The 10 Best Fan-Favorite Neopets, Ranked

Neopets used to be all the rage. With these adorable, virtual pets possibly making a return on mobile, let's look at the most popular Neopets.

It was confirmed earlier this year that Neopets will, in fact, be coming to mobile later this summer. The news came as both a surprise and a delight to many a fan who spent their afterschool hours indoors, in front of the computer, caring for their virtual fuzzballs. While we thought the days of cute (and sometimes moody) computer pets were over, we now have a chance to let our beast thrive once again... but now, as adults. And on our iPhones. When we're not working or stressing over bills.

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In honor of the revamp, we've narrowed down each and every most-loved Neopet, so prepare to ride the Nostalgia Train to Neopia.

10 Shoyru

via: dragondailies.tumblr.com

Shoyrus are by far the most popular pet on the Neopets website, accounting for just over 15 million pets in Neopia. This cute little creature was designed with a dragon in mind, putting it surprisingly at odds with the Pokemon Dragonite, who many compare it to. This little guy might not look like much but he's got one heck of a temper and will likely be the first to become hangry, if not taken care of correctly. Many people find true companionship with Shoyrus despite their fiery temperament, making this the number one fan-favorite in Neopia... after all, who wouldn't want a dragon as a pet?

9 Kacheek

In stark contrast to Shoyrus, the Kacheek species is one that's openly loving and truly gentle in its demeanor. It's unlikely that this Neopet will ever resort to anger, even if it's not taken care of properly. Kacheeks are likely so popular due to their adorable looks, making it the 'baby' of all Neopets. It's not surprising that this kind-hearted little fella made it all the way to the number two spot, as many users had this pet before any others. Kacheeks are small, low-maintenance, and available all the time, meaning users always have the option to add it to their collection.

8 Kougra

via: artstation.com (Rayen Dark)

Just because a Neopet looks like a tiger doesn't mean that they're ferocious like one... at least not if you're talking about Kougra! This tiny guy is known for being one of the most playful Neopets, which is probably what gained this species so much recognition in Neopia. They can be found pouncing on and playing with other Neopets which is adorable to watch and pretty entertaining if we do say so ourselves. They're also available in a decent amount of fun colors and can be altered to fit specific customization. In fact, they're even available in 'baby' form... talk about cute!

7 Lupe

Lupes are an interesting find in Neopia, but they're definitely not uncommon. Modeled after a species of wolf, Lupe Neopets can be very exploratory creatures. They can often be found sniffing around, always in search of fun and exciting adventures, similar to the Kougra. These are pretty social Neopets so it's not likely that they'll enjoy hanging out by themselves; after all, wolves do hunt in packs. All of us probably remember having at least one of these. It's pretty tough to forget when you have a Neopet this large in your animal arsenal.

6 Xweetok

via: twipu.com

With a pet as adorable as this one, it's a bit surprising that Xweetok wasn't voted as the number one Neopet in all of Neopia. Xweetoks are sweet, innocent little furries that are the perfect balance of playful and fun. According to the Neopet website, their favorite game to play is Tag, which isn't surprising.

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They're one of the fastest virtual pets a player can own in the game. Xweetoks, much like the other Neopets, can be somewhat customized, making them fun to trade and play games with. They're naturally social and enjoy chasing others and being chased in return.

5 Uni

via: deviantart.com (ktchelle)

The story behind Uni is that this species was discovered prehistorically, although they never look a day over a year old... get it? We didn't think it was that great of a joke, either. What we can all agree on is that Uni is super cute and always ready for a game, since this little unicorn isn't nearly as tough as it looks. While not tough, they are a bit self-centered, constantly concerned with their own appearances. It might be charming to some players, as the better looking the Neopet, the more interesting the game. They can also fly, which is a huge draw when it comes to everyone's favorite type of pet.

4 JubJub

via: deviantart.com (spellcaster)

This little blubbery mate is called JubJub, and it's no surprise that he's a well-loved favorite. Typically, JubJub doesn't come with a cloud theme but is seen as a furry, yellow ball with large feet. This allows them to roll easily which is their go-to defense mechanism, after all. They're not aggressive by nature, but can certainly defend themselves if the need arises. However, it's not likely that another Neopet would want to hurt something so cute and cuddly. Their playful yet sensitive nature lends itself well to most player collections. It's simply impossible to hate something this fluffy.

3 Eyrie


Eyrie is a different breed when it comes to most Neopets. There are some who love to play and be social while others are quite the opposite. They're modeled after an eagle and resemble a Griffon, and they act in very much a similar manner. Not only are they built for fighting, but they actually enjoy it. They are definitely a force to be reckoned with. The Eyrie love to play around, but are quite serious when it comes to winning battles. They are one of the largest Neopet species to be found on the site.

2 Acara

The Acara are cute little creatures and were some of the first to enter the scene when Neopets premiered. Interestingly enough, their horns (which look like ears) are what enable them to be both water-dwelling as well as land-dwelling animals. These two options make them quite appealing to most players which is why they've become the ninth popular overall. Their temperaments are mostly playful and sweet and they're not likely to bother anyone or become aggressive. All they care about is hunting treasure and they're pretty good at it... which is probably why we love them so much.

1 Gelert

via: drsloth.com

Gelerts are the most dog-like Neopets a player can have. Their instincts are very similar to that of a dog, too, as they're entirely playful and love competition. These Neopets are versatile when it comes to many a game, making them a keen choice when it comes to picking a winner. The species is a brave one, naturally assuming the role of a leader and eager to please their owners. They're fairly easy to take care of and this is yet another Neopet that many of us likely started out loving... especially if you couldn't actually have a real dog at home.

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