Naughty Dog Is Hiring For An Unannounced Multiplayer Project, And We Have Some Ideas About What It Could Be

Naughty Dog is looking to fill a variety of multiplayer-specific programming roles to join their team, and it might be for The Last Of Us Part II.

Naughty Dog's single-player experiences are unmatched, yet they have oftentimes made some of the most memorable multiplayer excursions that are inevitably overshadowed by the emotional and adventurous rollercoasters inherent in their campaigns. With The Last of Us Part II on the horizon, the studio gears up for an outbreak unlike any other, yet something more tantalizes fans ever-slightly well beyond that highly anticipated release.

In late September, news broke of the fated return of The Last of Us multiplayer mode, Factions, in an interesting way. While it may have soured some of its most beloved players, Naughty Dog 's message of a standalone multiplayer experience swept fans off their feet. Excitement broiled ever-new, and though it may be a long, long time until fans will get to actually enjoy said online multiplayer mode, there's a great deal to look forward to, given the fact that Naughty Dog is now hiring in droves to unleash Factions gameplay that will topple its predecessor.

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Tweeted out by Vinit Agarwal, Naughty Dog lead game designer, the Santa Monica-based developer is looking to fill a variety of multiplayer-specific programming roles to join their team. The two job listings include an online systems programmer and a multiplayer gameplay programmer. Both roles would be working heavily with art and design teams to breathe life into Naughty Dog's new multiplayer-centered game, though what exactly that vision may look like remains classified.

Many might be upset about the fact that The Last of Us Part II was pushed back to May, yet it only gives the developers more time to polish and enunciate the game in such a way that can only be emulated by the talents of Naughty Dog. And, most likely, this delay has something to do with both the PlayStation 5 and Naughty Dog's multiplayer experience. No matter what the case may be, it all remains under wraps, though the developer has stated that Factions itself is not only beloved by its community and fanbase but by its very creators, as well. With them gearing up for something extraordinary, via all-new hires and minds, it's clear they're looking towards the future in multiple ways.

Given the fact that the PlayStation 5 is only about a year away from release, it would only make sense that Naughty Dog, a Sony exclusive developer, would be planning ahead. Sources point to a potential PS5 multiplayer game in the works. It may not be the same Factions experience anticipated by many of The Last of Us fans, though an all-inclusive Naughty Dog multiplayer title sounds extremely enticing.

Blending the promising yet easily forgotten multiplayer mode from Uncharted 4 with that of TLOU's Factions would be insanity, yet would it translate well to audiences? The potentiality of any Uncharted adaption ever coming to light anytime soon might be slim to none, though gamers can bet that Naughty Dog and Sony are plotting something extraordinary in secret for the PS5 launch.

For now, fans will just have to be patient and relive the insanity via The Last of Us Remastered's Factions experience.

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