25 Netflix Originals You Had No Idea Were Coming In 2018

Okay, no one is watching when we ask this question. How often do you binge on Netflix? We won’t judge, we are probably worse. Netflix is the pinnacle of addictive television; you have a variety of shows and movies at your fingertips that you can watch whenever and wherever. How many times have you gone on a vacation and spent a good part of it staring down at your laptop, tablet, or phone enjoying the newest episode of Orange is the New Black or Luke Cage? It is impossible not to get hooked. The awesome thing about Netflix is that they don’t just recycle mainstream television, they have their shows that they produce and commission. While each one is not a slam dunk (we are looking at your Fuller House), others have become some of the best television out there.

Well, 2018 is looking to be the year of the Netflix Original. There are some much-anticipated returns of popular favorites, a couple of throwbacks that will have you feeling nostalgic, and a lot of fresh new ideas to get excited about. Horror, mystery, sci-fi, comedy, drama, Netflix has it all for those who are ready to take a Saturday and enjoy the beauty of binging. The streaming site is also venturing into international waters to tell stories of other cultures. So, get ready to mark your calendars, grab some popcorn, and plan for these upcoming 2018 Netflix originals.

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25 So Much Better Than The Ben Affleck Version – Daredevil

via inverse.com

So, comic book characters are having a field day on Netflix, and Daredevil is a show that is benefitting from the craze. We all know the story. A man by the name of Matt Murdock looks like a run of the mill lawyer. Little do people know that he has the ultimate spidey sense…the chance to sense the world around him even though he is blind. Batman, Spiderman, and Superman are cool and everything, but this guy has a handicap that should keep him from being able to do the amazing things he can. At least those guys still have all their senses. If you are in Daredevil withdrawal, not to worry, filming for the third season began in Mid-October of 2017. So, fans can hopefully expect a 2018 release. and

24 Planning To Move? May Want To Check Out The Open House First

via scary-movies.de

Moving can be scary. You never know if everything is going to make it to the new house in one piece, or if you are moving next to some insane serial killers. Basically, there are a lot of things to be scared of when settling into a new place. What if one of those things ended up being an awful and haunting force residing in your home? Chances are you would be pretty freaked out and probably regret your decision to move in the first place. Well, a 2018 Netflix film deals with this topic. Netflix will air the film, The Open House, a movie that tells the story of a teenager and his mother who move into a home that is likely haunted by paranormal forces. It premieres January 2018.

23 Comedy In A Mental Institution? – Maniac

via collider.com

So, when you probably first saw this entry, your reaction was what we would expect. How in the world could those two even go together? We cannot lie, we are thinking the same thing you are. However, when you are dealing with the likes of Jonah Hill, you have to expect him to attempt to push the envelope as he has done so many other times. He is partnering with Emma Stone in an adaptation of a Norwegian dark comedy to American audiences. Maniac will focus on a man who escapes his life at a mental hospital through his own personal fantasy world. This seems more like a drama than something that could become a comedy. Again, with Jonah Hill at the helm, anything is possible.

22 Where In The World Is….Carmen Sandiego?

via technobuffalo.com

If you have wondered where your favorite woman clad in red and a wide-brimmed hat went off to all these years, well our trusty friend, Netflix has the answer. The mysterious criminal mastermind that millennials came to know and love as children are back. Gina Rodriguez of Jane the Virgin fame will voice her, and Finn Wolfhard of Stranger Things will voice her chief accomplice. Now this is a reboot we can get behind. The show has gone through a lot of different iterations during its inception in the 90s. It was first a game show on PBS, and then a Fox animated series. With the new addition of the Magic School Bus to the Netflix lineup, it looks like the full PBS schedule is coming back in full swing.

21 Are you up for a French Murder Tale? - The Frozen Dead

via netflix.com

We always knew there was something creepy about the so-called graceful hills and mountains of forest country, no matter the location. It looks like we weren’t wrong for feeling the way we did. The Frozen Dead or Glace’ in France is set in the French Pyrenees, and it tells the story of a cat and mouse game between a detective and serial killer. It all starts when a detective makes the grisly discovery of a murder in France. And we thought all was well and peaceful in the land of cheese and pastries. While the show has already been shown in France, the first season will air January 2018 with English subtitles. So, if foreign and complex mysteries are your thing, saddle up for a ride with The Frozen Dead.

