Best Buy Insists Leak Of Hulu, Netflix, Youtube Apps For Switch Was "In Error"

We are nearing the end of E3. Nintendo's conference today is the final presentation. As always with the gaming event, many purported leaks and rumors have popped up. Earlier, Best Buy apparently listed the Nintendo Switch as being compatible with Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. Hulu isn't anything new, but Nintendo hasn't announced Netflix or YouTube for the console. Although the listing has seemingly been removed on Best Buy's site, a Reddit user named DevCakes took a screenshot, seen below.

Via reddit.com - DevCakes

However, Best Buy's support Twitter later responded. The company said the listing was made in "error."

What does all this mean? Taken at face value, Best Buy's response means that the listing of Netflix and YouTube was simply not supposed to be there, and because they have no "solid information," that was just a mistake with no hint of the video services on Nintendo's console in the near future. It is interesting that this would happen the day before Nintendo's E3 conference. Announcing Netflix and YouTube for Switch would be the kind of low-key, but substantial unveiling to expect at the Direct. But, Best Buy's response could put a damper on that. Instead of simply removing the listing, the retail company went out of the way to say they have no concrete information. Maybe they don't, but coincidentally Nintendo could announce it today.

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Back in March, as reported by mobilesyrup, Netflix executive Scott Mirer, who is the vice president of device partner ecosystem, said in a Q&A panel at Silicon Valley this about Netflix appearing on Switch: “Whether that changes over time, we have a great relationship with them and look at the possibility of the Switch. We each have opportunity cost around that, but at some point, it might happen.” While sounding a bit vague, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that Netflix appearing on the Switch is only a matter of time. The streaming service was featured on the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS. Meanwhile, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One allows for Netflix. The Switch is Nintendo's pride and joy at the moment, so adding Netflix would be the next step in making its console even more popular. There is no confirmation of Netflix of course, and technically Nintendo could never bring it to the console. But, the chances of that are slim based on what we've seen before. Whether or not Nintendo announces Netflix and YouTube today remains to be seen.

Nintendo's E3 conference will be shown at 12pm EST. You can watch live on Youtube, Twitch, or at e3nintendo.com.

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