New Deltarune Trailer Is Spoiler-Free Thanks To Lots Of Dogs

One of the most surprising additions to Nintendo Direct was this hilarious trailer from Undertale developer Toby Fox. He enlisted the help of lots of dogs in order to show us a censored, spoiler-free trailer for his latest game Deltarune, which is coming to the Switch this month.

When viewing this trailer it becomes immediately obvious that he is responsible for this madness. The scene begins to load in the classic 8-bit style Undertale is now synonymous with.

As the trailer progresses we are shown a range of scenes from the game, all with features obscured by dogs. There are dogs on faces, dogs censoring words and a special scene, entirely covered with dogs. Every inch of this trailer is pure Toby Fox; the style, the humor and the content.

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Fox first came into the gaming scene back in June 2013 when he took to Kickstarter to fund Undertale. The concept was to develop a role-playing game with “interesting characters” and which was fun to play. He smashed his original goal of $5000, eventually raising $51,124. Over the next 32 months the game was developed.

Undertale was a huge hit. It has been acclaimed for its writing, themes, combat system, story, characters and even its score. Despite its simple graphics, the game really draws you in and it sold over one million copies. It was also nominated for multiple awards including several Game of The Year accolades.

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Deltarune is designed to be a follow up game and this is specified in the trailer, which opens with the words “For those who completed Undertale”. The first chapter is currently available for free on Windows and macOS, while future chapters will be paid content.

Speaking about Deltarune in a Q and A Fox, explained that the first chapter "took a few years" to create. He also explains that “Deltarune's world is a different one. With different characters, that have lived different lives. A whole new story will happen...”

While details of the next chapter, timescales and other such things are vague right now Fox seems excited about this new direction.

If you want to see how this new world looks you can download Deltarune Chapter 1 for free from the Nintendo eShop on February 28th.

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