NeptuNo Signs With Guangzhou Charge Heading Into 2020

Former Philadelphia Fusion main support, neptuNo, will still play in 2020 after signing with the Guangzhou Charge.

After being released by the Fusion, the bloodthirsty support himself - Alberto "neptuNo" González - would have to find another team to play for in 2020. If nothing worked out, fans would unfortunately be missing out on watching one of the most exciting main supports in the league. Fortunately, there is nothing to worry about as the Guangzhou Charge took to Twitter to announce neptuNo will be joining them during the 2020 season.

NeptuoNo is from Spain - not regularly known for producing Overwatch League players. Despite that, he was able to make a name for himself with the Philadelphia Fusion. NeptuNo spent the first two seasons of the Overwatch League with Philly where he helped lead the team to an overall second place finish in 2018. The Fusion had a strong showing in 2018 but failed to live up to expectations in 2019 and finished with a 15-13 record with an early exit during the play-ins. The Fusion had talent, but they were stagnate for most of the season. A shake-up was inevitable and unfortunately neptuNo was one of the players tasked with finding a new team heading into 2020.

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It didn't take long for neptuNo to find a new home within the league. The Guangzhou Charge picked up the aggressive, main support player where he should make an immediate impact during this upcoming season. He is known for being one of the deadliest Mercy's in the game, often using Valkyrie to dish out damage to the enemy team. He put "Battle Mercy" on the map during the 2018 season and it will be fun to see him bring it back in 2o20.

The Guangzhou Charge had a strong second half during the 2019 season. When the 2-2-2 role lock went into effect, the became one of the strongest teams in the league. Unfortunately, the Charge (like the Fusion) found themselves knocked out of contention during the play-ins. They have been making all the right moves this off season and picking up a strong talent like neptuNo helps solidify them as one of the most exciting teams heading into 2020.

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