25 Ridiculous Mistakes In Naruto Only True Fans Noticed

Naruto is one of the most popular anime to ever exist but it's certainly not exempt from glaring mistakes and animation issues.

Do we really need to speak about the legacy of Naruto, one of the most famous anime series of all time? After all, one doesn't really need to explain what this show is, since even the people with completely barebones knowledge when it comes to anime can attest to the fact that they've at least heard the name of the show, if nothing else. There are simply way too many factors that have turned this long-running shonen series into a fan favorite that is still going strong to this very day... even after the main series ended its run quite a few years back! In fact, the fan demand for the series was so high that the creators finally gave in and greenlit Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, a sequel that continued the tale of the shinobi. While the quality of this sequel might be up for debate, one thing is perfectly clear — the legacy of Naruto simply cannot be tarnished... or can it?

After all, nothing — no matter how good it may be — can never be perfect, and the same applies to Naruto as well. As much as we might dislike to say it, the fact of the matter is that there are several mistakes that the animators of the series have made when it comes to the series at large. Heck, some of these mistakes were made by none other than Masashi Kishimoto himself! So, it's time to unveil the curtain and reveal 25 of the biggest mistakes made in Naruto that fans haven't noticed... yet.

25 In The Infamous Kissing Scene, Naruto's Whiskers Have Disappeared

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The first encounter between Naruto and Sasuke is admittedly quite eventful in every sense of the word, with an ill-timed push leading to what might just be one of the most iconic kisses in anime history... albeit for all the wrong reasons.

Speaking of wrong, did anyone look at Naruto's face?

In the initial cut of the anime, his whiskers have completely disappeared. It's an honest mistake, but it's one that we need to mention nevertheless.

24 Naruto's Whiskers Also Disappear During His Final Battle With Sasuke

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The final battle between Naruto and Sasuke is one of the most amazing visual treats that anyone has ever witnessed in anime history. We say this because the entire encounter is nothing short of a spectacle, for multiple reasons.

However, even this encounter has a few mistakes in the mix.

Namely, there are parts where Naruto's whiskers are not drawn... again. It seems that this small visual detail is something that most animators tend to miss out on when it comes to the protagonist of the series.

23 In Episode 2, The Great Stone Faces Of The Hokage Constantly Change Direction

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The Great Stone Faces Of The Hokage are a legendary aspect of the Leaf Village and for good reason. The obvious allusions to Mount Rushmore are pretty evident, but the fact of the matter is that this monument is iconic for a whole host of reasons other than this.

However, the second episode of the series kinda messes up with this monument.

We say this because there are times when the faces on the monument are pointing at different directions in different scenes. It's a small detail, but a noticeable one nevertheless.

22 During Naruto’s First Shadow Clone Jutsu, The Scroll He Had Disappears Before Reappearing Again

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The first time Naruto pulls off the Shadow Clone Jutsu is nothing short of amazing, showing us exactly how much power this young ninja actually stored in him. It's nothing short of amazing and serves as a prelude to the sheer potential of this upstart.

However, while this scene might be quite amazing, there is a mistake that needs to be pointed out here — the scroll that Naruto stole in the first episode disappears from his hand, before reappearing again in the next scene.

21 Torune's Mask Originally Didn't Obstruct His Eyes

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Torune Aburame is a mysterious character in Naruto. In fact, he's so mysterious that most of you probably don't even remember who he was, to begin with. Well, let us remind you by stating that this man was a high-ranking member of the Anbu faction, Root.

Anyway, the reason why we're bringing this character up is that Kishimoto originally made holes in his mask, akin to a superhero costume. This was revised in later editions that featured him, giving him an altered mask that you can see in the image.

20 The Shukaku Came Out Of Nowhere In Ten-Tails' Vision, Even Though He Didn't Give Any Chakra To Naruto

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In chapter 629 of Naruto, there's a scene where the Ten-Tails sees an image of various tailed beasts surrounding Naruto. This is because these creatures had lent their chakra to the titular protagonist.

However, for some reason, Shukaku is also shown in this image. This is quite perplexing, especially since he played no role in giving Naruto his chakra in any way, shape, or form. Thankfully, this mistake was rectified in future editions.

19 Itachi Reverts To Using The Normal Sharingan, Even Though He Always Used The Mangekyou Sharingan

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The Mangekyou Sharingan is an advanced technique that only a handful of Uchiha have activated. The abilities of this technique are further accentuated if one happens to steal the eyes of another Uchiha, helping them awaken their Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.

