Naruto: 25 Things About Sasuke Only True Fans Remember

Naruto is a manga series created by Masashi Kishimoto that features the titular character, but the manga also features other memorable characters. The one and only Sasuke Uchiha is Naruto’s rival and friend, though the young Uchiha doesn’t really see that for most of the series. Sasuke has left an impact on the anime community for being called an emo boy because of his troubled past and cold personality, but he has a strong fan following that is undeniable.

The manga and anime would not be the same without him since he is the second most important character in the series. His adventure parallels Naruto, but with a focus on revenge due to his older brother, Itachi, being responsible for eliminating the Uchiha clan. His character growth might be polarizing in different views, but his abilities as a ninja are outstanding and powerful.

Even though he does suffer from rival tropes, Sasuke being Naruto’s rival helps the story a lot and his legacy would not be the same if he was not involved. In Boruto, his role is vastly smaller, but still appears as a mentor to Naruto’s son as well as being the father of Sarada and husband of Sakura Haruno.

Underneath that pretty boy exterior lies some unique facts. Maybe you already know some of these facts, or you might learn something new about this popular Naruto character. Whether they are plot related or miscellaneous, they shape up this iconic character. Here’s twenty-five facts about Sasuke Uchiha that true fans remember.

25 An Acquired Taste

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For someone as serious as Sasuke, what kind of food he prefers is the last thing we associate with him. However, his favorite foods are unique and even he can’t go hungry with his goal for revenge. He likes to eat omusubi with okaka, which is a rice ball with prepared fish and tomatoes. Meanwhile, he dislikes nattō, a traditional Japanese dish made from fermented soybeans, and anything sweet. Funny how he dislikes sweets, but his Team 7 partner-turned wife Sakura does.

24 Summer Child

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Are there any Leos out there? Sasuke is one and he is born on July 23rd. This also makes him nearly two months older than Naruto, whose birthday is on October 10th. This is a given when we see a young Itachi in both the manga and anime holding baby Sasuke in his arms when the Nine-Tailed Fox broke out on the night Naruto was born. We don’t see a birthday celebration for Sasuke in the series, but the anime community has given the Uchiha member some birthday love annually.

23 Having The Rare Trait

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At first, it would seem that Sasuke would be right-handed like the majority of the whole world. However, he was actually born left-handed. Whenever Sasuke would punch or use his iconic attack Chidori, he would use his left hand. In Part II, Sasuke uses a sword with his right hand.

Being ambidextrous is something to be proud of just in case he were to lose an arm or something. A shame his arm was left behind in his final fight with Naruto. And yes, we mentioned that intentionally.

22 Spot-On Personality

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In Japan, manga and anime characters have profiles that display their birthday, height, weight, and our main focus, blood type. It is a common trend in Japan that a person’s blood type correlates with their personality.

Sasuke has the blood type AB.

Not only is that a rare blood type, but it fits Sasuke’s personality. People with this blood type tend to be calm, rational, intelligent and serious. His brother Itachi also shares his blood type, along with Shikamaru and Gaara.

21 The Only Exception

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As part of the Uchiha clan, Sasuke has the ability to use Sharingan. It is part of the three dōjutsu alongside Byakugan and Rinnegan. The Sharingan is a very powerful ability that can enhance the wielder’s jutsus. Sasuke can use Mangekyo Sharingan, which is an advanced version of the ability and Sasuke has a special case. His eyes are different from anyone in the Uchiha clan’s because the colors of red and black are inverted, at least when it comes to the manga since there is an anime-only character who also shares this trait.

20 Spin-Off Wonder

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Since Sasuke is a very popular, you know that there will be a lot of stuff that involves him. Whether it is keychains, plushies, or action figurines, Sasuke is guaranteed to sell. Just like another popular character Rock Lee, Sasuke has his own spin-off.

It is titled Sasuke Uchiha's Sharingan Legend and it is not by Kishimoto, but by his assistant Kenji Taira. Taira is also responsible for the Rock Lee spin-off, so if Sasuke’s spin-off gets more chapters and attention, there might be an anime adaptation.

19 Appeared Much Earlier

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In the manga, Sasuke is fully shown in the third chapter which is titled “Sasuke Uchiha!!” The anime episode that adapted this chapter would be the third episode “Sasuke and Sakura: Friends or Foes?” While this is true, Sasuke actually appeared earlier than we thought.

