Poison Trap Is The Latest Fortnite Addition

Fortnite will be getting a poison trap when the v8.20 patch drops later this week, along with the already announced Arena Mode and Floor Is Lava LTM.

There are typically two types of Fortnite players. The first group jumps from the Battle Bus and goes looking for trouble. You can do that by landing at pretty much any named locations along the bus's flight path or by simply heading to Tilted Towers. We, on the other hand, fall into the other group and like to begin our rounds as far away from trouble as we possibly can.

What drives us crazy as we are happily going about our business collecting weapons and materials from out in the middle of nowhere is getting caught out by a trap. We assume that no one has been there since the round began, only to be proven wrong by being killed by a trap and jumping about a foot off of the couch in the process.

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If you are in the same camp as us when it comes to traps, we have some bad news. Later this week, another trap will be arriving on Fortnite Island, reports Dexerto. It's called the "Poison Trap," and while details on how it will exactly work are scarce, we can hazard a guess as to how it is going to work.

via dexerto.com

As you can see from the picture above, it looks a lot like an ancient version of the current trap you can find in-game. However, rather than spikes, it looks as if it will fire poisonous darts into you. That almost certainly means you will then become poisoned if you are caught by one, and rather than having all or most of your health taken out in one fell swoop, the poison will gradually chip away at it over time.

Fortnite has been in dire need of a new trap for a while. Ever since the Shock Trap was vaulted from the game, the regular, run of the mill trap has been the only one available. Also, despite it being in the same ballpark as the regular trap, it seems as if the effect it will have on players will be very different.

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