Netherrealm Gives Us First Look At Sindel In Mortal Kombat 11

Ed Boon continues to hype up the incoming DLC characters in Mortal Kombat 11’s  Kombat Pack 1, this time with a Tweet captioned “7 deadly Sindels”, and an image of our newest fighter in what is unmistakably her Undead Revenant form. So, what might this mean for the character and her play-style?

Players may recall that the earliest form of Sindel as a Revenant comes from her resurrection by Quan Chi, accompanied by Noob Saibot. Initially, Sindel’s suicide offered protection for the entirety of Earthrealm, which was no longer in effect when she was brought back, even though she was now undead. Shao Kahn was thus able to proceed with his attempt to conquer Earthrealm.

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In the most recent series of events in Mortal Kombat X, Sindel was a part of Shinnok’s invasion of Earthrealm, launching an attack upon the Sky Temple of Raiden, only to be defeated by him. Far into the future, 25 years later, Sindel battles Jax in the Netherrealm where she is easily defeated. Raiden sought every possible way to restore her soul, as well as those belonging to others who were undead Revenants, but her soul, along with all the others, were forever lost when Quan Chi was killed by Scorpion.

During the important battle between Cassie Cage and Shinnok, Sindel rallied the other revenants to battle the allies off Cassie, only to retreat back to the Netherrealm once Shinnok is defeated.

On the other hand, the Revenant might be classic Ed Book misdirection, not actually meaning to inform us of her fighting style or her story, but instead may simply be a skin that she can unlock.

As for fighting styles, right now we must assume that Sindel’s combat and moves will be based upon Fu Jow Pai, Zha Chuan, and Kwan Dao, which are the three main fighting styles she has used in the most recent appearances in the Mortal Kombat series. It is also logical to assume that her trademark mystical abilities will be intact, including her ultrasonic screaming, her prehensile hair, and her ability to levitate, though who knows how practical that final one will be.

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We do not have any other information right now, however, the recent tweets of both Sindel and Nightwolf may be a clue that a new DLC trailer will be released shortly. This is because in the previous timeline, it was Nightwolf who killed both himself and Sindel at once, and so having them both appear in a trailer showcasing their moves would be thematically relevant to each other’s story.

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There would certainly be some interesting pre-fight chatter between the two, commenting on their last battle, though one wonders how to quip about one’s own death in a lighthearted way.

For now, we simply need to wait and see. Ed Boon loves throwing these kinds of tweets up, so we are likely to see something in the near future.

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