This New Jay and Silent Bob Game Wasn't Even Supposed To Be Here Yet

The co-op game styled after the 8-bit classic River City Rampage is being released in physical form on an NES cartridge through Limited Run Games.

Owners of the original Nintendo Entertainment System who have been holding out for new releases, rejoice! Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl, is available for pre-order September 6. The co-op beat-em-up, based on the Kevin Smith film duo of the same name and clearly styled after the 8-bit classic River City Rampage, is being released in physical form on an NES cartridge through Limited Run Games.


The game was revealed just last week with an almost-unnoticed announcement trailer that hearkens back to the old NES days, emphasizing just how EXTREME the game is and hinting that it'll literally blow kids away with its intense not-stop beat-em-up action.

The entire reason that the game exists seems to be as a promotion for Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch, a game that was crowdfunded back in 2016. A digital version of Mall Brawl comes free with every Chronic Blunt Punch pre-order.

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Limited Run Games is also offering a Collector's Edition of Mall Brawl that includes a sound track, poster, and art cards.

As unusual as this release sounds, it's not even the only NES game to come out this year - Micro Mages, released by Morphcat Games in May, offered a four-player co-op magic-em-up on the NES that can also be bought on Steam and Itch.io. They also made an interesting video detailing how they managed to fit the game on a 40kb cartidge, for anyone who is interested in that kind of thing.

Retro-style versions of new games are also not entirely unheard of. The well-received metroidvania Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night was first preceded by the NES-style Bloodstained:Curse of the MoonBefore that, Other Ocean Interactive promoted their 2010 action game Dark Void by releasing their own NES-style version, Dark Void Zero, onto DSiWare. Unlike Mall Brawl, however, neither game received an actual release onto NES.

As far as the upcoming release of Chronic Blunt Punchthe original crowd funding page claimed that the game would be released in Q4 2019. Crowdfunded games do tend to get delayed as a matter of course, and there have been no official updates on the release date from its publisher.

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