Itachi Uchiha is one such individual who managed to unlock this amazing power. However, for some reason, there are times in the manga when he's whipped out a normal Sharingan for no reason whatsoever.

18 Itachi Wearing A Normal Forehead Protector Without A Scratch On It

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The last instance is not the only time that Itachi will be featured on this list. There are several other problems and mistakes that this character has been privy too, and we're going to list out another one of them.

The 142nd chapter of Naruto features a fight between Kakashi and Itachi. During this battle, it seems that Kishimoto goofed up and drew a normal headband for Itachi, instead of the slashed counterpart that's worn by members of the Akatsuki.

17 Kabuto's Glasses Disappear At One Point In The Manga

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Kabuto is one of the weirder characters in Naruto, sporting an iconic pair of glasses that make him all the more distinctive. However, there are times when Kishimoto has forgotten to draw these glasses altogether.

To be more specific, this happened in chapter 521 of the Naruto manga. His glasses disappeared in one panel, but are very much present throughout the rest of the scene.

Small mistakes like these are generally ignored for the most part, but hey — a mistake is a mistake, nevertheless.

16 Hanare's Earring Disappearing In Episode 191

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Oh, look, a filler character! Don't run away now, we promise that we'll keep the mentions of any inconsequential characters to a bare minimum. Anyway, it's time to stop messing around and highlight the mistake made in the anime for the character known as Hanare.

There's a point where Hanare is shown with some clearly distinct purple earrings. However, during this shot, the earrings just disappear at one point, before reappearing again.

Quite weird, innit?

15 When All Five Kage Stand Together For A Major Battle, The Third Raikage's Left Arm Comes Back

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The battle between A, the third Raikage and Sasuke has become the stuff of legends and is easily the highlight of the Five Kage Summit Arc. This fight also features a pretty major occurrence, where the black flames of Amaterasu light the Raikage's left arm on fire, forcing A to cut his arm off before his entire body is engulfed.

However, there's a scene during The Fourth Shinobi World War arc where all the five Kage stand together in an admittedly cool scene... which is somewhat hampered by the fact that the Raikage's arm somehow manages to regenerate specifically for this scene.

14 Sasuke's Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan Was Drawn Wrong

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Remember when we spoke about the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and the goof-up that happened around the same for Itachi? Well, it seems that these errors are a genetic thing since Sasuke has also been privy to an error around his Mangekyou Sharingan as well.

Every single person who's awakened this particular eye technique has a different eye pattern... but in the case of Sasuke, it seems that he's been privy to multiple designs. We say this because there are times when his Eternal Mangekyou has been drawn differently in the manga, only for it to revert back to the original design mere moments later.

13 Kakashi's Scar Disappearing While Talking To Tobi

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One might understandably assume that Kakashi's scar is an iconic aspect of this character, and you know what — this is not even an assumption, it's a fact! So, one would think that Kishimoto would take extra care to not mess up this iconic character trait... but whoo boy, that's where you might be wrong.

We say this because there's a scene where Kakashi is interacting with Tobi (before he's revealed to be Obito) where his scar has mysteriously disappeared! It's quite an irritating mistake, to be honest.

12 Showing The Fourth Hokage In Obito's Flashback Before Minato Was Even Elected

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During Obito's flashback when his entire reason for revenge is brought to the foray, Minato has been shown as the Fourth Hokage on the monument from the get-go. However, this should be impossible since Konoha's Yellow Flash was still a jounin at this point.

He hadn't even been elected as Hokage in the first place, making this showing of Minato's face on The Great Stone Faces Of The Hokage a massive error.

11 Hidan Wears A Konoha Forehead Protector At One Point For Some Reason

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Who still remembers Hidan? He was one of the most interesting antagonists in Naruto, featuring an ability that is — quite frankly — one of the most disturbing abilities in the entire series. However, that is not the point we're trying to make here.

What we're trying to say is that, while Hidan comes from the hidden village of Yugakure... and yet, there's a scene in the manga where he's accidentally wearing a Konoha forehead protector.

10 Orochimaru's Forehead Protector Disappears At One Point

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If you thought that this was the only time when the forehead protector would be goofed up in Naruto, then think again. The fact of the matter is that Kishimoto has messed up this detail several times, and one of the victims has been none other than Orochimaru.

This happens during the flashback scene when Orochimaru's hidden lab is revealed. During this pivotal scene, Kishimoto stupidly forgot to draw Orochimaru's headband in one scene, taking a small bit away from the gravitas of the entire scene.

