25 NBA 2K19 Ratings That Are Too Ridiculous For Words

Basketball fans everywhere rejoice, it's finally that time of year again! We have finally arrived at the release of the newest entry in the premier basketball gaming franchise NBA 2K19. Whether you're lacing up as resident sniper Steph Curry or kicking it old school with the GOAT Michael Jordan (or LeBron James if you're a diehard King James fan), this game has got it all!

And of course, with every year's edition, we get to look forward to seeing how our favorite players get rated and hope that our favorite players get the respect they deserve in regards to their 2K ratings. However, if you have played any past NBA 2K game, then you are fully aware that is not always the case.

Every year there are numerous ballers who are given some of the most disrespectful ratings in the series. Whether that it is in the form of overrated or underrated players doesn’t matter, as they are both incredibly prevalent in the series and this entry is no different.

We have stars who are much lower than they should be as well as role players who are given way more credit than they have earned for themselves. Once the season kicks in and we see the ratings start to become a little more realistic to how they are performing, but some of these don’t seem right given past showings of these players.

25 Karl-Anthony Towns (91)

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Rest assured, this is not me saying I don’t appreciate the talent of the young Timberwolves Center, but to say that he is the best Center in the league is absolutely ludicrous. While he did lead the league in Double-Doubles last season, aside from that and some above average shot blocking he does little else to deserve such an incredible rating. The sky is the limit for this talented guy, but he isn’t quite there yet. I'm definitely excited for his future and where he will be able to lead the Wolves as he grows and matures!

24 Brook Lopez (79)

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Not every center in the league has be a dominant post player with the ability to soak up rebound after rebound, but when you are the biggest player on the court for your team, it usually helps to have the ability to defend the paint. Brook Lopez is far from the best paint protector in the league and that is supposed to be supplemented by his floor-stretching and shooting ability but he isn’t even very good at that anymore. Definitely should have a lower rating.

23 Bradley Beal (87)

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A guard who has no issues getting to the basket and was finally selected as a first time all-star this past season, Bradley Beal has made tremendous strides in his game and is his teams #1 option when it comes offensive capabilities. He has been awarded the recognition he rightly deserves and I think it is time he finally gets the 2K rating he deserves by getting one just a little bit higher than his current 87 rating. Could happen, someday.

22 Klay Thompson (89)

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A top 5 shooter in the league and one half of the Splash Brothers of the Golden State Warriors, Klay has made himself both an offensive juggernaut and a defensive stopper in the league. His spot-up shooting is unparalleled and he is a huge part of the incredible success that the Warriors have experienced in the past few years. He is yet another player who deserves to be higher up in the 2K ratings. Maybe we'll see a better rating from him in the future.

21 Paul Millsap (82)

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While it is very hard to ignore that the former Atlanta Hawks All-Star Forward took a large step backward in production during the 17-18 season, I would hardly say he deserved to drop down to a measly 82. His stats from this last season with the Denver Nuggets are only slightly worse than his previous season as the primary option with the Hawks. Especially since the primary reason for his lowered stat line stems from a plague of injuries throughout the year. He’s likely to bounce back this year as the 2nd option behind franchise center Nikola Jokic. Speaking of which...

20 Nikola Jokic (89)

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The young franchise center of the Denver Nuggets is doing everything in his power to make this team relevant again, between being one of the most versatile centers in the game. He is just as capable of grabbing 10+ rebounds as he is to deal that same amount of assists. He is a capable scorer and an average defender, though I wouldn't bet on him against more pure centers such as Jordan or Drummond. His court vision as well leads to some of the most mind-boggling passes from a big in the entire league. He possesses such a wide array of skills that it's insane that he isn’t at least a 90.

19 Jimmy Butler (89)

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Undoubtedly the piece that made all the difference for the Timberwolves this past season as they finally broke their record holding postseason drought. He is one of the most proficient pickpockets in the game, where he averaged 2 steals a game. He is a two-way player and is able to affect the game on both ends of the floor. In addition, his presence is felt on a team as he is a great leader. This rating just doesn't seem right for him.

