New Maps Highlight Battlefield 5’s Next Updates, Including Iwo Jima

Fans of Battlefield V were given a brief glimpse into the 2019 roadmap for the game in what has been described by EA and DICE as “awakening the giant: all-out invasion in a new theater of war" on the Pacific Front, which comes out later in 2019.

Several new maps were shown in Chapter 4 of the game, which will launch on June 27th. Al Sundan will be first, and we saw players taking to the air in planes and traversing quickly in land vehicles. The map is clearly an adaptation of “Under No Flag” from the campaign story and set in a large-scale, wide-open South African environment.

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The second map is Marita and will be available in July. This will occupy a Greek village and has a clear focus on tight, close-quarters combat with narrow roads and so many corners to be treated with care. Other maps were briefly teased and will come later in 2019.

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One of the more eye-catching moments in the presentation was seeing Operation Underground, due out in October, where players will need to fight in an early 20th-century subway station. For the unfamiliar, Underground is likely to resemble Operation Metro, an absolute meat grinder of a map. If so, this will allow players to partake in a non-stop session of extremely close-quarters mayhem.

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Other improvements to the game are coming in the forming of a permanent rank increase for players from 50 to 500, which awards players with currency and emblems for each new rank. This should happen August, while in September, private games will be available for those who wish to have a greater level of control when playing the game or organizing tournaments. More to the point, it will be easier to simply remove griefers or trolls.

The final map reveal was brief, but clear in showing the battle of Iwo Jima as an upcoming entry. This fits with the general roadmap plan that included Chapter 5 focusing on the entry of both the United States and Japan into World War II.

Via: Youtube.com (Battlefield)

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For the complete discussion, check out the video below:

Battlefield V: Chapter 4 will be available on June 27th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. Chapter 5 is tentatively set for a launch in the fall.

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