NBA Legend Magic Johnson Congratulates Team Liquid After Winning The Intel Grand Slam

Former NBA superstar Magic Johnson has extended felicitations to Team Liquid for winning the Intel Grand Slam.

The NBA Hall of Famer, who stepped down from his post as president of basketball operations for the Los Angeles Lakers earlier this year, has a firm interest in eSports which was made apparent when he invested in Team Liquid almost two years ago.

The organization took home the aforementioned trophy this week, unseating last year's winner Astralis, who won the inaugural piece of silverware in 2018.

The accolade was created back in June of 2017 and is handed to the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team in the world, something determined by a team's record in premier tournaments hosted by ESL or DreamHack. It also comes with $1 million in prize money.

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Team Liquid managed to capture the trophy in just 63 days this year by winning four successive events required for the Intel Grand Slam. They were handed the award at ESL One Cologne.

Their swift collection has brought into question the sustainability of the tournament as ESL and Intel probably hadn't planned to be giving out $1 million that often, and there is doubt over the accolade being available for a third season.

HLTV.org has reached out to ESL to ask whether or not the Intel Grand Slam will be back next year but the company declined to comment. However, ESL's vice president of Pro Gaming Michal Blicharz hinted that there will be a third season via Twitter.

Team Liquid's speedy victory could possibly prompt changes in terms of the requirements for winning the Grand Slam. Of course, their feat was by no means an easy one but there is concern over the frequency at which teams could win the award and its huge monetary incentive.

Magic, meanwhile, is renowned for his 12-year stint with the Lakers during which he helped lead them to five NBA championships. The former three-time MVP famously announced his retirement in 1991, but returned to the team as a coach in 1994 before fashioning a comeback in 1996 and playing for a single season.

The 59-year-old isn't the first ex-Laker star to show an interest in eSports, with Rick Fox having formed the Echo Fox organization after purchasing the League of Legends Championship Series spot of Gravity Gaming in 2015.

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