18 Kyle Kuzma (80)

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Perhaps the biggest shock of last season's rookie class of talented young players, Kyle Kuzma made a name for himself in the NBA with his intense scoring capabilities. Chances are any success the Lakers experience in the future, you can expect Kuzma to be a large contributor to it. He is also a pretty reliable defender. He is certainly deserving of a slightly higher rating, something which we hope he can get the next time around. Come on, 2K!

17 Jonas Valanciunas (82)

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Inconsistent is the name of the game when it comes to Raptors center Jonas Valanciunas. One game he is somehow able to grab a double-double but then he will disappear for then several games. He is a liability to his team and lack of strong interior defense plays a large part in why they are unable to make it deep into the playoffs. Does this rating even seem right to anyone? It certainly doesn't to me. Way off the mark, here.

16 CJ McCollum (87)

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Why is it that a glorified sharpshooter, who is essentially a 1-trick pony, the owner of such a high 2K rating. Just so you guys don’t get it twisted, it’s impossible to deny the pure sniper-like skills of McCollum but that is essentially all you’re getting with him. The fringe all-star has yet to rise to the level of other incredible stars in the league and as I personally don’t see him getting any better than right now. The former Most Improved Player has surely hit his ceiling and it is definitely not an 87 overall.

15 Kyrie Irving (93)

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I have always wondered if I was the only who noticed that Kyrie is severely overrated. When you take a good hard look at Kyrie, what your going to see is an incredibly gifted scorer with exceptionally deadly handles, but that’s it. He’s not a defensive stopper, and he’s not quickest player in the league. I just can’t understand how only scoring can pump you to a 93 when you lack a strong sense of the defense which I’m pretty sure is half of the game.

14 Isaiah Thomas (80)

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Another player whose stock seemed to drop massively last year after he was unceremoniously traded from the Celtics to the Cavs where he never seemed to find a place. Then he was shipped out to the Lakers midseason and he seemed to find a decent amount of success. Thomas is a crafty scorer with a gift for putting the ball in the hoop and for helping others to do the same. I think we’re all aware the only issue with his game is his lack of defense due to actual physical limitations. Still, he should be a little bit higher. Not by much but at least a little.

13 André Roberson (76)

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So let's talk about a man who contributes very little to his team's success. While it may be due in part to the team he plays for, it is also heavily due to the fact that he’s just not very good. He’s not a great shooter, he is an average defender at best, and he isn’t too gifted with the ball in his hands overall. Enough said. This rating just seems off, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks so.

12 Eric Bledsoe (81)

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While not as great a floor general as his friend John Wall, or as gifted a scorer as his other friend DeMarcus Cousins, Bledsoe has managed to carve out a decent role for himself in the NBA. Since he was traded to the Bucks he has managed to become a much larger and more important role in their system and will likely remain a part of that system for quite a while. He’s constantly underrated, and this game is no exception.

11 Enes Kanter (79)

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This man showed up in the most beloved basketball city to play for one of the most dysfunctional franchises in the league and quickly filled the void left by exiled center Joakim Noah. He is a double-double machine and has such a dog in him that is apparent every play. You will never see him give up on a play and is willing to get battered around in the paint if it means saving a basket. How is he not somewhere in the 80s?

10 De'Aaron Fox (78)

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By far the upcoming face of the young rebuilding Sacramento Kings, this incredibly well rounded PG has something in him that will elevate above many other players. He has that great instinct and when I say that this kid is clutch, you better believe that I’m not making it up. Of course, the most prominent thing about his game is his blazing speed and control with the ball. He is likely to become a future all-star in this league and he only has room to improve from his above-average rookie campaign which was slightly interrupted by a few nagging injuries. He is sure to have a higher rating once the season kicks in!

9 DeMar DeRozan (89)

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Arguably the greatest Raptors player of all time, he now finds himself in a brand new location with new teammates to work with. But even with his change in locale, he is still one of the most deadly scorers in the league as well as one of the only players you will see make great use of his mid-range game. Of course, his inability to be reliable from beyond the arc will drag his rating down a bit he still is at least a 90 overall but perhaps a little higher.

