A New Need For Speed Game Is Coming This Year, But It Won't Be Showcased At E3

An EA official has confirmed that a new Need For Speed will be released this year, but we'll be hearing nothing about it at E3.

There are a few titles that instantly spring to mind when we talk about racing games - Gran Turismo, Need For Speed, and Forza just to name a few. These are franchises that have been around for decades and are backed by the developers that have the know-how to make the necessary tweaks to keep the same titles popular despite the passing of time.

Despite releasing title after title, and enjoying relative success, there are certain chapters that stand out above the rest. Games that stand the test of time. Need For Speed has done that on a number of occasions. Most gamers would probably agree that the golden age for NFS was during the early 2000s along with the releases of Underground, Underground 2, and Most Wanted.


The NFS titles released since then have received mixed reviews. However, EA's community manager Ben Walke is promising that the game's next installment will celebrate everything great about NFS. He also revealed on both Reddit and Twitter that a new NFS game will be released before the end of 2019, but no extra information about it will be showcased at E3.

Walke admitted that he wanted to make the first announcement now so that gamers aren't questioning where they are at E3. "We wanted to give you a heads up before you started asking 'where are you?'" Walke wrote. He also revealed that since 2019 is the 25th anniversary of NFS, the game's developers are trying to make the new addition to the family a celebration of everything that has made the franchise great, but also move into the future at the same time.

Details on what the new NFS will include are scarce, as you can tell, but more information has been promised soon. This won't be at E3, EA Play, or even this month, but with a 2019 release date promised, we can't have long to wait for at least a trailer. Another silver lining is that even after E3 is done and dusted, we will still have one more announcement to look forward to - providing you're a fan of racing games, of course.


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