20 What If Tinder Found Your 100 percent Match? – Osmosis

via seriepolis.com

The idea of Tinder in itself can be creepy. You stake a date on the action of merely swiping left or right on a phone application. Well, a French Sci-Fi original wants to make things a little more interesting. They answer the question of “do soulmates exist,” in the most unsettling and intrusive of ways. This French Netflix original centers on a dating app that can match users with their 100 percent match. Couples are calculated by algorithms and the monitoring of brain waves. However, all does not go according to plan with this dangerous technology. Imagine swiping right or left and finding the only person that you should share forever with. Don’t know about you, but something seems so wrong with letting technology decide who you should be with. Hmmmm…on second thought…eHarmony?

19 Welcome To The World Of Kingdom

via fiction.live

This entry is a unique take on the usual zombie/infected story. What if you were charged with finding out what was causing one of the first zombie cases in history. On top of that, what if you had never heard of what a zombie was? This was your first rodeo with the undead, and you had no idea for how to deal with it. That is what Netflix’s new series, Kingdom is all about. Netflix is continuing their international lean with a story set in medieval Korean. The tale centers around a prince who is sent to find out the truth behind a virus that is wiping out people in the country. Delightfully enough, it is a suicide mission. This is a blend of The Walking Dead, 300, and 28 Days Later. Sounds like a winner!

18 Uploading A New Mind To A New Body – Altered Carbons

via surreynowleader.com

So, we are getting to the interesting part of the list where things start to get crazy weird. If you thought half siren and half man creatures were as far as we were going, …you were entirely wrong. However, we believe someone might have hit the jackpot with this premise. Altered Carbons is set 300 years in the future and shows what happens when human minds are digitized and can be downloaded to different bodies at a whim. This means that you can take your consciousness and put it into the body of someone else. So, we have the question, do all of our thoughts and memories go along with it? Um, we hope that the actions done in the original body are not held against the previous person.

17 Ready For An Emotional Gutpunch? – Cargo

via reddit.com

Okay, so we know you may not be particularly excited about another zombie entry, but hear us out! Cargo was originally a three-minute short film that caught everyone in the feels. It centers around a father who is infected with a zombie virus and has to find a home for this daughter before he turns completely. Currently, the short film has almost 14 million views on YouTube, with over 100,000 likes. We have seen the movie, and we can’t imagine how anyone could get through it without experiencing a little moisture in the eyes. The story was intelligently done and became more than just another zombie story. The short film will be expanded into a feature-length movie in 2018. Break out your tissues for an emotional ride next year.

16 Don’t Worry…He’s Coming Back - Luke Cage

via roguesportal.com

Everyone’s favorite superhuman with unbreakable skin is back on the scene in 2018. Does the Marvel monopoly know no bounds at this point? Not only are they going to take over every movie theater in the country throughout 2018, but they are also filling out the Netflix lineup. For those who have been anxious about Mr. Cage’s return, filming just wrapped for the third season last month. Jessica Jones (who may also be on this list), is returning to Netflix airwaves before Luke Cage, but the 13-show season set will probably air in early fall of next year. If the second season is as good as the first, we can expect some excellent television. Showrunner, Cheo Hodari Coker promises “bulletproof dopeness,” for season two, and we can’t wait!

15 Optimism That Knows No Bounds – The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

via betches.com

Everything about this show would indicate that it could be a show or movie on Lifetime. A woman is kept in a religious cult where she is locked away from humanity, repeatedly abused and assaulted, and is forced to participate in bigamy. Seriously, this show is dark. However, Tina Fey and Robert Carlock found a way to squeeze some comedy out of this situation. Kimmy Schmidt moves to New York to get away from her past, but ironically enough, she is unnervingly optimistic and happy about everything. Nothing gets her down! Her optimism in the face of such darkness is played up for comedic effect. Recently, the show has taken an uncharacteristically serious tone in Kimmy finally coming to terms with what happened to her. The show has caught on with viewers as it has been renewed for a fourth season.

14 Lover Of Futurama Or The Simpsons? Check Out Disenchantment

via denofgeek.com

Remember when Sunday nights on Fox belonged to Matt Groening? From The Simpsons to Futurama, he dominated animation for adults. Fortunately, his reign is not over, and Netflix can help bring back the creativity that helped him break ground in the early and mid-90s with the new show, Disenchantment. In all its Matt Groening charm, this animated story will tell the tale of an alcoholic medieval princess who is unimpressed with her life and those around her. It will include her feisty elf sidekick named Elfo and personal demon Luci. One of the most likely reasons to check out this show is that most of the Futurama cast will have a voice role on the show. This entry is that start of the nostalgic part of the list, so buckle up!