8 Derrick Favors (78)

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It's hard to believe this man was once selected over future stars such as DeMarcus Cousins, Gordon Hayward, and Paul George. The former #3 overall pick managed to scrape by with only 12 points and 7 rebounds. Now that sounds like someone who is contributing enough to their team, except that's all he really brings to the table. He isn't a very defensive minded player and he possesses no ability to shoot the ball limiting the floor stretching capabilities. His 78 overall feels a little too generous.

7 Kristaps Porzingis (88)

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How is it that a 7’3” power forward with such an incredible range and shot blocking ability paired with ball handling skill, not in the 90s? Someone explain that to me! Whatever it is that you need, Porzingis is capable of getting it for you. Before his season-ending injury during a game against the Bucks, KP was leading the league in blocks and was near the top of the league in terms of scoring and rebounding.

He’s so talented it's crazy and there has really never a been player like him which is how he earned his nickname that all New Yorkers affectionately call him, the Unicorn. And you're telling that rare and skilled of a player is not at least a 91? Nope. I refuse to accept it.

6 Buddy Hield (79)

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Ah, Buddy Hield, the man under so much more scrutiny than he deserves as he has been unfairly compared to Steph Curry from the gate as well as being the focal piece in the infamous DeMarcus Cousins trade that sent the All-Star Center to the New Orleans Pelicans. Now, with his skills and ability and age in perspective, this shooting guard is no doubt a deadly sharpshooter when he gets hot and he has already made drastic strides in improving game all around and more specifically his defense. He rarely quits on a play and he definitely deserves a higher rating.

5 Lonzo Ball (79)

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Here we have perhaps the most polarizing player of last season and through no fault of his own. I believe that Lonzo gets a bad rap mostly due to his loudmouth father Lavar but the skillset is definitely apparent for a future all-star. After his rookie season, he ended the year with a stat line similar to that of a certain reigning champion power forward. Yes, his stat line is reminiscent of Draymond Green, and I don't see how that leads to Lonzo having such a lower than Green. Of course, he is not Draymond and lacks the elite level defense Green is known for, but he does possess an average defensive capability that should push him to at least an 80.

4 Rajon Rondo (79)

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I’m fully aware of the fact that there are two different versions of Rajon Rondo in the league; there is regular season Rondo and playoff Rondo. While playoff Rondo may be one of the greatest postseason point guards in the history of the game, his regular season play is less than stellar. However, it's a downright problem to put this man below an 80 as he possesses a hall of fame court vision which has persisted throughout his whole career and is nothing less than a savant when it comes to dealing the ball to his teammates no matter where they are.

3 DeMarcus Cousins (90)

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Bare with me on this one, I am more than aware that he is coming off of an Achilles injury but even in the past 2K has given high ratings to players who had injuries even before ever even proving themselves capable (Joel Embiid in 2K18 for example). There is no question that Boogie’s skills and statline are that of a mid-90s rating player and until we see how the injury has affected his game, it's far too early to begin dropping his rating. He should have the highest rating amongst centers hands down, not KAT.

2 Dwight Howard (81)

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HOW?!?!?! How is this possible after another year of Double-Doubles, of the most frightening post-presences in the game, an avid shot blocker. This man put up a 30-30 game becoming only the 8th player to do so in the history of the NBA. Of course, he is no longer a top 5 player in the league, but he remains one of the most incredible pure centers in the league despite him falling out of the limelight. Hopefully, he will prove a better fit for the Washington Wizards system and may even still have a few golden years left in him.

1 LeBron James (98)

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Now here we are, perhaps the most controversial entry on this list for one specific reason, The argument could be made for this year's LeBron James to be a 99 overall and the fact that he hasn’t yet is strange, to say the least, as previous 99 overalls such as Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan are usually seen as lower on the all-time list than the King. Now having just finished arguably the best season of his career, it's hard to believe that he wasn't finally a 99 overall. But perhaps that will change shortly after release with his new team, the Los Angeles Lakers.

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