The New Dota 2 Hero Wants To Give You Cookies - From Atop Her Giant Lizard

The new Dota 2 hero was revealed at The International. She's called Snapfire, and she's a cookie-baking, gun-toting granny on a lizard.

The one hundred sixteenth hero to be added to the Dota 2 roster is Snapfire, a cookie-baking, gun-toting granny who rides a giant lizard who spits lava.

For the last few years, as part of the annual festivities surrounding The International(TI) Dota 2 esports tournament Valve, the game’s publisher, reveals new playable heroes for the game. Traditionally these reveals come toward the end of the main event but for this year’s TI the Dota 2 community has been treated to a trailer for the new hero a bit earlier than normal.

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The video, which is up on YouTube, shows Snapfire baking some cookies and defending those cookies from two long time favorite Dota 2 heroes, Batrider and Timbersaw. Valve’s past reveals for Dota 2 heroes have usually been fairly true to the way the heroes end up playing in game so it stands to reason that Snapfire will have some skills that relate to what is shown in the trailer.

So the cookies Snapfire bakes will probably provide some kind of buff to her teammates and it might even be possible for the opposing team to steal them somehow. The trailer shows Snapfire wielding a shotgun and a machine gun turret so she will also fire the shotgun as a basic attack and shoot a barrage from the turret as one of her skills. Snapfire also rides around on an adorable giant horned lizard in the video so she’ll almost certainly do that in game as well. Most mounted characters in Dota 2 have some movement related skill or at least a higher than average movement rate. Based on the action in the video, which features the lizard clamoring up steep slopes and dodging Timbersaws attacks, Snapfire will probably get a skill that lets her run fast, climb things and dodge damage for a brief time. The video also shows Snapfire’s reptilian friend spitting a glob of what looks like lava onto Timbersaw so that will probably happen from time to time in game as well.

Dota 2 players will be able to confirm all this theory-crafting when they get their hands on Snapfire later this year in the fall.

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