Naruto: 30 Crazy Techniques Sasuke Has That Are Kept Hidden

Sasuke has a lot of hidden techniques that most Naruto fans don't realize exist.

Naruto is a series that has become immortalized in anime history. The sheer impact this series has had on the lives of many is something that no one could've anticipated, and the end result is that this long-running shōnen series has become the stuff of legends among the majority of anime fans. The stellar fighting scenes, well-realized world, in-depth lore, and a wealth of memorable characters are just a few of the many highlights that have contributed to the immense quality of this series as a whole. While we can spout endless rhetoric about the titular character of this series, the character who's in the limelight in this list is none other than our very own Sasuke Uchiha.

The last surviving member of the Uchiha clan (until a point in the story when he wasn't), by all accounts Sasuke should've been an irritating character in every sense of the word. However, Kishimoto managed to carefully craft the character of Naruto's nemesis in such an intriguing manner that fans actually found themselves rooting for this seemingly wicked character. From his cool and calm attitude to his penchant for causing destruction without so much as a second thought — there are multiple reasons why Sasuke has become a fan-favorite amongst the Naruto faithful.

One of these reasons is the sheer bevy of techniques that Sasuke has under his belt. His repertoire is so extensive that most people can't even fathom to understand the sheer number of abilities the last surviving member of the Uchiha has. Here are 30 abilities of Sasuke that you probably had no idea about.

30 Orochimaru Experimented On Sasuke To Augment His Physical Capabilities

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In a bid to improve his powers and not lag behind Naruto anymore, Sasuke decided to go over to the dark side and join Orochimaru in a bid to unlock his full potential.

Orochimaru pulled no punches — he improved Sasuke's abilities by hook or by crook.

From planting a Curse Seal on him that unnaturally augmented his powers to straight up experimenting on Sasuke's body and playing doctor, there's no limit that Orochimaru observed while turning Sasuke into the perfect lethal ninja.

29 Sasuke Acquired Some Of His Mentor's Abilities After Absorbing Him

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However, this partnership could only go for so long. Being the power-hungry member of the Uchiha that he is, Sasuke decided that he was too good to be tutored under Orochimaru after a while.

Thus, he decided to betray and absorb his mentor.

The fight is quite entertaining, and the end result means that Sasuke now had some of the powers that Orochimaru boasted. This made Sasuke even more of a threat that he already was.

28 The Curse Seal Is Basically An Imprint Of Orochimaru's Chakra

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However, no matter how far Sasuke tried to distance himself from Orochimaru, there was a certain part of his mentor that stayed with him for a major part of his journey.

Namely, the Curse Seal that Orochimaru placed on Sasuke during the Chūnin Exams.

In fact, the Curse Seal is actually an imprint of Orochimaru's chakra, which basically means that Orochimaru left a part of himself on Sasuke for what he assumed to be forever... that is, until Sasuke removed the Curse Seal for good.

27 Sasuke's Curse Seal Makes His Chakra Menacing Too

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The Curse Seal served as a great way for Sasuke to power up his abilities, albeit at the cost of his morality — something that was probably not on Sasuke's priority list. While most people might argue that this Curse Seal would augment his abilities at no cost, there are various things that indicate otherwise.

Perhaps the biggest indicator is that the entire chakra structure of Sasuke is modified once he unlocks the Curse Seal's power, making it more menacing, unwelcoming, and downright evil.

26 His Speed And Reflexes Are On A Whole Another Level

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If there's one thing that most people know Sasuke for, it's his incredible agility and reflexes. Few can boast the natural talent he sported as a ninja, and the sheer promise he showed as a competent fighter could be seen in his immense speed, which was already pretty high from the get-go.

This is not to mention his amazing reflexes, allowing him to gauge any incoming threat and calculate the best course of action that can be taken in the blink of an eye.

25 His Taijutsu Is Excellent As Well

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The previous entry talked about Sasuke's incredible agility, but that's not the only quality that defines Sasuke as a ninja (obviously). Another talent of this character that's grossly overlooked in favor of his flashy ninjutsu is his taijutsu.