13 You Know You Love Nostalgia – The Toys That Made Us

via youtube.com (Loch SNES Monsters)

Netflix is not dumb. The execs of the company know their clientele. They realized that the kids who played with G.I. Joe, He-Man, Voltron, Barbie, and many other action figures and dolls grew up. However, their love for a more innocent time and a decade defined by toys never went away. Wherever there is nostalgia, you can bet there is a plan to capitalize on it. Enter the documentary, The Toys that Made us. This film is a walk down memory lane of the toy boom of the 1980s and how figures and dolls from franchises like Mattel defined millennial and Gen-X childhoods across the country. Fans have been looking forward to this film for a while, and some were not sure when it was going to release. Finally, there has been confirmation that it will drop sometime in 2018.

12 Entering The Upside Down? Gladly! - Stranger Things

via comicbook.com

You had to know that the sleeper turned huge hit Stranger Things would be on this list. From the moment we saw the mysterious red logo in a vintage 80s font, we know there would be something different about this show. The nose-bleeder herself Eleven, Mike, Will, Lucas, Dustin, Steve, Nancy, Jonathan, and the rest of the gang will be returning for season three. Stakes were high during the season two season finale, and fans are understandably clamoring for a season three. The Duffer Brothers have confirmed there will be a third season, but it will likely be a while before it airs, so there could be a late 2018 or even early 2019 release. It may be awhile, but we are thankful that the upside down isn’t vanishing anytime soon.

11 Fungus Instead Of A Demogorgon…Let’s Try It Out – AICO Incarnation

via youtube.com (Fuminsho)

Alright, so disclaimer…Stranger Things is definitely on this list somewhere. However, we aren’t there yet, but we are going to talk about weird Demogorgon-like creatures coming from space (or some other dimension). However, instead of a large alien being, it is all about a more disgusting sounding monster with this entry. In 2037, a fungus life-form enters Earth and begins to destroy everything around it. Meanwhile, the cure could be in the body of a 15-year-old girl. However, the actual owner of the original body is now in a replica body and is trying to find her way back to capture the original. Did you get all that? Probably not, but it’s okay! AICO Incarnation will be available for binging and YouTube reaction analysis in 2018.

10 A Demonic War of Epic Proportions – DEVILMAN Crybaby

via anime-now.com

We all know of a time when we had to team up with someone we were not very excited about working with. Remember those awful partners teachers would put you with during science projects? Well, what if that partner happened to be a demon whose friends were pretty sold on bringing apocalyptic disaster on planet Earth? Well, you would have the story of an epic manga story. DevilMan Crybaby is based on a manga of the same name that tells the story of a human combining with a demon to prevent other demons from taking over the world. It premieres spring of next year. The screenshots from this show are insane, and if supernatural anime battles are your thing then this series looks to fill the void.

9 Tired Of A Women’s Prison Dramedy? We Aren’t Either - Orange Is The New Black

via denofgeek.com

Piper, Tastee, Alex, Red, and Suzanne…names that are instantly recognizable with what is arguably one of the most popular shows on Netflix. We all know the drill, Orange Is the New Black tells the story of the social politics, drama, and administrative mishaps that occur at a women’s prison in New York. For those who were left hanging in the season five finale, they need not worry, the show will be back for the season six premiere next year. Whew! While a specific date has not been named, the show resumes typically in June, so it is safe to assume that you will need to avoid Twitter or Facebook in the second or third week of June 2018 if you want to prevent possible spoilers.

8 Thought You Got Away With Petty Theft? Watch Retribution

via whatson.bfl.orf.uk

One thing that Netflix has never shied away from is diversity and presenting various movies and films from regions all around the world. Lucky for us, they always seem to pick the good ones! The Spanish film, Retribution is like the 1995 film, Speed on steroids. If you ever felt taken at the bank while trying to get a loan, you will likely feel some satisfaction in this movie. If you are a banker that participates in some unsavory practices, well…stop it before you end up like this guy. This is a Netflix foreign film that shows a dishonest banker who gets what is coming to him. He is held hostage by an extortionist in his own speeding car. Oh yeah, did we mention that the guy is a bomb maker?