If you look really closely, he can be seen in the thirteenth page of the first chapter. In the bottom panel, he is seen sitting behind Naruto. For what would later become of the Uchiha, starting off in the background is rather subtle.

18 Young Leader

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Midway through Part I, Sasuke would set out on his own, leaving the Leaf Village to train with Orochimaru so he could focus on his goal to avenge his clan and defeat his brother. In the second part of the manga series, Sasuke would be part of a team called Hebi, which would later be renamed Taka after his brother passed away from his illness during their fight.

With all this in mind, it is strange but cool how Sasuke is the leader, yet he is the youngest. It does make sense since Karin and Suigestsu would bicker and Jugo can get too angry sometimes.

17 Do You Ship It?

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Pairings in Naruto are incredibly intense. There are so many that are popular, it’s hard to keep track on how and why two people are paired together. Sasuke has been paired up with a lot of characters, the most popular ones being with Sakura, Hinata, and even Naruto.

Despite SasuSaku being canon, NaruSasu is insanely popular.

After all, who did not start shipping the two rivals when they accidentally kissed in the third episode/chapter? While these two will never be canon, it is still a cherished ship that a lot of people love.

16 Inspired By A Classic

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Kishimoto stated that it was difficult to create a character for Sasuke. After the final result, we can see why. What makes Sasuke have a unique character is one of the manga characters he is inspired by. Yu Yu Hakusho’s Hiei is how Kishimoto came up with his character and Sharingan.

Kishimoto was certainly lucky to have incredible influences help him shape his manga and characters. Creating characters are difficult so it must have taken him a while to come up with one of the most memorable and popular characters in Naruto.

15 Participating In Missions

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Once Sasuke got in Team 7 with Naruto and Sakura, the missions the three went through were challenging and even taxing to their emotions. One of them included a fight with Haku and Zabuza and that was memorable and emotional. After Sasuke departed Team 7, he has only done sixteen missions total. He has: 7 D-rank, 1 C-rank, 2 B-rank, 6 A-rank, 0 S-rank missions completed. Even though he has not done a lot of missions assigned by the Hokage, his experience and years of training made him into who he is as a ninja.

14 Same Seiyuu, Same Character Relationship

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Sasuke’s Japanese voice actor is Noriaki Sugiyama and he is prolific in his country. Other than Sasuke, he has done other roles like England from Hetalia, Shiro from Fate/Stay Night, and Uryu Ishida from Bleach. Speaking of Uryu, he and Sasuke have a lot in common.

Both characters are rivals to the protagonists.

Other than sporting black hair, these two are very similar when it comes to their goals. Both have nearly extinct families and the same blood type of AB.

13 Well, That's Not Nice

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While the end of Naruto felt nice after having the characters settle down and start new lives, it is rather very rushed. Thankfully, we are able to see events that happened before the characters have children, and one of them is Hinata and Naruto’s wedding.

Even though Sasuke was okay in everyone’s book, he did not attend. It could be because he was about to set off on an important mission. If you look at this one way, Sasuke might as well be the Drake Bell to Naruto’s Josh Peck when it comes to not attending weddings.

12 Mirroring A Relationship

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Naruto’s biggest influence is without a doubt the Dragon Ball series. Kishimoto looks up to Akira Toriyama and the speckles of references to Dragon Ball is evident in the Naruto series. When Boruto succeeded Naruto, Sasuke would act as a mentor to Boruto and his team while substituting for Konahamaru.

Sasuke and Boruto’s relationship is similar to Piccolo and Gohan’s.

Even though Naruto did not end up having Goku’s fate in the beginning, Sasuke and Boruto got to learn more about each other with the former protecting him from any danger.

11 The Gesture's Hidden Meaning

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When he was young, Sasuke looked up to Itachi as his hero and they were close. Whenever Sasuke would feel down or inferior to Itachi, the latter would always poke his forehead and would keep doing that until the last time they were together.

Because of his brother’s love and the impact his brother’s poking left on him, Sasuke would pass it down and do it to Sakura. This symbolizes his growing affection for Sakura by saying “I love you.” For Sasuke, that was very sweet of him to do that.

10 Complicated Than He Seems

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Sasuke is a complicated character, which is both a good and bad thing. He has an understandable goal of wanting revenge for his clan after Itachi wiped out all of them except for him. Once he left the Leaf Village, people assumed he betrayed them for evil. In a way, that is true, but the fact that Orochimaru is the key to help him get stronger, Sasuke had no choice but to go to him. It does make us feel bad for Naruto when he wanted to get him to come back home.