Most people generally look at Guy and Rock Lee when the term taijutsu comes up in Naruto, but the fact of the matter is that Sasuke also has impressive taijutsu, adding another weapon to his vast arsenal.

24 Sasuke Can Summon A Hawk Somehow

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The act of summoning is something that requires a ton of preparation beforehand. The ordeal that Naruto goes through to summon the toad family is a great indicator of the time and dedication required to summon a certain animal type.

During the time that Sasuke spent with Orochimaru, it's obvious that he would spend his time learning the Summoning Jutsu. While he managed to summon snake-type creatures, he also attained the ability to summon a hawk as well, which seems pretty ham-fisted and not well-explained at all.

23 Surprise Surprise – Sasuke Can Use The Shadow Clone Jutsu

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It's nice to think that the Shadow Clone Jutsu is Naruto's exclusive technique — after all, he'd molded the technique to his strengths and made it an incredible ability. However, the fact of the matter is that the Shadow Clone Jutsu isn't exactly an exclusive technique.

Kakashi has already shown in the series that he could use the Shadow Clone Jutsu, and this ability stretches over to other ninjas as well. So, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that Sasuke would also learn this technique.

22 His Proficiency With Ninja Tools Are Amazing

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Sasuke's quick mind means that he is able to make the most of the ninja tools at his disposal, but this doesn't even come close to the sheer flexibility with which he can use these tools. One need only look at the initial moments of the fight that Sasuke has with Itachi to understand just how reliant Sasuke is on his tools.

Whether it's shuriken, kunai, garroting wires, or anything else of the sort, Sasuke has used all of these tools to great effect.

21 Sasuke Has A Kekkei Genkai In The Form Of Ice Release

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Kekkei Genkai serves as an excuse for powerful ninjas to combine two or more nature transformations to utilize a completely different and unique element. The first time we witness a proper Kekkei Genkai is when Haku uses his proficiency with ice to trap Naruto and Sasuke in what is essentially a needle nightmare.

Well, it seems that Sasuke actually managed to learn something productive from this encounter. By combining Water and Wind Release, Sasuke is able to create makeshift ice through his ninjutsu to great effect.

20 Sasuke Can Use All Five Basic Nature Transformations

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We weren't kidding when we said that Sasuke is a prodigy. He was already proficient in two nature transformations — namely, Fire Release and Lightning Release — by the time he was a mere thirteen years. To put this into context, Naruto didn't even know he had Wind Release until his training regimen with Yamato and Kakashi... and that was just one form of release.

By the time he reaches adulthood, Sasuke develops the ability to use all five nature transformations. And that's not it either...

19 He Can Also Use The Yin Release

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After fusing with Hagoromo and attaining a whole host of abilities that arguably made him the strongest ninja on the battlefield along with Naruto, he — along with his companion — received the ability to utilize Yin release.

For the uninitiated or the ones who simply forgot, Yin Release is basically the ability to create form out of nothingness. The fact that the entire concept of this form of Release is based upon the user's imagination goes to show how powerful this release actually is.

18 Sasuke Can Use His Lightning Release To Further Augment His Speed

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The status of Sasuke being a ninja prodigy keeps on building with another unique fact. His proficiency with the Lightning Release is well-documented with the Chidori technique, but there are many other ways in which he can use this particular element to his advantage.

By the time he reaches adulthood, Sasuke develops the ability to integrate the Lightning Release with his already unmatched speed to become an incredible speed demon. This allows him to fight on equal footing with powerful enemies like Momoshiki without missing a beat.

17 Sasuke's Sharingan Is Even Stronger And Greater In Clarity Than Itachi's… Before Being Fully Developed

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It seems like we simply can't stop talking about how naturally talented Sasuke is — it's a quality that should've ideally made him despicable in the eyes of fans, but it turns out that hating Sasuke is close to impossible — and that's scientifically proven.

