New "GBA Consolizer" Allows You To Play Your Favorite Game Boy Games In HD

The latest piece of gaming technology, called the "GBA Consolizer," allows gamers to play Game Boy Games on modern TV's.

Accessory manufacturer Game-Tech US has recent created a console Called the GBA Consolizer which allows you to enjoy your favorite Game Boy games in HD.

While you can already play Game Boy games on your television through the GameCube Game Boy Player, there's a bit of problem when it comes to quality due to scaling issues with modern televisions. Although you can buy things like the RetroN which work on a similar principle, they run through emulation which means that you are going to see input lag as a result. With the rise in streaming technology, this problem has been rectified a bit, but Game-Tech US has introduced a console which allows you to enjoy your games in 720p through an HDMI connection, allowing you to play through your monitor or television with ease.

Given the increase in popularity of mini consoles like the SNES Classic, this move makes a lot of sense. While there are other options on the market today, the success of the GBA Consolizer tmay force major companies to rethink their strategy and, perhaps, we will finally get true scaling that should have been present with each classic console that is currently available on the market.

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YouTuber MetalJesusRocks was able to get his hands on the console before pre-orders began and revealed that the console's internals are that of an original Game Boy Advance. He went on to say that the console works by taking the original RGB video output of the Game Boy Advance and scaling four times to align with standard HDMI video output.

Additionally, the console renders at 60 hertz, eliminating input lag and stuttering that is present in common emulation consoles. The GBA Consolizer allows you to play with a standard SNES controller and even has a headphone jack for audio output. The release date hasn't been announced yet, but the downside to all this is you will have to put the console together yourself when you order the parts, though the company says they plan on trying to release completed consoles in the future.

Although it might not seem like much, the fact that Game-Tech US added a headphone jack is certainly a nice touch given that certain televisions could have problems with the console's audio output. Furthermore, the ability to use any controller with an SNES adapter means that you will have a wealth of options when it comes to choosing your favorite for certain games.

Even though the cost is a bit much, it's good to see companies taking the time to improve upon old hardware. Game Tech US has shown that it is possible to emulate games on modern televisions without the input lag and that is certainly a good thing for the future of classic consoles. Hopefully, the console is successful and forces other manufacturers to continue to innovate to provide an even better user experience.

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