Nearly 1500 PS4s Have Been Affected By Scary Anthem Crash Bug

BioWare and EA have seen no shortage of complaints where their new Anthem release is concerned.

The multiplayer looter-shooter, which launched on February 22, is being enjoyed by many gamers. Yet there are many others who hardly have anything good to say about the title and the negatives are seemingly growing by the day.

There was already a bit of skepticism over Anthem when the demo was launched prior to the full release. And since then, it's been all downhill for BioWare, who appear to have a lot more work to do on their multiplayer as their initial foray hasn't worked out the way they'd envisaged.

As if there weren't enough complaints, players began reporting that they were experiencing console crashes towards the end of last week.

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Some players, more so PlayStation 4 owners, are even claiming that their system does not come on right away after it's shut down by the game.

BioWare confirmed that they were aware of the problem and were looking into it, via a Reddit post a few days ago, while EA has also registered their acknowledgment, asking players who have experienced issues to send their crash data over to aid their investigations.

EA is asking that players provide their PSN ID along with information regarding the crash - including when it took place and the steps necessary to get the console working again. So far, the responses range from systems crashing during loading screens, quickplay missions, random gameplay and when they're trying to close the app.

According to Gamesradar.com, the number of console crash reports is just under 1500 (1493 to be precise). This number is likely to have gone up by now and significantly overshadows any other issues on the Anthem message board.

via gamesradar.com

The publication claims that over 150 pages of crash reports have been submitted from all over the globe, while console owners are legitimately worried that the issue might have lasting effects.

Meanwhile, Sony is reported as having issued refunds for the game to various players with "no questions asked." But gamers with out-of-warranty machines are worried that they will not get a replacement if their consoles end up getting bricked as a result of their involvement with Anthem.

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