This time, we're shifting the focus from his ninjutsu to the iconic Uchiha technique, the Sharingan. His proficiency with this ability was pretty much set in stone — after all, his undeveloped Sharingan was enough to rival the full potential of Itachi's, if not exceed it entirely.

16 His Amaterasu Is Also A Step Above Itachi’s

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Speaking of the Sharingan, it must be said that the sheer number of eye techniques that are enabled by this ability is nothing short of immense. The Susanoo is perhaps the first thing that comes to the mind of anyone — especially since it was abused in the latter half of Naruto — but let us not forget about the black flames of Amaterasu.

This eternal fire is an incredibly powerful technique, and more so in the hands of Sasuke. The manner in which he was able to unlock and master this ability in a short span of time made his mastery of the Amaterasu way better than Itachi.

15 He Can Use His Sharingan To Relay Information To Others

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The Sharingan is a powerful eye technique indeed. One must wonder just how this technique is the most inferior eye technique out of the three major abilities in the Naruto universe.

Everyone already knows about the massive advantage Sharingan users already have, but the fact of the matter is that there are simply too many benefits attached to this technique. The fact that the Sharingan even allows him to relay information is so minor, yet not many people know about it.

14 He Can Invade Someone’s Subconsciousness, Allowing Him To Suppress The Tailed Beasts

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The genjutsu capabilities of the Sharingan are well-documented. The first instance of us witnessing the Tsukuyomi first-hand was equal parts scary and thrilling — although we're pretty sure that Kakashi would think differently.

The Sharingan basically allows its users to invade a victim's subconsciousness, which proves to be quite handy for Sasuke when he decides to pull off a surprise heel turn and suppresses the chakra of the Tailed Beasts to prevent Infinite Tsukuyomi from being removed without completing his goal of offing the Kages.

13 His Eternal Mangekyō –  A Straight Tomoe – Grants Him Fluidity In His Movements

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Surprise surprise — Sasuke Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan is also in a league of his own. After stealing Itachi's eyes and fixing his eyesight, Sasuke was able to unlock the full potential of his Sharingan and become an unassailable force.

In fact, Sasuke's Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan was actually a 'straight tomoe' type. This meant that his movement became more fluid and quick. He can easily match Naruto in speed, and that's before integrating Lightning Release along with his movement speed as well.

12 Sasuke's Acquisition Of The Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan Helped Him Master His Eye Techniques

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Perhaps this is another unique aspect, or perhaps its a universal upgrade across all Sharingan users that unlock the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan — whatever the case might be, the fact of the matter is that Sasuke was able to master his abilities with ease and become a beacon of power in the process.

From the Amaterasu to the Susanoo — there's no end to the sheer level of power that Sasuke managed to unlock and master with this technique.

11 He Can Use The Rinnegan To Sense Shadows In Limbo

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The world of Limbo is one of the many poorly explained elements in Naruto that is shoehorned by the end of the series. Basically, it's an alternate dimension that can interact with the physical world but the shadows in Limbo are invisible... that is, unless you have the Rinnegan.

After obtaining this technique, Sasuke develops the ability to sense the invisible shadows roaming around in the world of Limbo and dispatch of these threats with a higher level of efficiency and precision.

10 The Rinnegan Let Him Repel The Effects Of The Infinite Tsukuyomi

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The whole reason why the Fourth Shinobi World War even came to be was that Obito wanted to place the entire world in a state of endless paradise. While we understand the idea behind this concept, the fact is that it's simply not healthy to run away from your problems.

While Obito does kickstart this plan into motion, Sasuke's newfound Rinnegan allowed him to repel the effects of this powerful genjutsu and provide one last fighting chance.

9 Sasuke Can Use His Rinnegan To Turn His Susanoo Into A Vessel For The Tailed Beasts' Chakra

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Having both the Rinnegan and the Sharingan is somewhat of a cheat code, to be perfectly honest. It certainly wouldn't be a stretch to say that Sasuke has single-handedly become the most proficient Dōjutsu user of the modern era.

