The Top 10 Rookies And Newly Acquired Players We Look Forward To Using In NBA 2K20

The NBA off-season has been electrifying so far; big names are forming super-teams in the most unexpected locations, and a swift collection of rookie ballers have begun training with their teams. Fans across the globe are ecstatic for the new combinations of star players for several different NBA squads.

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As a result of the NBA season ending, 2K gamers will have to suffer through the gap period where the official team rosters are no longer updated. You can download a user-created roster that takes into account the most recent trades, free agent moves and rookie signings, while you wait for the release of NBA 2K20. However, a user-created roster just isn't as good as having the "official" one. Thus, here are the top 10 rookies and newly acquired players we look forward to using in NBA 2K20.

10 SF RJ Barrett - Knicks

Barret was recruited by Duke as one of the top high school prospects in the country. His impressive ability to drive to the rim off the dribble, along with his sufficient shooting, lead Barrett to averaging 22.6 points per game with the Blue Devils in the 2018-2019 season. The 19-year-old forward is also an exquisite passer.

It will be fun to use Barrett's smooth and fluid athleticism in combination with the ferocity of Julius Randle (who was also acquired by the Knicks this off-season). The Knicks surely had a disappointing go-around this offseason—failing to sign any superstar free agents—and are unlikely to be one of the quality teams in NBA 2K20. Nonetheless, the duo of Barrett and Randle in NY should be exciting to play with.

9 SG/SF Jimmy Butler - Heat

Butler has been an unquestioned superstar in the league for several seasons since he started his career with the Chicago Bulls. After he left Chicago, Butler has been passed around to several teams, including the Timberwolves for two seasons and the 76ers last season.

Unfortunately, many of the talented players that were on the Heat last season have been acquired by other teams, such as Goran Dragic and 7-foot double-double machine. Butler has always been fun to use because of his high-flying dunks and athleticism. But now that he is no longer overshadowed by Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid and Tobias Harris from his previous 76ers team, 2K gamers can use Butler's arsenal of skills to the fullest.

8 PG Ja Morant - Grizzlies

Ja Morant left the the country in awe with his performances in the NCAA March Madness Tournament. For example, the 19-year-old guard dropped a triple double on Marquette in the first round of the tournament—shown above. The 6-foot-3-inch rookie has astounding hops and ball handling skills.

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He's also lightning fast and extremely athletic, so he should thrive at breaking defenders' ankles in NBA 2K20. His skills as both a scorer and passer will be very satisfying to use; analysts have compared him to the 2K phenom, Russel Westbrook.

7  PF Zion Williamson - Pelicans

Basketball fans are patiently waiting to see how Williamson will transition from college ball to the NBA. Although NY sports fans wished the explosive 6-foot-7-inch power forward would be drafted to the Knicks, the Pelicans ended up with the first pick and snatched him.

Williamson will have some quality teammates in New Orleans in Jrue Holiday, Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball. However, none of these names are overwhelming offensive or defensive threats, so 2K gamers will most likely have to put the team on Zion's back. Hopefully, Williams can perform at a high level on the hardwood so his overall rating can skyrocket quickly.

6 PG Kemba Walker - Celtics

Celtics fans will sorely miss using Kyrie Irving as a Celtic in NBA 2K20, but it will be exciting to watch how Walker will adapt to Brad Stevens' offense. One pro for Kemba's situation is that point guards have a habit of thriving in Boston. Remember Isiah Thomas or Rajon Rondo? These two spent the best seasons of their career with the Celtics, so Walker certainly joins the team with a high ceiling.

Walker is one of the most fun players to use in 2K because he can hit difficult shots from all over the floor, and his ball-handling skills are supreme. He is kind of a small player, however, which causes him to be a sub-par defender and occasionally get blocked inside on the offensive end. However, he remains an upper tier talent because of his acrobatic finishes around the rim and his handles.

5 PG Kyrie Irving - Nets

Irving will be joining the Nets alongside Kevin Durant and Deandre Jordan, but Durant's achilles injury will most likely have him sidelined for the entire 2019-2020 season. Regardless, you can still play with the new and unexpected duo of superstars by turning injuries off, which is too tempting to pass up.

The combo of Durant and Irving raises one red flag for Brooklyn. Neither of the two superstars are high-level defenders, so it may be difficult to create stops against opposing offenses. However, Irving and Durant's high-powered scoring ability will keep the Nets in games—at least in NBA 2K20—and possibly lead to epic offensive shootouts.

4 PF Anthony Davis - Lakers

Anthony Davis is a brick house of a defender with strong post moves and shot mechanics. You can expect him to block a ton of shots, rebound like a madman and consistently post 25+ points. If Hassan Whiteside is a double-double machine, then Davis would be a double-double factory.

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It will be interesting to see if he can continue to produce at such a high level with Lebron and the Lakers. Yes, on occasion, Davis may lose shot attempts to Lebron but Davis may become more efficient, because Lebron will draw defenders' focus away from Davis on offense to a greater degree than he experienced as the lone stud in New Orleans.

3 SF/SG Paul George - Clippers

George was a championship contender with the Pacers before he tragically broke his right leg playing in a summer game in Las Vegas. Since, George has failed to make much noise in the playoffs, although, he deservedly earned All NBA First Team Honors in his most recent season.

George's 6-foot-9-inch height and his 6-foot-11-inch wingspan combined with his swift athleticism makes him a terrific inside scorer. His outside shot is also tremendous. Plus, he is a high quality perimeter defender. Leonard and George will simply be impossible to stop on both ends of the floor in NBA 2K20.

2 SF Kevin Durant - Nets

Although Durant will most likely sit out for the entirety of the 2019-2020 season, it will still be a blast to use the basket marksman in tandem with Irving. Durant and Irving both thrive in isolation, which will give the Nets consistent scoring options. However, one characteristic of Durant's game that could fuel his chemistry with Irving is his ability to catch-and-shoot.

Durant and Irving are also both clutch shooters, so they will feed off each other in the fourth quarter. The Nets are sure contenders in the Eastern Conference, even with Durant sidelined, and they will be the second most exciting team to use when NBA 2K20 is released.

1 SF Kawhi Leonard - Clippers

The reigning NBA Finals MVP is a stout defender and an astounding offensive force. His ability to finish through contact and use his robust strength to create shots close to the rim is only paralleled by the likes of LeBron James.

He made an incredibly clever decision by recruiting George to the Clippers. The both-sides-of-the-ball talents Leonard and George will bring to the Clippers is difficult to imagine. They are both athletic freaks with a polished collection of moves and shots. The only thing that should concern 2K gamers is the possibility of the Clippers having a thin bench.

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