9 The Ladies' Man

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In both the Naruto series and in real life, Sasuke has a lot of admirers. It’s no surprise at how many girls love his edgy persona and his good-looking appearance. The manga and anime plays with this idea with having nearly every girl fall for him except Hinata since she has been in love with Naruto ever since he saved her.

Sakura, Ino, and Karin are head over heels for Sasuke the most.

In the end, Sakura ends up with her crush and she gets her happy ending by having their daughter Sarada.

8 Beloved By Many

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Some fans and critics tend to see Sasuke as a cold, stuck up and distant person. To their credit, that is true. Sasuke is seen as Naruto’s rival and is the exact opposite of him, which makes us relate to Naruto more.

Despite this, Sasuke has become of the most popular characters in the series and throughout the anime community.

In Japan, there are character polls that detail who has the most votes. Sasuke, throughout all of the polls, has always remained in the top four. You just can’t deny his popularity.

7 Powerful Than The Kages

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Sasuke’s strength and abilities make him an incredibly powerful character. With his Fire and Lightning Releases, he has strong jutsus like Chidori, Fire Ball Jutsu, Kirin, and Amaterasu. When the Five Kage Summit Arc arrived, fans were blown back at how Sasuke was able to take on all of them.

Even Gaara cried because he sees himself in Sasuke and believed that he could not be saved anymore. What is so surprising about Sasuke fighting against the Kages? He was only sixteen.

6 Nearly Perfect

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When he was a student at Konoha Ninja Academy, Sasuke could have been a perfect student, surpassing Ino. He had the highest grades in an ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu. He has a B in classroom attitude, but then the last two categories are his downfall which does fit his character. He has a C in positivity and an F in cooperation, the latter that completely makes sense since he prefers to work alone anyway. While he does learn to cooperate with those he’d rather not, he has shown to be better off working by himself.

5 Behind The Name

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Even though when we think of Sasuke from Naruto, the black-haired Uchiha is the one who pops up in our heads. However, there is actually another Sasuke in the series. Sasuke would be named after Sasuke Sarutobi, a renowned ninja who is related to the third Hokage and Konohamaru. He was named after him in hopes of becoming a great ninja. Not to mention, both Sasuke's were named after the fictional ninja in kōdan, which is Japanese oral storytelling.

4 A Mangaka’s Favorite

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With Sasuke being a very popular character in the franchise among fans, we wonder what the mangaka thinks of the deuteragonist too. As an artist, Kishimoto claimed that Sasuke was incredibly difficult to draw.

Sasuke would later become his favorite character to draw.

That doesn’t really mean that Sasuke is his favorite character overall, but with the Uchiha’s cool design starting from the beginning, it makes sense why Kishimoto loves drawing him. Illustrating a difficult character is rewarding in the end.

3 Right From The Start

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Once the shipping wars started to aflame, fans wondered who will end up with who and if they will have their preferred pairing get married and have babies. Those that paired Sasuke with anyone other than Sakura would ultimately be crushed in the end.

It was stated in the Da Vinci interview that the Japanese voice actors of Team 7 were told immediately that SasuSaku would eventually be canon.

Who knows how long he had to endure fans’ questions of who Sasuke will end up with, but it eventually calmed down once the last of the Naruto manga chapters arrived.

2 Pretty Rude In Japan

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Japanese speech is vastly different in America. Fans that watched the anime in Japanese will know that there are honorifics that classify a person’s status according to said person. In America, sensei is said when referring to the team captains like Kakashi.

Sasuke actually does not use honorifics after the horrific tragedy of his clan.

He does not refer Kakashi as his sensei or his comrades as “san,” “chan,” or “kun.” Later on after his brother’s passing, he would call him “nii-san.”

1 Nonexistent At First

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Can you honestly imagine Naruto without Sasuke? Other than Naruto’s growth from being a lonely Jinchuriki to a capable and powerful Hokage, his rivalry and relationship with Sasuke is what makes this franchise popular and memorable.

Kishimoto never intended for Sasuke to be in the manga.

He spoke to his editor, and because of him, he suggested that Naruto should get a rival. Kishimoto did the right thing in following his editor’s advice, because Sasuke is an integral part in Naruto as the main character’s rival and his opposite.

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