Naruto: 30 Crazy Techniques He Has That Are Kept Hidden

The fantasy of living out one's life in a fictional world has crossed the minds of pretty much anyone who has been completely absorbed in a brilliantly detailed piece of fiction. One can list out countless fictional worlds and universes for which this fact holds true, but right now, the thing that we're focusing on as of right now is none other than Naruto — although I'm pretty sure the title was a giveaway in itself.

Anyway, what we're trying to say here is there are many ardent fans of the Naruto series, who can attest to the fact that the world that Kishimoto has created is so detailed in every aspect — from the major details to the minor touches — that one can actually imagine living out their lives in this fantasy landscape, and what a landscape it is! I'm pretty sure that I speak for multiple people when I say that the end of this series was such a downer for fans that their outcry had to be quelled with the release of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations... although we can't deny that money also played a pretty big factor as well.

A major reason as to why Naruto was (and still is) so popular was because of its titular protagonist — a relatable character who tried everything in his power to become the greatest ninja of all time... and succeeded with flying colors. In fact, his strength was so immense that he also managed to amass a ton of hidden abilities, which you might not even be aware of. But hey — that's exactly why this list exists. So, without further ado, let's start off!

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30 Naruto Has One Of The Largest Chakra Pools In Ninja History

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It's funny how Naruto was generally considered to be untalented and a troublemaker during the initial moments of the series. It seems that the people overseeing his development missed out on one crucial thing about this particular character.

He was born with one of the largest chakra pools of all time.

In fact, a solid argument can be made for the fact that Naruto's chakra pool is the vastest that the shinobi world has ever seen... but without concrete facts, this will remain unfounded for the most part.

29 His Shadow Clones Are More Powerful Due To His Vast Chakra Pool

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The entire reason why shadow clones are superior to normal clones is that the user's chakra is split evenly among clones, making them more — for lack of a better word — corporeal.

Naruto's extensive chakra pool allows him to maximize the effectiveness of this jutsu.

Even after generating hundreds of shadow clones, Naruto simply won't get exhausted because his chakra reserves are — quite frankly — stupendous.

It also allows him to perform feats like the one mentioned in the next entry.

28 He Can Fight Against Powerful Enemies For Three And A Half Days On A Stretch

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To illustrate this fact, we'll take the example of the penultimate battle between Naruto and Sasuke. While we're certainly not trying to undermine Sasuke's power, you must admit that Naruto was the one who took on the more strenuous task of dividing his chakra amongst the masses in the blink of an eye (among various other things that we won't get into in detail).

And yet, he was still able to fight on equal footing with Sasuke.

This just goes to show how much of a monster Naruto is — fighting waves upon waves of enemies for 60 hours continuously won't even make him break a sweat.

27 The Chakra Naruto Inherited From His Mother Helped Him Adapt To The Chakra Of The Nine-Tails

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The Uzumaki clan is known for housing a special chakra, which is exactly why Kushina was chosen to be the next jinchūriki of the Nine-Tails. However, things didn't exactly go according to plan, and the sealing was done on their newly-born child instead.

Thankfully, Naruto should be glad that her mother was a gifted descendant of the Uzumaki clan. If that wasn't the case, then he wouldn't have been able to house Kurama's chakra, let alone use it to the degree he became capable of.

26 His Chakra Reserves Were Further Increased By Absorbing The Power Of The Tailed Beasts

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Speaking of Tailed Beasts and their chakra, it seems that the story of Naruto's unlimited power-ups isn't over yet. His communication skills and relatability led to the cold-hearted Tailed Beasts warming up to his unique charismatic persona.

So, when they decided to come together and fight to preserve the world, they performed another task — namely, they decided to bequeath a part of their chakra into Naruto, further adding to his already massive chakra pool.

25 Naruto Has Become A Medium To Connect All The Tailed Beasts To Each Other

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The communication between the Tailed Beasts and Naruto didn't lead to a one-sided benefit — if anything, Naruto was the catalyst that finally made all these beasts realize just how important it was to cooperate, instead of bicker about inconsequential things for what seemed like ages.

A positive persona like Naruto compelled them to look at what was truly important and convinced them to forgo the things that were clouding their mind. In the process, he also became the medium through which all these Tailed Beasts could communicate.

