, for lack of a better word.

5 She's Deceptively Smart

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Given Hinata's soft-spoken nature, one might expect her to be timid and not really know about the outside world. Normally, this would lead to a situation where the person would not be intelligent enough to deal with certain real-world situations.

However, this would be doing a grave injustice to Hinata and the time and effort she spent in broadening her horizons. One need only look at the tactical mindset she brings to every encounter to understand exactly how smart she actually is.

4 Given Her Kind Demeanour, Hinata's Kind Of A Prodigy

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Normally, a person who is supposed to be a combatant should ideally have a strong mindset that reflects their grit and determination in battle. Hinata exhibits none of these qualities — she's incredibly shy and prefers to avoid a confrontational situation.

All the signs pointed towards Hinata being nothing more than a pushover who couldn't handle the pressure of battle. And yet, she managed to beat all odds and come out on top as a person who could certainly hold her own in any battle.

3 Hinata Is One Of Kishimoto’s Favourite Characters

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Now, this might be cheating to add this particular entry to the list. However, if the creator enjoys your existence in a world that he's made from scratch, then isn't that perhaps the greatest ability of them all?

In this context, Hinata was certainly in Kishimoto's good books.

He has stated that Hinata is one of his favorite characters in the series, which might be the reason why she ended up with the titular character.

Talk about a powerful ability indeed.

2 She Developed A Strong Sense Of Sacrifice

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Most people remember how Hinata stepped in the heat of battle when Naruto and Pain were duking it out. Chances were that Naruto would've met an early end if she hadn't stepped in and risked her life for Naruto.

This isn't the first time Hinata had placed other people's lives above hers.

During the Fourth Shinobi World War, there's another moment where Hinata throws herself in front of Naruto to save his life from a fatal blow. This blow was ultimately taken by Neji, who passed away in their arms.

1 She Will Always Live In Neji's Shadow

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Speaking of Neji, we need to get one thing clear — it's a statement that we don't enjoy making, but needs to be stated regardless.

If they both were at their peak, Neji would always be a level above Hinata.

After all, Neji was a prodigy who got the short end of the stick simply because his father was a bit late to the party, if you catch the drift. If Neji hadn't passed away, then chances are that he would've been more powerful than Hinata by the time that Boruto: Naruto Next Generations kicked off.

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