To put it into context, having both these eye techniques allows Sasuke to utilize a pretty useful thing — basically, he is able to turn his massive Susanoo form into a vessel which can house the chakra of the Tailed Beasts, allowing him to form a partnership with Naruto.

8 As An Adult, He Can Travel Through Dimensions

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Space-Time ninjutsu is a powerful thing indeed, and bequeathing this power unto a natural like Sasuke would serve to extend its capabilities even further. The time he spends mastering his newfound powers means that Sasuke is able to perform some impressive things.

In fact, around the time that Boruto: Naruto Next Generations comes up, Sasuke is so proficient with Space-Time Ninjutsu that he can freaking cross dimensions! The exact science behind this is still rather off, but hey — do you really care?

7 Sasuke Is Immune To Poisons

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The experiments that Orochimaru conducted on Sasuke had its fair share of effects, most of which were fairly positive. Given the Sannin's obsession with snakes, it was pretty much a given that he would research upon the various poisons and its antidotes as well.

With this knowledge, Orochimaru is able to augment Sasuke's immune system and make him completely unsusceptible to poisons. This is obviously a great immunity to have in the ninja world, where deceit is aplenty.

6 He's Forced To Use One-Handed Seals After Losing His Arm

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The penultimate battle between Naruto and Sasuke is the stuff of legends, making for what is perhaps the most epic and awaited fight in anime history by a long shot. The aftermath leaves both these young and powerful warriors without a dominant arm. Thankfully, with technology becoming a major force in the Naruto universe, our titular character receives a bionic arm instead.

However, for some reason, Sasuke chooses not to go for the artificial arm. Instead, he decided to use only one arm, keeping the other stump as a memento of sorts.

5 His Arms Can Turn Into Snakes

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Speaking of arms, there was a neat ability Sasuke had back when he had evaporated one of his limbs and had recently freed himself from Orochimaru's mental vice.

This ability is shown very rarely, and as of right now it's believed that Sasuke cannot transfigurate his arms anymore. Whatever the case might be, the fact of the matter is that one can never count out the possibility, at the very least. For all we know, this might be Sasuke's key card.

Yeah, that's a bit too much.

4 Sasuke Has The Ability To Sense The Nature Of Chakra

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Now, this is something straight out of Dragon Ball Z.

We've already talked at length about Sasuke's perception, which is nothing short of legendary in the Naruto universe. His insights allow him to make the most of a situation with little to no effort.

However, if that wasn't enough as is, Sasuke also has the ability to sense the chakra of a person, and its nature as well.

Isn't it kind of a cheat code to know from the get-go who's hostile towards you?

3 He Is Also Able To Sense Naruto's Chakra From A Different Dimension

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Sasuke's sensory abilities are no joke. It's a third eye of sorts that allows him to stay on guard at all times. This, coupled with the deep bond between him and Naruto, resulting in a rather unique ability.

He is able to sense his best friend's chakra across dimensions.

The barriers between the corporeal and physical world have been broken down for Sasuke, allowing him to account for his friend's presence at all times, regardless of where he might be residing.

2 Sasuke's Chakra Reserves Certainly Give Naruto's A Run For Its Money

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Fans are already well aware of the fact that Naruto's chakra reserves are beyond impressive. He easily sports the largest chakra reserve of all time in the modern shinobi age.

However, Sasuke should not be counted out, nevertheless.

We say this because Sasuke also sports an impressive chakra reserve, allowing him to use multiple high-level ninjutsu without even breaking a sweat.

1 With Naruto, He Can Destroy The Entire Continent If He Wants To

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Power levels are both a boon and a curse in shōnen manga. While they serve to increase the scale of a character's actions, it also means that certain people will be left in the dust.

Aside from Naruto and Sasuke, pretty much every character has been left behind in this dust.

It's a saddening scene to see some highly promising characters becoming irrelevant over time, just so that the final battle between Naruto and Sasuke is as epic as it can be.

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