24 Cooperating With Kurama Has Provided Naruto With An Absolute Resistance To Genjutsu

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Fans knew that they were in for a treat when Naruto finally managed to break through to Kurama and form an everlasting bond. The upgraded Kurama Mode was great enough in itself, but — as is the case with most shōnen manga — that wasn't the only powerup Naruto received.

You see, by joining hands with a Tailed Beast, Naruto also gained immunity to one of the most dangerous ninja techniques — genjutsu. Fighting callously without a care in the world is a trait that Naruto definitely possesses, and the fact that he doesn't have to account for any illusory jutsu that might impede his offense is certainly a bonus for him.

23 Naruto Can Isolate The Kurama Mode Transformation To A Single Limb For Greater Enhancement

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One can definitely attest to the fact that Kurama Mode is one of the most powerful transformations we've ever seen in the series. Unlimited access to Kurama's chakra meant that a whole host of opportunities had been opened up for Naruto.

In fact, in the New Era, there's another manner in which Naruto is able to use this form — by condensing the power of the Kurama Mode to one limb, Naruto is able to harness the sheer offensive (or defensive) power into one compact, yet destructive package.

22 He Can Manifest The Demon Fox As An Entirely Different Entity

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Remember what we said before about shōnen manga? Well, it seems that the powerups the main character receives can be quite astronomical at times. At this point, Kurama Mode is not just a transformation — it's an extension of the sheer power Naruto harbors in his body.

Case in point — Naruto can manifest Kurama's form outside his body so that they can fight as two separate entities. It's a nifty little trick to have under his sleeve when shadow clones simply won't do the trick.

21 The Bond Between Naruto And Kurama Makes Tailed Beast Extraction Even Harder

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The opening of Naruto Shippuden demonstrated just how valuable the Tailed Beasts are to their respective jinchūriki. So, in a way, it's good that Naruto took the time to become friends with Kurama... otherwise, things might not have gone so swimmingly.

Take the example of how Naruto got abducted by Kinshiki and Momoshiki. When the remnants of the Ōtsutsuki clan tried to extract his chakra, they found to be an incredibly hard and grueling process. This is probably because of the bond that Kurama and Naruto share.

It seems that, at least for Naruto, making friends actually helped save multiple lives — including his own.

20 Senjutsu Allows Naruto To Use All Five Nature Transformations

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The Sage Mode transformation was another cool moment in Naruto that served as the highlight of Pain's arc. It showcased just how far Naruto had come in his ninja journey, culminating in the entire village changing their opinion of the child they once used to resent openly.

But anyway, coming back to Sage Mode, it's time to talk about the powers that this form enabled. For starters, it allowed Naruto to utilize all five nature transformations. By not being bound to Wind Release, this allowed Naruto to expand his ninjutsu repertoire considerably.

19 Unlike Jiraiya, Naruto Was Able To Perfectly Master Sage Mode

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Initially, when Fukasaku and Shima were unable to bond with Naruto to achieve Sage Mode — due to the Tailed Beast chakra inside of him — Naruto thought that this was a curse. However, what it ended up being was a blessing in disguise.

Even Jiraiya himself wasn't able to master Sage Mode, and reaching this state led to him developing somewhat of a frog-like appearance. However, Naruto was such an amazing learner that he reached perfect Sage Mode without these physical abnormalities.

18 Achieving Sage Mode Is Way Too Easy For Him Now

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One of the major drawbacks of Sage Mode was that the user needed to be calm and stay still to gather all the natural energy around them. Understandably, doing this in the heat of battle is close to impossible, which is why Naruto used his shadow clones to do the busywork for him.

However, as his proficiency with the technique increased over time, Naruto reached a state where he didn't need to stay still to gather said natural energy. In fact, he was able to combine this technique with his other transformations for devastating effect.

17 He Can Detect Chakra Signatures From Vast Distances In Sage Mode

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Naruto's Sage Mode transformation provided him access to a whole host of powerups that truly made him a ninja to be feared. From enhanced taijutsu to gaining access to a whole host of ninjutsu — there's no end to the sheer power that Naruto was able to achieve in this state.