7 An Intergalactic Reboot – Lost In Space

via lostinspace.wikia.com

We have arrived at our first throwback on the list, and while you may have mixed feelings, this show is poised to set off some nostalgic alarms. Netflix will take the helm of rebooting the tale of a family lost in space. The show was first around in the 1960s, so a lot has undoubtedly changed in what Hollywood thought futuristic technology was all about. The show will feature a more modern take on this predicament. It looks like it could have some drama of The Walking Dead-level proportions. You have families stranded out in an unknown place, possibly fighting aliens, and fighting “personal demons.” Is sounds a lot like a Rick and Carl situation to us. Get ready to avoid spoiler forums, and Facebook accounts for this one.

6 Part Human And Part Mythological Creatures…Sign Us Up – The Tidelands


Imagine that you were walking along some picturesque beach in Australia. The waves are crashing on the sands, and you feel that all is well and peaceful around you. You finally feel that $5,000 Australia trip package was worth it. Unfortunately, the feeling is short-lived because you stumble on the body of a dead fisherman…who might also be a mythological creature. Well, welcome to The Tidelands. The show is Netflix’s first original series set in Australia. The story centers around a woman who comes back to her hometown to find a dead fisherman, with the half men and half sirens potentially to blame. There is not a lot of details about this show, but we can’t wait to see how myth meets reality.

5 Brutal Virus…Check, Humans Worse Than Those Infected…Double Check – The Rain

via streamafilm.au

This show has received a shout-out in a previous entry, but like it or hate it The Walking Dead has set up the expectations of what we think of during a zombie outbreak. Even though the show may have taken a dip in critical acclaim, it has done a great job showing that humans can be more dangerous than the infected. In the new Netflix show, The Rain, a powerful virus knocks out most of humanity, and it follows the story of two children seek shelter and safety in Scandinavia. It seems like a perfect opportunity for adults to show how awful they can be. These kids are going to be in for a rude awakening when this show airs next year.

4 Keep The Anime Coming – Baki

via ultramunch.com

Netflix is taking a lot of source material from mangas, graphic novels, and comic books. Considering the stories they have chosen to tell, that is probably not a bad thing. Imagine living in the shadow of your excellent fighter father, and then trying to upstage him by having to fight some of the world’s most dangerous criminals. Baki is based on a manga that ran from 1999 to 2005. It tells the story of world class fighter who has to fight five deadly death row inmates. The inmates have heard of Baki’s strength and want to take him on for one of the most awful reasons known to man…simply because they are bored. These guys feel they have nothing to lose on death row and they want to spend their final days in combat. What is a fighter to do?

3 Crooked Cops And Days Of Reckoning – Dogs Of Berlin

via kperfect.deviantart.com

So, this one kind of sounds like a cross between a European version of Training Day, Narcos, and old school cops vs. mafia movies of the 70s and 80s. This is the second German series commissioned by Netflix, and the show is about two detectives who have contrasting views about the rules they should follow. The pair is then thrown into Berlin’s criminal underworld. They have to deal with many of the crooked mistakes they have made in the past, a battle against underground criminals and decide which part of the law they are on. It looks like it has the makings to be a gritty story that examines the human potential for an abuse of power and the consequences that come as a result.

2 A True Whale Of A Time – Children Of The Whales

via randomc.net

Anime is not one in the same. There are tons of different types of stories that people can be into. Some are mech while others are romantic and dramatic. Netflix knows this and is trying to cover all bases in their programming. Children of the Whales seems to appeal to those who are into fantasy adventures, and the aesthetically-pleasing art style supports this genre. This is a Netflix anime series that tells the story of a group of 513 people who live in a world covered in oceans. They float on an isolated island called the Mud Whale. Things get interesting when the citizens began to gain powers that shorten their lifespan if used. It looks like a cross between the film, Waterworld with a hint of Sword Art Online.

1 Everyone’s Favorite Marvel Detective Is Back – Jessica Jones

via jopilatje.deviantart.com

The execs at Netflix would instead shoot themselves in the foot than get rid of a hit like Jessica Jones. So, it was almost inevitable that they superhero turned private detective would be back for another run. There are so many rumors swirling about the introduction of new characters and potential plot points that you could spend hours combing the net for information. Filming wrapped for the second season earlier this year, and it has an early March 2018 release date. So, if you are a dedicated Jessica Jones fan, you do not have long to wait for the hero noir tale. Showrunners are being vague about details for season two, but the addition of a mysterious new character has a lot of fans wondering about a potential shake-up.

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