• Ed Boon continues to hype up the incoming DLC characters in Mortal Kombat 11’s upcoming Kombat Pack 1, with a Tweet captioned “7 deadly Sindels” 1 / 9

  • The tweet also contains an image of our newest fighter in what is unmistakably Sindel in her Undead Revenant form 2 / 9

  • So, what might this mean for the character and her playstyle? 3 / 9

  • Right now we must assume that Sindel’s combat and moves will be based upon Fu Jow Pai, Zha Chuan, Kwan Dao 4 / 9

  • These are her the three main fighting styles she has used in the most recent appearances in the Mortal Kombat series 5 / 9

  • It is also logical to assume that her trademark mystical abilities will be intact 6 / 9

  • This includes her ultrasonic screaming, her prehensile hair, and her ability to levitate 7 / 9

  • For now, we need to wait and see. Ed Boon loves these kinds of tweets up, so we are likely to see something in the near future 8 / 9

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