However, while all of this was fairly apparent, what was not so blindingly obvious was the fact that he could also sense chakra from a distance. In fact, he could recognize the signature of the chakra itself and gauge who it belonged too as well.

16 He Can Sense Negative Emotions In Kurama Mode

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Sensing chakra is something that is still understandable (well, in the world of Naruto, at the very least). However, what is somewhat harder to believe is the fact that Naruto was actually able to sense human emotion as well, on top of everything else.

This was made possible once he achieved perfect Kurama Mode. While the exact details behind this particular ability are quite hazy, rest assured that they don't even hold a candle to the vague nature of the next entry on this list.

15 His Sensory Abilities Peaked In The Six Paths Sage Mode

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Honestly, the heading of this particular entry is kept vague on purpose... because I myself have no clue as to what it means. Fans understand that the Shinobi World War arc did become somewhat lackluster over time, but even then there's only so many excuses we can give for Kishimoto's hurried storytelling.

Apparently, after achieving the Six Paths Sage Mode, Naruto apparently attained an innate ability to grasp the very nature of chakra itself and comprehend anything and everything in the universe itself.

Yeah, don't ask me. I'm blank.

14 It Allows Him To Utilize The Yin-Yang Release

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Another vague aspect of Naruto that was begging for a proper explanation, the concept of the Yin-Yang release is something that should've been made abundantly clear from the get-go... but simply wasn't. Whether this was because Kishimoto wanted to avoid needless complications or faced a time constraint, we'll never know.

Anyway, what you need to glean from this entry is that Naruto was able to utilize the Yin-Yang release by achieving the Six Paths Sage Mode. His ability to levitate and use Truth-Seeking Balls probably originated as a result of this powerful release.

13 He Is Also Able To Sense The Invisible Shadows Of Limbo After Gaining Six Paths Senjutsu

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We're not here to rip on the random things that Kishimoto added near the end of Naruto (no matter how much it might seem to be otherwise).

Basically, Limbo is an entirely different plane of existence that is accessible only for the wielders of the Rinnegan. Unfortunately, Hagoromo threw a wrench in Madara's plans by bestowing the Six Paths Chakra Mode unto Naruto, which allowed him to sense Madara's images in this otherwise invisible plane.

12 He Randomly Attained The Ability To Heal People

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Even this newly-acquired ability was quite poorly explained, although the existence of the Truth-Seeking Balls makes this power somewhat understandable... albeit a bit too convenient.

Apparently, the fact that Naruto had the Truth-Seeking Balls meant that he could pretty much do everything in his power, including repairing Kakashi's eye. However, this raises a question — why didn't Naruto fix Gai's leg?

I guess some questions aren't meant to be answered.

11 One-Handed Signs And Jutsu Are Way Too Easy For Naruto Now

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Normally, when one talks about hand signs, the last person that comes to mind is Naruto. Aside from the Chakra Molding and Shadow Clone sign, we don't really see Naruto perform a lot of jutsu or hand signs with just one appendage throughout the series. However, as his skill improves, this limitation doesn't bother Naruto after a certain point in the story.

While the sight of shadow clones forming Naruto's Rasengan and Rasenshuriken is quite iconic, after a while it simply doesn't make sense for him to waste his time forming clones when he can do so with one hand. It's subtle, but shows that Naruto's chakra control has also improved considerably.

10 Naruto's Taijutsu Developed To A Level Where He Could Defeat Numerous Enemies On His Own With Ease

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Taijutsu is a technique that most people reserve for only Rock Lee or his sensei, Might Guy — the latter of which showcased just how impressive this technique can be if mastered properly. However, don't let that take away from the fact that Naruto's hand-to-hand combat skills are also quite marvelous.

In fact, his taijutsu reached a point where he could even take care of multiple enemies with his bare fists. Oh, and in case you're wondering — no shadow clones are required to do so.

But should this really come as a surprise? After all...

9 His Taijutsu Has Always Been Great

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For all the rhetoric one can spew about Naruto's immense chakra pool, on top of his fusion with Kurama, there's one thing that most people never really mention — Naruto was already pretty decent at taijutsu from the get-go.

From the technique he improvised to defeat Kiba in the Chūnin Exam preliminaries, to the straight left hook that took care of Neji in the Finals, there's no end to the sheer number of ways in which Naruto established his physicality early on.

