Neopets: The 10 Best Games In Neopia, Ranked

Neopets is an extremely popular online website that allows users to own their own pets and take care of them. The game has grown tremendously in size since its initial inception.

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There are apps and games now and you can pay real money to increase your Neocash and get special items. Games are a major part of the world of Neopia as by playing games you can win trophies, unlock special avatars, and earn Neopoints to pay for new items for your pets!

10 Meerca Chase II

Meerca Chase II is one of the most fun and popular games on Neopets. It stars an adorable Meerca as they try to collect neggs while dangerous red neggs lurk around every corner. It becomes increasingly difficult as you continue and the neggs you collect form your long Meerca tail which you have to keep from hitting the wall or collecting any other red neggs.

In the process, you'll want to try collecting the special neggs like the rainbow negg and the fish negg, which will earn you additional points. There are also a couple of cheats you can use to make the gameplay a little easier.

9 Faerie Bubbles

This is another fun game from Faerieland where your goal is to clear each level of all the bubbles in front of you. You'll have to match each bubble with the same type to get them cleared and it can become difficult as each level gives you less time to clear the entire screen than the one before it.

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As is common with most games in Neopia, you will find that there are some clever cheats that will give you a boost when you get stuck in some of the harder levels. It's determined to be about medium difficulty.

8 Igloo Garage Sale

Journey to the freezing tundra of Terror Mountain and assist twins Mika and Carassa to help them organize all of their goods. You'll have to catch everything as their stuff falls from the sky. But make sure you don't pick up any of the bad stuff like bombs and garbage!

However, you also can't miss any of their valuable items. If they break five times in any level then you'll get an immediate game over. You'll be playing as Mika and have to use the keys to go back and forth on the screen as Carassa throws all their stuff down from above.

7 Turmac Roll

If you journey to Meridell you'll come across the game Turmac Roll. If you're unfamiliar with Turmacs, they're the adorable little petpets that kind of look like dinosaurs.

In Turmac Roll, your Turmac grows big and you'll have to help guide him down various terrain during each level and try to collect as many berries as you possibly can. But it's not easy, you have to be careful to avoid mud patches and other potential obstacles.

6 Hasee Bounce

Hasee Bounce is located in Mystery Island. You'll need to use your Hasee to bounce upwards and collect all the Doughnutfruit that comes down! You'll also want to collect the letters if you can so you can spell out the word "Hasee." If you manage to spell it out then you'll be able to extend your time limit in the round.

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However, it won't necessarily be easy as other things will come down like dung and other things you wouldn't want your Hasee to eat! They can make him sick and then you could wind up with a game over. You'll use your mouse to control Hasee and click when you want it to jump.

5 Faerie Caves II

Faerie Caves is a popular Faerieland game and a continuation of the first Faerie Caves. You'll have to help out Garon the Lupe on his mission to travel through all 18 caves in the game.

Each level you'll face off against many obstacles as you hunt for the purple key that will lead you on into the next level. On the way you'll find boulders that block your path, dynamite, solid blocks, and more. You'll need to use your logic skills to understand how to proceed through certain puzzles.

4 Trouble at the National Neopian

In this game you will portray a bank teller who is trying to stop burgalars from taking money from the National Neopian. However, you also don't want to accidentally inhibit a regular customer from doing their errands.

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There are multiple vaults, all marked with a letter. You will have to watch each one and then quickly click it when you see a bank robber to get them locked up. But if you lose one or you wrongfully imprison a customer, you will lose a life. You have three lives before you get a game over.

3 Cheat!

Neopets offers several fun card games and Cheat is easily one of the most popular. You'll be able to play against different notable Neopian Cheat players in every round you decide to embark on. Play until you win a trophy if you like! You'll play against three computer opponents. You'll get 13 cards.

The goal is get rid of your entire hand of cards. To do so you'll need to put down a certain amount of cards under, above, or matching the value of the card that came before you. But since the cards are played facedown, your cards may not actually fit the requirements which is where you would "cheat." But if an opponent calls you out for cheating then you will have to draw more cards.

2 Freaky Factory

Help the people of Kreludor make their plushies by playing Freaky Factory. You'll have to get the blobs of Kreludite from the moving line with your mouse and ensure they land in the right bin based on the color.

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Then you will want to ensure that the toys are being made without a certain mischevious Grundo stealing any of them. Once you make the right amount of toys, you'll be able to go to the next level. But be careful not to let the vats overflow or put the wrong color in the wrong vat.

1 Ice Cream Machine

In this Terror Mountain game you'll play as Adee the Chia who has to dodge all the ice cream flying at her. Each level will have a different flavor of ice cream lined up at the bottom as they release the scoops towards you.

Don't get hit or you'll lose a life! But some helpful scoops are released such as ones that slow down the scoops, give you a shield, or make you smaller. Use your mouse to dodge them but beware, each level the scoops get faster and more bountiful.

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