New Harry Potter RPG Mobile Game Is In The Cards

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is an RPG that is coming to mobile devices in the near future.

Witches and wizards, rejoice! There's a brand new Harry Potter video game in development. Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is an RPG that is coming to mobile devices soon...but only in China, that is.

From Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment's "Portkey Games" and Chinese tech company NetEase, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is an RPG card game set just a few years after the events of the Second Wizarding War. Players take on the role of a newly accepted Hogwarts student, who begins the game by receiving their letter of acceptance and journeys to school, ready for adventure.

Throughout the game, players will fully immerse themselves into the wizarding world. They'll learn and practice new spells, make friends with fellow witches and wizards, and learn all about magic to use in practical battles and puzzles. As the game goes on, the difficulty of each challenge and trial will increase, keeping players on their toes.

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Via: harrypottermagicawakenened.com

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Early photos of the game featuring an adorable Niffler also imply that the new title will incorporate both aspects of the familiar Harry Potter series as well as newer creatures from the Fantastic Beasts spin-off series.

Via: harrypottermagicawakenened.com

"Harry Potter: Magic Awakening will restore all the spells, characters and magical animals that fans know and love, and present them in a unique visual image," said NetEase in an official press release for the game. "We are honored [to be] working with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and can't wait to let fans experience this new world of magic."

Via: harrypottermagicawakenened.com

Harry Potter: Magic Awakening will be available for both iOS and Android devices. Though the game has no official release date, fans can preregister on the game's official site. While the game's site is mostly bare at the moment, it does currently feature some impressive-looking artwork of Diagon Alley.

Unfortunately, there has been no word regarding whether the game will be eventually released in the West. Since the game is still in its developmental and planning stages in China, perhaps more solid news on an international release will come in time.

Source: Eurogamer

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