NBA 2K: The 10 Best Point Guard Cards In MyTeam, Ranked

NBA 2K20's MyTeam mode allows players to assemble teams of NBA stars form any era. These are the point guards that should make the cut.

In NBA 2K20's MyTeam mode players have a chance to assemble a team of their favorite players from any decade, team, or position. Point guard often gets overlooked as the position never seems to be as flashy as shooting guards or small forwards, but a good point guard is often the cornerstone of championship teams.

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Great players at the position also happen to come in various shapes, sizes, and play-styles. Let's take a look at the 10 best point guard cards in NBA 2K20's MyTeam and rank them.

10 Magic Johnson (95)

Magic Johnson isn't only one of the most popular NBA players ever, his health concerns and championship dominance have made him a pop culture icon in many ways.

The 6'9" point guard broke the mold for what an NBA point guard should look like and very much inspired LeBron James as a big man with incredible ball handles and passing ability. His card from the 1991 season shows how great he was at almost everything outside of long-range scoring and dunking ability.

9 Steve Francis (95)

Before the likes of James Harden was carving up the NBA in a Houston Rockets uniform, the franchise had an impressive all-star caliber swing guard who managed to dazzle on the court.

Steve Francis did wonders for the Rockets and his 2008 MyTeam card highlights that. Francis was often an example of pure athleticism taking the stage in impressive ways. He was a great pickpocket who managed to steal a lot of basketballs and could make defenses pay with impressive passing and movement when in transition off of the steal.

8 Jo Jo White (95)

Jo Jo White is likely a name that even Boston Celtics fans might have to Google after reading this article. The 1981 version of this Celtics point guard lets players use him at either guard position which is always a plus as versatility always adds built-in value.

Like most traditional point guards White's rebounding and post-scoring aren't the greatest, but he does happen to be great when it comes to passing and handling the ball. Just don't look for him to be a knockdown shooter from behind the 3-point line.

7 Damian Lillard (96)

Damian Lillard's 96 overall card in MyTeam is the highest of any point guard currently playing but is actually a reward card and not his base version. Despite being known for having some limitless range with his shot, this guard has a 3-point shot rating of only 88 which is quite upsetting.

If you're purely looking for an offensive output from your point guard this may be the right card for you considering all of its defensive stats come in at below 80, with his interior defense landing at a jaw-dropping rating of 25.

6 John Stockton (96)

Most people would consider John Stockton as 1/2 of the best pick & roll duo of all-time, and arguably the best passing point guard to ever walk the court. The Utah Jazz legend had such a filthy shot from range that it made the pairing of him and Karl Malone almost unstoppable.

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If it wasn't for the likes of Michael Jordan, the duo would likely be champions. The 96 overall Stockton card in MyTeam is great at literally everything outside of rebounding and post-scoring, which is why it should be paired with Malone.

5 Isiah Thomas (96)

Now, Isiah Thomas wasn't known to ever light up a scoreboard but it's undeniable that he was a generational leader and one of the best defensive players at the point guard position in the history of the NBA.

The lack of any real 3-point shot or inside the paint scoring makes this card a little more niche. He's a great card to have if he fits your play-style and/or if you have a shooting guard or small forward that can consistently put up numbers on the offensive side of the court.

4 Baron Davis (96)

Though the Golden State Warriors have had a solid history with some great players, many people believe that Baron Davis and company are responsible for bringing a franchise that was struggling into the modern era back into prominence in the league.

His 96 overall card from the 2012 season is a primary piece of evidence showcasing how his efforts led to the dominance of the Splash Brothers. The card showcases how much effort he put into his defense along with the transitional playmaking he did that made that fast-paced offense work.

3 Jerry West (96)

It wouldn't be right if the man who is the literal face of the NBA as the man who happens to be on the logo itself didn't have one of the highest-rated cards in MyTeam.

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Jerry West is often overlooked due to the reasoning that people have that he played the game in a time when there wasn't much athleticism on the court. His card reflects that he may have never been the best athlete on the court, but he was a solid all-around effort player whose card can defensively stifle opposing point guards.

2 Mark Price (97)

The 97 overall Mark Price card sporting the player from his 1998 season is quite impressive. Not only can players choose to play him at either the 1 or 2 on the court, but he can be a real game-changer at either position.

The card sports a crazy 3-point shoot rating of 98 and his passing and ball-handling all come in with ratings over 94. With LeBron James taking over the league many fans forgot about some of the Cavaliers classic studs, but thankfully Mark Price received an incredible card in MyTeam.

1 Penny Hardaway (99)

Penny Hardaway is often considered one of the best players that most casual NBA fans don't remember or know about. He happened to be a great all-around player and is often considered the best Orlando Magic player of all-time considering Shaquille O'Neal didn't spend too much time with the organization.

His 99 overall card in MyTeam happens to be the best for a point guard and is one of the best pass-first players available in the mode. Look to use this card to dominate in transition.

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