New Death Stranding Photos Posted To Twitter By Kojima Reveal Nothing But More Scenery

Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding has quickly become one of the most anticipated games of the year and he appears to be taking advantage of this fact with his latest twitter post showcasing images of the background.

While Kojima has done other games in the past, most know him for his work with the worldwide phenomenon that is Metal Gear Solid. Having worked on the franchise for the better part of 28 years, he wanted a new challenge and he was finally given the creative freedom he craved. Despite this, many wondered if he would be able to create a dynamic and engaging game outside of the Metal Gear universe. When Death Stranding was announced it received a lot of criticism with many saying that it lacked proper direction. In response to this criticism, it appears that Kojima is going through the painstaking process of proving that he is creating a game with an insane level of detail and attention by sharing screenshots of the game's environment through his Twitter.

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News of the images comes from TwinFinite, stating that Kojima has been rather active on Twitter leading up to Gamescom and Opening Night Live, where he will present current developments in Death Stranding. The current image on Kojima's Twitter account appears to show an in-game screenshot whereby we get a firsthand look at highly detailed grass and a riverbed which appears to have dynamic movement. Another screenshot on the account just before the aforementioned one shows the main character sitting in the grass and staring off into the distance. Death Stranding is slated for release on November 8th on the PlayStation 4.

Though many may see this as a bit of a tease, it's good to see that Kojima is taking the environment of the game seriously. After all, for the story to be believable, the person playing the game must feel as if the environment they are in is steeped in reality. The fact that he is trying to incorporate lifelike movement to aspects of the environment is also a good sign as it shows the intense level of detail that will be placed on the game.

Regardless of how one might feel about Kojima's choices, the success of Death Stranding will be a good thing for the gaming industry. Its success will lead to many game companies changing how they deal with game designers and in the future, we may see more games that would have never seen the light of day simply because game companies didn't believe enough in their game developers to take the risk.

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