9 Kakashi's Forehead Protector Changes From The Allied Forces One To Konaha's, Before Changing Back Again

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After the formation of the Allied Forces, a new universal headband is made for the forces so that a sense of unity could be promoted amongst the five villages. However, there's a scene where Kishimoto has messed up the headband... again.

This time, the victim is none other than Kakashi himself — a character who's already fallen victim to Kishimoto's oversights. During certain scenes in the war, Kakashi's headband switches back to the classic Konoha design, before reverting back to the Allied Shinobi design.

8 Naruto's Kyuubi Mode Had Sharp Nails, Which Became Normal In Some Pages

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The first time we bare witness to Naruto's Kyuubi mode is nothing short of a spectacle, featuring a feral design that genuinely left us in shock. While this mode did develop over time to become something totally different and powerful beyond all measure, the initial design is still nothing short of a spectacle.

One of the noticeable physical traits of this transformed Naruto is longer and wilder-looking nails that are absent in some frames that feature this character, for some reason. It really does take away from the entire appeal of the character at times, to be honest.

7 Naruto Has The Hidden Cloud’s Forehead Protector At One Point

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Whoo boy, and here we thought that the time of the wrong forehead protectors was finally behind us. However, it seems that this is not even remotely the case, and one of the victims of this error is none other than the titular character himself.

During one scene where Naruto is halfway through unlocking the Kyuubi's power, the manga shows him wearing the forehead protector of the Hidden Cloud village. It's a stupid error that could've been avoided had Kishimoto been wary enough.

6 Pain Also Wears The Konoha Forehead Protector

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Okay, so before we get into the meat of this particular entry, let us reassure you that this will be the last time on this list that we mention erroneous forehead protector designs. Cool? Now, on to the main focus of this entry.

Nagato was easily one of the most imposing protagonists in Naruto, causing the demise of a beloved character in the form of Jiraiya with this Six Paths of Pain. However, there's an instance in the manga where one of the Paths of Pain sports a forehead protector that shows the symbol of Konoha instead.

5 Rin Doesn't Have The Two Purple Rectangular Markings In Her Face At One Point

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The story of Rin Nohara is definitely one of the more tragic tales in Naruto, leading to the rise of Obito as an antagonist. However, for someone who plays such a pivotal role in the story, there's an instance when her distinct visual design gets kinda messed up.

Namely, during a scene in the manga when she gets taken by the Kiri-nin, the rectangular marks on her face disappear. It's a small oversight, but one we need to mention nevertheless.

4 The First Episode Completely Messes Up Naruto’s Position

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Well, if anything, the one thing that can be said about these errors is the fact that they've been consistent from the very first episode. This happens during the scene when Sasuke is called by Iruka to perform the clone jutsu, with Naruto next in line.

During the starting shot, Naruto is shown to be standing next to Shikamaru. However, in the next shot, Naruto is shown to be standing between Shikamaru and Ino instead. It's kinda weird as to how the shinobi managed to move his position in just a short span of time.

3 In The First Episode, Iruka's Goes From Being Pinned To Not Being Pinned, Then Back Again

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Again, this happens in the first episode. During the confrontational scene between Iruka and Mizuki, the latter pins the former to the wall by using kunai. However, during the first time that Iruka yells at Mizuki to not tell Naruto about his past, the ninja is miraculously free from his predicament.

This is not the case later on.

However, when Iruka yells at Mizuki again to stop, his vest is again pinned to the wall. Iruka legit has to rip the shoulder of his vest out from the kunai that pinned it there, making the previous mistake all the more alarming.

2 Sakura's Genjutsu Prowess Is Simply Forgotten Later On

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One of the most useless characters in the Naruto series has to be Sakura. At the start, she showed excellent prowess when it came to genjutsu, before discarding that ability entirely and becoming a medical nin.

Her potential was pretty much quashed in the process.

If Kishimoto had taken this character's direction on an entirely new pathway, then who knows what might've happened? However, as it stands right now, this character is universally reviled by the Naruto fanbase.

1 The Goggles Being Removed From Naruto's Look As They Were A Pain To Draw

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There was a time when Naruto's goggles used to be an iconic aspect of his character. However, after he received his forehead protector, this accessory was pretty much forgotten for the most part.

There's a really stupid reason as to why this happened.

According to Kishimoto, drawing the goggles every single time for the main character was an absolute pain. To negate this, he chucked the design of the goggles altogether, forever changing our perception of one of the most iconic characters of all time.

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