Was A New Apex Legends Character Just Teased?

A Respawn developer's recent tweet seems to be hinting that work on the next Apex Legends character is well underway. A photo of a mo-cap session tweeted by developer Tina Sanchez at Respawn delivered one very important clue in the form of a cane.

The photo, which is accompanied with the caption "Working on Apex Legends stuff," depicts a group of Respawn developers surrounding Sanchez, who is wearing a mo-cap suit and holding a cane. In a second, solo photo of Sanchez, she is also holding the cane, making it all but certain that the cane plays an important role in the identity of the next Legend coming to Apex.

That isn't the only clue about the new character Respawn has given us, either. Just before the launch of season 2, code named Battle-Charged, players could find a laptop with an image of the Repulsor tower on it located just outside the zone heading towards Water Treatment. Game detectives suspected right away that the laptop belonged to Crypto; a hacking-specialist character first discovered in a very early Apex Legends datamine.

The man-possibly-known-as-Crypto made another appearance in the launch trailer for Battle Charged, albeit still off-screen. In a short cut away a pair of hands typing on the aforementioned laptop can be seen shortly before Repulsor explodes, allowing the Flyers and Leviathans to wreak havoc on the map.

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When asked by a player if the mo-cap work they're doing is in fact for Crypto, Tina replied with a vague-yet-telling smiley face with no mouth. It isn't a yes, but it certainly isn't a no, either.

Season 2: Battle Charged began on July 2nd and introduced Wattson to the game. Wattson is a powerful character than can use electric fences to zone off areas, protecting your team by preventing enemies from reaching you. This weekend at the first official Apex Legends tournament hosted by the XGames, just about every single squad ran a combination of Pathfinder, Wraith, and Wattson.

Whether Crypto will have a similar impact on the game remains to be seen. When another hacker character, Sombra, was added to Overwatch, her effectiveness was not immediately clear. Now, Sombra is considered one of the strongest heroes in the game and is played by some of the highest skill players to great effect. Hopefully, Crypto will be a similarly high-skilled character that takes time and dedication to master.

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