Netflix Has An E3 Panel And Games To Announce

Netflix made known its plans for an E3 panel is a Twitter exchange. While it might not be unusual for a streaming service to have a panel at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, there was one surprising bit of news. Netflix has multiple video games on the way based on its original shows.

The tweets were meant to look like casual banter between Netflix and the official E3 account. The Netflix account asks E3 for an invite, and E3 agrees. Then E3 asks if Netflix would like to announce anything, and Netflix teases its panel "Bringing Your Favorite Shows to Life: Developing Netflix Originals into Video Games."

The E3 account acts blown away by the idea and asks for a preview of the games Netflix is working on. Netflix only reminds us that a Stranger Things game is on the way, but promises that there's more.

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We already knew about the Stranger Things game. It's called Stranger Things 3: The Game and is an arcade-style title due out in July right alongside the show's newest season. But the tweet makes it sound like more will be announced that we don't know about. So what Netflix shows would make good material for a video game?

Anything Marvel would be cool, but unlikely now that all the Netflix Marvel shows are cancelled. The superheroes belong to Disney now, and Marvel games are too big of a project for anyone to tackle without going through the mouse. Orange Is The New Black sounds odd, but could work. Imagine a prison management sim with all the oddball characters the show is know for. Or perhaps there could be a Fuller House game where Aunt Becky tries to get the kids into college using bribes without being caught.

One thing to note is that the account responsible for the tweets was the NX account. NX is the part of Netflix dedicated to "everything super, sci-fi, the fantastic, and beyond." So, nerdy stuff. It makes sense for video games to be based on more fantastical properties, although it could just be that all gaming affairs are handled by NX.

(Source: Comicbook.com)

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