This might be because of the fact that...

8 He Is An Amazing Experiential Learner

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Of all the qualities that one might associate with Naruto, intelligence definitely isn't the first thing that comes to mind. However, keep in mind that appearances can be deceiving, and Naruto's intellect definitely comes to the forefront in the heat of battle.

Whether it be adopting Sasuke's attacks with his own spin, or hiding as his own techniques to fool opponents — long-time fans can attest to the fact that Naruto's battle IQ is truly something else altogether.

7 In The Anime, Naruto Could Use The Rasengan As A Ranged Weapon

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The Rasengan is — without a shadow of a doubt — Naruto's signature technique, and it's easy to see why this is the case. His variations with the technique have been nothing short of astounding... however, in the anime filler, the Rasengan has taken on so many shapes and forms that its plain stupid.

Fans obviously know that Naruto was technically not able to use the Rasengan as a ranged weapon until he developed and perfected his Rasenshuriken. However, this is not the case in the manga, where he used the Rasengan as a grenade and an energy wave without so much as a blink.

6 His Flash Step Technique Is Quietly Mentioned And Glossed Over

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The Flash Step technique is something that Minato is famous for. His speed is unparalleled, and only a few have been able to come within touching distance of his pace. However, try saying that to Naruto — not only did he achieve this supersonic speed, but some might say that he even surpassed his father... that too before he attained the Six Paths Sage Mode.

And yet, what should be a cause of admiration and celebration is just buried like it didn't even matter. Like, what was even the point of building up the Flash Step if it was so inconsequential in the grand scheme of things?

5 Jiraiya Helped Naruto Learn Cooperation Ninjustu

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If there's one thing that can be said confidently, it's that Naruto definitely owes a lot to his late mentor. The things that he learned under Jiraiya led him on the path to become the Hokage, after all.

In fact, one of the major techniques that Naruto needed to learn was the art of Cooperation Ninjutsu. After all, shinobi are meant to stick together, combining their techniques for maximum damage is definitely something that should be in their arsenal.

For all we know, Naruto and Sasuke would've never been able to combine their final forms in the penultimate battle to save the world if Naruto never learned this crucial technique.

4 Naruto Is The Tallest Member Of His Graduation Class

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Some of you might be scratching their heads at this point because Naruto was one of the shortest kids in his entire class. However, come Shippuden, this dynamic has completely shifted.

As of right now, Naruto is the tallest out of all the people in his class. This is obviously nothing to write home about, but this is a physical feature that I don't think most people know about.

While it might not be a technique per se, we're pretty sure that extra height would definitely at least somewhat of a help in cutthroat shinobi battles... right?

3 His Prosthetic Arm Further Augmented His Stamina Healing Capabilities

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Fine, I might be stretching a bit in the last entry. To compensate for this, let's talk about something that actually augments Naruto's aptitude in battle.

A gain that — ironically — stemmed from a loss.

After losing his dominant arm in his intense fight against Sasuke, Naruto decided to take a prosthetic arm. However, this wasn't just any arm — it's an arm that improved Naruto's stamina regeneration to new heights.

As if his natural stamina wasn't high enough...

2 Hagoromo Helped Naruto Attain A Greater Understanding Of His Powers

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Remember when we said before that Hagoromo helped Naruto understand the nuances of Chakra and how it worked? Well, there is one way in which this advice — not to mention the Six Paths Sage Mode transformation itself — helped Naruto.

It helped him attain a better understanding of his new powers.

Normally, a new form requires some time to get used to (is what I would assume). However, Naruto was an expert fighter in the Six Paths Sage Mode from the get-go, and this explanation makes it clear as to how this happened to be the case.

1 Even The Second Hokage Changed His Opinion About Naruto's Battle Intellect

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Imagine being so good that even someone revered as the Hokage changed their opinion about you. This is exactly what Naruto did with his sheer display of power, that triumphed over any preset notion Tobirame might've had in mind about the brash youngster.

Simply put, he saw a future Hokage in Naruto.

And, guess what? Naruto actually ended up fulfilling his lifelong dream to become the Hokage against all odds. Goes to show what a constant thirst for power while still being morally sound can do for you.

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