New Jedi: Fallen Order Trailer Is A Force To Be Reckoned With

Released amid the Triple Force Friday reveals, the newest trailer for Jedi: Fallen Order showcased incredible gameplay.

The Star Wars fanbase is abuzz with excitement as the latest and most certainly greatest look into Respawn's forthcoming title lends a Force push to the amassing hype. Released at 11 a.m. PT amid the Triple Force Friday reveals, the newest trailer for Jedi: Fallen Order showcased incredible gameplay, from backward flip-strafing an incoming attack to a one-on-one bout against an unnamed flying beast, along with some necessary story details. There's so much to explore in this ever-growing universe.

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Opening bombastically with an explosion that knocks the titular character, Carl Kestis, flailing backward, this new inside look gave fans the perfect balance of gameplay and cinematics. While the E3 gameplay demo elicited some much-needed explainers, their newest one only improves upon them by blending the slightest touch of combat with story. Listlessly firing rounds at the pursuing Purge Trooper who savagely wields a red lightsaber, Cera Junda steers the young padawan into the safety of her ship, barely closing the hatch door before a red streak sears through the framing. Such is the tense, nail-biting action that merely kicks off the trailer, drawing all eyes wider as the upcoming game invites a whole universe of possibilities.

Based on the fact that he immediately says, "Who are you people?" after being saved from imminent death, this is the exact moment when Carl gets introduced to the crew shown in previous trailers. In addition to Cera Junda, there's also Greez Ditrus, the small bearded alien whose blaster packs a mean punch. The trailer subtly details Carl's mission, in search of something across the stars, though what exactly remains yet a mystery. Along this journey, he will meet friends and foe alike, some of which may even be recalled from the pantheon of Star Wars characters.

Some of that hidden Metroidvania has finally been alluded to. It's clear this game will be vastly different than a linear narrative, having a design based on specific planetary explorations that match the character's level. Though it's not necessarily open-world, players have the option to traverse the universe from the start. Certain spots on different planets will be blocked off so as to avoid scenarios and opponents too tough for the player. With a myriad of planets to explore, characters to meet, and stories to unravel, there's no denying that Jedi: Fallen Order will be one gripping ride through the cosmos.

Though some may still be skeptical, this newest trailer was all that was necessary to quiet naysayers everywhere. Even down to the music, what with a blend of classic Star Wars melodies inlaid with this epic momentum, the teaser simply drives home this ever-growing feeling of hope. For those who simply can't get enough of the Star Wars action, especially if its Jedi: Fallen Order hype, a prequel comic called Dark Temple is on sale now and will span 5 issues loaded with backstory on the game. If that's not enough, tune in for more of the reveals being unveiled tonight and tomorrow during Triple Force Friday.

Until and beyond the November 15 launch, may the Force be with you all.

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