NBA 2K20: The 10 NBA Legends Who Will Dominate, Ranked

NBA 2K20 doesn't only allow players to take on the role of their favorite modern players such as LeBron James or James Harden. There are legendary and historic teams and players that allow people to experience the greatness of the NBA's storied past.

Every team has one or two legends that can dominate on any given night, but who's the likeliest to dominate out of everyone? Which players rise above the other greats? Let's look at 10 NBA legends who will dominate in NBA 2K20, and rank them from worst to first.

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10 Steve Nash

Court vision is an important part of basketball that is highly respected and sought after but isn't always as apparent as other skills. Steve Nash is not only arguably one of the best passers of all-time, but he was also almost automatic from the free-throw line, and his mid-range floaters were smoother than butter.

Pairing him with a big man who knows how to run the high pick-and-roll is an unfair combination that will irritate most opponents whether they be user or computer-controlled.

9 Kareem Abdul-Jabar

Kareem Abdul-Jabar is the greatest scorer of all-time based solely on the fact that he scored more points than anyone in history. Despite LeBron James likely passing him by the time he retires, Abdul-Jabar's legacy will never be forgotten or disregarded.

The man's skyhook was unguardable and the shot itself became synonymous with him which is pretty impressive for a sport as old as basketball. A good understanding of scoring in the post will make those using Abdul-Jabar a scoring nightmare.

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8 Hakeem Olajuwon

Hakeem Olajuwon was indeed the dream in many ways. Using him in a video game will help you realize how rare his combination of size and mobility was. He was always extremely graceful while at the same time carrying a quiet power about himself.

Unfortunately, Olajuwon is often the NBA great who is least remembered when coming up with all-time player lists among friends, which is a travesty. Do your part and dominate people with Olajuwon and make the younger generation understand just how great he was.

7 Larry Bird

Larry Bird is arguably the most confident white guy ever to play in the NBA. Being as talented as he was as a scorer, clutch performer, and playmaker it's no surprise he had a certain swagger about himself. There are legendary stories about him calling his victory in the 3-point contest during the NBA All-Star break.

He's not the prototypical scorer people are used to, but if you understand the type of shots he made a hall of fame career with you'll surely dominate your opponent off of mid-range shots.

6 Allen Iverson

Now, Allen Iverson is likely the 9th or 10th best player on this list, but it isn't based on the overall game but rather how easily they can dominate in NBA 2K20. Iverson always had a shiftiness and quickness about him that made him virtually unguardable on the court.

When it comes to a video game his start-and-stop speed also makes him a handful to deal with every time his team has the ball. If you're lucky enough to play great perimeter defense and have a rim protector with awareness, you might stop him a couple of times.

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5 Shaquille O'Neal

When you're arguably the most physically imposing force to ever play basketball, you'll likely be just as dominant in the video game version of said sport. Shaquille O'Neal wasn't only a large man, but he had uncanny athleticism that made him unstoppable in many ways.

The smaller defenders were too weak to hang with him the post, and the bigger guys were too slow to deal with his bevy of moves and scoring techniques. He may have slowed as he aged, but prime Shaq is bringing every rim down with him.

4 Kobe Bryant

Many times you'll find opponents who only shoot and look to score with the superstar on their team. Kobe Bryant is the type of player who's perfect for them as he's known to take over games just by himself. All jokes aside, Kobe Bryant is an all-time clutch performer and competitor who's silky smooth shot can come in handy.

His turnaround fade shot became a staple as he grew older, but his willingness to compete never wavered. Do yourself a favor and take prime Kobe Bryant out for a spin on the court.

3 Wilt Chamberlain

Imagine being so physically and athletically gifted that you played a sport in which other professionals looked like amateurs. For Wilt Chamberlain, he happened to be a large and gifted man who played against a lot of small-statured and athletically challenged men.

He was so dominating that he held many NBA records for several years, with many still being held by him today. Wilt is what you get when you max out the sliders for yourself and lower them to minimum amounts for your opponent.

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2 Bill Russell

Often considered the champion of champions, Bill Russell was a walking rebound machine. This guy could play half asleep or with the flu and still put up a game of 20 points and 20 rebounds.

It's tough to say he'd be completely dominating with the current game's dependency on the 3-point shot, but there's no doubt that he would be a statistical beast on the inside. If you're unfamiliar with the history of the NBA do yourself a favor and research the life and career of Bill Russell on and off the court.

1 Michael Jordan

Considered by many to be the greatest basketball player of all-time, it's hard to argue with a legend being more dominate than Michael Jordan. He's got the complete package of moves and skill set to compete with any player under 6' 5" on the court.

He's not as versatile a defender as LeBron James was in his prime, but when the game's on the line you'll want the ball in #23's hands. Thankfully he's made his return to video games in recent years as his absence was truly felt and noticeable.

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